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23rd Mar 2014, 09:50

Letter sent by me to 38 Degrees (political reform organisation with more than 2 million members.)

Your video shows in intense detail just what is wrong with politics in UK today. That video should be seen by everyone young and old with concerns about our country and its future. I watch Euro news on TV and find the ‘No Comment’ format particularly powerful … same effect with your interview … ‘No Comment’ is best but ‘David and the dinosaurs’ might be appropriate also.

It was interesting to see how most of those MPs on the committee just did not get it. There really is incomprehension on their part as to who they are and what their purpose is and why they are regarded with such disgust by all thinking people. They may ask “Why don’t people vote for us anymore” and completely fail to understand … Why would anyone vote for such dross?!

This Sun morning my anger has subsided a little, but my disgust and sometimes near hatred of the political class was strong last night as I watched your interview. As an old pilot, ex military, ex airlines, with many years spent travelling and observing people & places I have a particular perspective. From that perspective politicians have been continuously destroying, corrupting, and changing our country and its culture since the end of WWII.

We do not have a democracy in the UK; it can rightly be described as a form of dictatorship with each political sect taking turns to push its agenda.

A complete change of system with a clean sheet would be ideal, but unfortunately for now we have to engage with the present corrupt system and try to make it better.

Three changes are vital IMO … Compulsory voting, the right of recall, and ‘None of the above’ on ballot papers, would do for a start. In answer to the MP who queried the effect of ‘None of the above’ it would make his tenure as an MP insecure, and ultimately would dismantle the corrupt system of politics as a career choice. Democracy should be government of the people, by the people, for the people. Not government of the people, by the elite, for the elite.

Thanks again for all you have done and will yet do. You give me hope.

Sincerely .....

Mr Chips
23rd Mar 2014, 12:20
Interesting video. 7 minutes in the chap from 38 degrees gets his arse handed to him over the representation of who responded to this survey. Couldn't be bothered watching after that.

Not sure what the point of this thread is.....

23rd Mar 2014, 19:08
Not sure what the point of this thread is.....

Line one second paragraph ... thank you for illustrating the point :hmm:

Mr Chips
23rd Mar 2014, 19:25
The guy presenting to the committee had his arse handed to him

38 Degrees doesn't have two million members,it maybe has two million people who have clicked on a website link to sign a petition. hell,I think even I have done that in the past and I can't even recall what that particular petition was.

So a geek thinks there is some people, of specific political leaning, who think that maybe they don't like how voting works.

And your point is? Hurrah for a minority of people who clicked on a website?

Glad it makes you so happy.......