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Effluent Man
20th Mar 2014, 20:16
Being shown on BBC4.Don't think I saw it first time around.Really quite good.

20th Mar 2014, 23:54
Quite liked it as I always rather fancied Penelope Wilton. Now she's a lot younger than me, if you see what I mean, I fancy her even more!

21st Mar 2014, 07:38
I always enjoyed it. Brilliantly comic in parts and self-deprecating of we British.

Howard and Hilda in the pub in matching pullovers:

"Come on, Hilda, better get home now or we'll miss the shipping forecast".

21st Mar 2014, 07:47
I thought threads by the unwashed scurvy regarding TV programs was banned by the High and Mighty, All Seeing, All Knowing Gods of Everything Wonderous as being 'boring' or some such.

So here's my input. Nothing beats supporting a revolution by the peasants.

Brilliant series. As per One Foot in the Grave, I entirely empathise with the main character and could quite happily throttle the arrogant neighbour in either case. Briers is perfect, of course.

21st Mar 2014, 07:51
I also watched it last night - how did Richard Briers always end up with such lovely leading ladies...?

21st Mar 2014, 07:54
His comments re Facility Kendall suggested she wasn't quite so lovely, although I think he used the word 'strange', to be fair.

21st Mar 2014, 07:57
Re my last post, here ya go:

Richard Briers' good life: five things you might not know | News | The Week UK (http://www.theweek.co.uk/people-news/51567/richard-briers-good-life-five-things-you-might-not-know)

Richard Briers is battling emphysema: Good Life star blames his 50-year smoking habit - Mirror Online (http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/richard-briers-battling-emphysema-good-1569939)

Effluent Man
21st Mar 2014, 11:59
Sorry if I transgressed by posting about a TV show.I was just rather taken by it and wanted others to share,yes Penelope Wilton was very attractive.As regards Richard Briers comments re MsKendal,did anyone see her a few years ago dressed as a dominatrix? It was on some show or other and I gained the impression that the role didn't require a huge amount of acting on her part.

21st Mar 2014, 12:55
Thanks for the heads-up, Effluent Man. Back in the 1980's it was one of the very few comedy shows that both my wife and I enjoyed watching together (very different senses of humour).

I think it was because whereas she rather fancied Peter Egan, playing the smoothie Paul the successful hairdresser, I fancied Penelope Wilton. If it had been the other way about, we might have had problems ...

Interesting how many of us in JB had eyes for Penelope, a very well-spoken actress with a classy air about her.

21st Mar 2014, 12:57
Effluent Man: she also did a couple of discreet nude poses for GQ (or maybe FHM). Nice bum. Her, that is; dunno about you! ;)

21st Mar 2014, 17:45
Oi - you blokes lay off Penelope Wilton - I saw her first :=

acbus - yes I remember that the old ROE which were a sticky at the top of JB at one time banned discussions of TV soaps, etc. Two points, now that the ROE aren't prominently displayed, how are members supposed to know what they are? Secondly I always thought it was a silly rule, as long as people aren't commenting on what Sharon said to Tracey on Eastenders last night I don't see the harm in talking about a programme that a lot of us enjoy.

Never saw what anyone saw in Ms Kendall, btw. Very tough centre in that soft exterior I always thought.

21st Mar 2014, 23:05
No you didn't, TTN, I was fantasising about her in the 80s when the series was on originally. She does have a rather dirty smile, doesn't she?

21st Mar 2014, 23:30
God knows, deal with this kind of shit...

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Nervous SLF
22nd Mar 2014, 02:57
God knows, deal with this kind of shit...

www.geocentrism.com assumptions (http://geocentrism.com/assumptions.htm)

**** me man...


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22nd Mar 2014, 11:26
Quite liked it as I always rather fancied Penelope Wilton

Ditto. Shall we start the PPPPC? (The PPrune Penelope Phan Club.)

22nd Mar 2014, 12:51
Why not have a collective wistful sigh at the object of our fancies?


cockney steve
22nd Mar 2014, 13:05
I get the distinct impression, you're a bunch of wankers :}

22nd Mar 2014, 13:31
I get the distinct impression, you're a bunch of thankers

There, fixed it for you steve ... We're all thankful it's being shown again. ;)

24th Mar 2014, 08:14
TTN, PW is all yours, I was referring to FK regarding the scud piccies. ;)