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John Hill
22nd Mar 2014, 05:32
What was the most recent war in Afghanistan all about as it seems that the Taliban are ready to return when the foreign troops leave this year?

A Taliban attack right in the heart of Kabul::--
Four foreigners among nine gunned down in Taliban attack on Kabul hotel | World news | theguardian.com (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/21/four-foreigners-nine-gunned-down-in-taliban-attack-on-kabul-hotel)

22nd Mar 2014, 08:38
John - Unfortunately, an Australian Intelligence Major has run foul of the Australian Defence Force hierarchy with his forthright opinion of the military failures in both Iraq and Afghanistan - despite the best efforts of the troops on the ground.

As much as Major Bernie Gaynor is being shouted down and hounded out of the Defence Force - I have to opine, I am 100% behind his views and opinions - despite not being a Catholic or a fervent Christian, myself. I do have a strong belief in a loving God via a strong Christian upbringing, though. I firmly believe Islamic worshippers worship a God of hatred and extreme intolerance, thus marking the major identifying difference between Christianity and Islam.

The political correctness, the overwhelming politically-driven bureaucracy, and the jockeying for glory by those in the upper levels of our political and military leadership, are features of our last two major wars on terrorism - and both wars demonstrate the same leadership and campaign policy failings, as were evident during the Vietnam War.

Criticising Islam and Gays sets Army Major up for a fall (http://www.watoday.com.au/comment/criticising-Islam,-gays-sets-army-major-up-for-a-fall-20140316-34va7.html)

John Hill
22nd Mar 2014, 08:45
While Islam may be a useful vehicle it is not what drives the wars in A'stan or Iraq.

22nd Mar 2014, 08:52
Well, that may be correct in some sense - but you'd have to admit, religious intolerance, fed by intolerant Islamic worship, means that the "terrorists" in Iraq and Afhganistan are driven to random, wholesale slaughter of civilians and military alike - simply because the people they are killing, are supporters or devotees of;

A. Christianity.
B. Another branch of Islam that the "terrorists" hate even more fervently than Christianity.

John Hill
22nd Mar 2014, 08:57
Religion is like a uniform which everyone there must wear, some 'honour the uniform' and go to great lengths whatever their commanders demand while others just do enough to stay alive.