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21st Mar 2014, 02:47
Unlock your inner Finn, or find a cool new nom de pprune (http://www.visitfinland.com/campaigns/finngenerator/public/en/) :E

I am now Ahti Otsola.

(Not really sure about the site, though. Put in Mrs Cooda's Finnish maiden name and it came back with something completely different. :ooh:)

Nervous SLF
21st Mar 2014, 03:55
I just put in SWMBOs name and wow it is nearly correct :ok::). Her Finnish surname is "Ranta" and boy can she live
up to that when someone ( usually me :( ) upsets her :):)

21st Mar 2014, 04:05
boy can she live up to that when someone ( usually me ) upsets her

I can relate to that. :O

Tall, blonde Coodakids, growing up in multi-racial Darwin, would happily tell everyone they are half-castes.

Pinky the pilot
21st Mar 2014, 04:15
Mine came back Viljo Porola.:ooh: So I retried with my full (all three names) and that came back as Otso Virtanen!:hmm:

Think I'll stick with the one I was baptised with.:E

21st Mar 2014, 07:04
Just call me Lemminkäinin, the "handsome man with the far-ranging mind," although I did get Väinämö from the name generator, which is not bad either.

tony draper
21st Mar 2014, 07:26
I am Sampo,sadly only one letter away from being politically uncorrect.:)

21st Mar 2014, 07:27
mines sauna pieru

It must know I am Scottish.

I have been informed it should be Vanha Sauna-Pieru by those that know.

And if I do it again they won't let me drink beer in it again.

B Fraser
21st Mar 2014, 11:17
At last ......... a sentence the Finnish thread !!!!!!!!!

Comedy nirvana. :D

21st Mar 2014, 11:53
Must be the only language that you can have a whole sentence in one word with suitable combinations of declinations, conjugations and what not.
What do you mean Finnish is difficult? - nanocompendium (http://silpol.tumblr.com/post/65278628278/what-do-you-mean-finnish-is-difficult)

21st Mar 2014, 20:45
Ahem, y'all ever heard of identity theft? I supposed it's not 'theft' if given willingly.

21st Mar 2014, 20:59
I wouldn't mind if it gave me Vainamoinen, I like it when the old guy wins!

After an excellent landing etc...

21st Mar 2014, 21:11
Ukko Hietikko....that's Japanese innit?

21st Mar 2014, 21:17
My SIL is Finnish, I'm not sure she is aware of the Monty Python tribute.:p

Monty Pythons Finland song - YouTube

21st Mar 2014, 21:42
Apparently I'm the mythical giant in the home of the moose :ooh:

22nd Mar 2014, 18:38
Many Finns mix p and b when speaking some words Mr Draper...

24th Mar 2014, 13:13
I once came across on the internet a (very) short story in Finnish - about one page - which was completely palindromic, apparently Finnish lends itself to palindromes.

I showed it to a Finnish colleague, she blushed to the roots and said it was highly pornographic.

Apparently the Finns have an enormous number of swearwords.

24th Mar 2014, 15:36
The next time I see him I will have to tell my friend "Coop" about this site.

We all call him "Coop" as short for "Cooper", just one of the 36 legal names he was given at birth :eek: of which he's the only one left who can recite them all without a list. Something about some royal Portuguese lineage from long ago and his parents keeping tradition alive.

Probably crash the site when he tries and it will probably agree with us to just call him "Coop" and be done with it :ok: