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Stan Sted
17th May 2002, 20:09
I have just listened to a tape recording of an after dinner speech or live show by a very very witty comic who says he was an ATCO at Birmingham. Tape was first in circulation about 15-20 years ago and some of the jokes are about flying incidents in the Seventies.

Anyone know who this star is and what he is doing now? He would be an ideal after dinner speaker at a PPRuNe big bash.



Jeremy Cooke
17th May 2002, 20:25
Your mystery ATCO was David "Bunny" Gunston..........

I believe he went to the Great Ops Room In The Sky a couple of years ago - but I would be delighted to be proved wrong.

A real character who used to give live commentaries on horse races, football matches etc, whilst performing 2 mile SRAs at EGBB.

Stan Sted
17th May 2002, 20:36
Thanks Jeremy

He is certainly a very funny bloke. I put the tape on while driving down the M11 and had to slow down a bit because I was laughing so much.

Feather #3
17th May 2002, 20:41
Some years ago when involved in airspace liaison, I used to frequently drive from Sydney to Canberra for meetings with the [then] CAA.

The ATCO's with whom I was working gave me a copy of the tape to while away the time on the freeway. Indeed, it gave one something of a reality check considering some of the lofty deals we were pondering at the time!! ;)

It's obviously as relevan today as then.

G'day :)

Stan Sted
17th May 2002, 21:36
I didn't realise this would create such interest...see ATC forum for more information. Tape is apparently still for sale at pilot shops.

Warning Star
17th May 2002, 22:21
I think you will find that David Gunson ( correct spelling ) is still very much with us ( was as at early May 2002 ), and continues to be in high demand as an after dinner guest speaker.


19th May 2002, 05:47
InFin, can we get him to speak at the GatBash.

I loved his description of one of the French ATC strikes in the 70's.

Non, I speet on your aeroplanes. Marvelous stuff

21st May 2002, 02:09
Originally an LP (remember them?) it was called What Goes Up Might Come Down and was David's after dinner speech to a group of bankers (correct spelling). He was guest of honour at our annual Aviators Christmas Dinner in Kent a short while back, and was still in good form then. He would make an excellent GOH at a Gatbash, IFR.

Trust you to start a thread on two different forums, Stan :rolleyes:

For those who haven't gone to the ATC forum, you can obtain the CD here (http://www.flightdeck.co.uk/gunson.htm), and read a short bio of David Gunson here (http://www.interphiz.com/dgunson.html).

Naturally, I own an original LP :o

Jeremy Cooke
22nd May 2002, 07:09
Oh Lorrr I didn't mean to kill off dear old Bunny!!!

Absolutely delighted to hear that he's still very much with us.


If you want any more duff info..you've only to ask!!!!!!