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18th Mar 2014, 15:13
Sciurus Carolinensis that native of the Eastern and Mid Western USA has brought the British government to its knees. Not content with being over there, they are over here and have been in ever increasing numbers for decades. One might remember part of the old war time mantra that goes oversexed and over here and the truth is these Grey coats (or gray coats if we are to accept our final defeat) have prevailed and kicked our red butts mightily...

I expect questions in the house, scuffles on the floor and much wailing and gnashing of teeth... (and that's just from the politicians who have been outmanoeuvred by badgers in the past so what can we really expect?).

The Americans have won...!

Chi Onwurah, the Labour MP for Newcastle Central, "I was shocked and surprised by the minister's sense of defeat when it came to halting the onslaught of the grey squirrel and protecting and promoting the red squirrel.

Ministers admit defeat in battle against grey squirrels - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/wildlife/10705370/Ministers-admit-defeat-in-battle-against-grey-squirrels.html)

Carling Black Label - Mission Impossible (squirrel) - YouTube

While those red malingerers have been on the scrounge the Yanks have moved, taken all the girls and a lot more...

"Actually I like the little grey critters..."


18th Mar 2014, 15:16
"Actually I like the little grey critters..."

Never tried one. Got a recipe? :E

18th Mar 2014, 15:19
"Got a good recipe"?

I have eaten squirrel and it was rather tasty...;)

Even The Grauniad thinks so...

The ultimate ethical meal: a grey squirrel | Life and style | The Observer (http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2008/may/11/recipes.foodanddrink)


18th Mar 2014, 16:03
There are red squirrels frolicking about in the wild less than a mile from my office. Yes - within the Hateful City itself.

18th Mar 2014, 16:49
James Kirkup in The Telegraph sounds the alarm and makes a call to our brave boys (though if his tongue went any further into his cheek, he'd rupture his chops)... ;)

The cowards who have given up the fight against the grey squirrel are this country's worst traitors ? Telegraph Blogs (http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jameskirkup/100264210/the-cowards-who-have-given-up-the-fight-against-the-grey-squirrel-are-this-countrys-worst-traitors/)

The first duty of Government is defence of the realm, squirrels included. This administration has abandoned that duty. Oliver Heald and his friends have cravenly betrayed the country they swore to serve. There can be no equivocation about the rewards this treachery demands: a white feather, then the rope.


18th Mar 2014, 16:56
Hmnn .. with ash trees dying, the elms long dead, oak under threat, and the fight against Japanese knotweed effectively lost. Those greys might just move on ... ?

18th Mar 2014, 16:58
Came over, ate all the best food and carried the pox. Sound familiar? :E

18th Mar 2014, 17:01
"Actually I like the little grey critters...""

Best targets ever for a .410 !

18th Mar 2014, 18:33
Why is it, Mr 500N, that invariably when an animal is mentioned, you pop up wanting to shoot it?

I could go off you.

18th Mar 2014, 18:49
You just need to some bigger, Canadian Red Squirrels!

FedEx can sort it.... :E

18th Mar 2014, 19:02
Why is it, Mr 500N, that invariably when an animal is mentioned, you
pop up wanting to shoot it?

Obviously a card-carrying member of PETA.

People Eating Tasty Animals.

18th Mar 2014, 19:05

Because they are an introduced and declared pest with NO natural predators in the UK, that do more harm than good, that go around destroying other animals nests, eggs and babies ! The grey squirrel in the UK has caused the demise decline of quite a few birds and animals.

It is illegal to re release a grey squirrel in the UK, that's how they are viewed.
You can't say the same about foxes so it just shows how far down the scale they are viewed.

Red squirrels on the other hand, lovely animals :ok:

And if you notice, most of my comments also relate to introduced pests.

I've done more for wildlife and nature, cared and reared more sick and injured birds, planted more trees and nesting boxes than most so called "greenies" have had hot dinners !!!

Care to lay out your work at making sure native animals have the right environment to make a good fist of it ?

18th Mar 2014, 21:22
No actually. If you think that, then have a re think.

And buy your meat on a plastic tray from Tesco !

18th Mar 2014, 21:26
Rats with fluffy tails. Bah!

And don't get me started on the :mad: foxes around here.

18th Mar 2014, 21:49
Be interesting to see if the indigenous Red revival continues.

After 140 years, red squirrels are fighting back - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/wildlife/10321713/After-140-years-red-squirrels-are-fighting-back.html)

18th Mar 2014, 21:50
For God's sake, don't anyone let John Hill know that we won at anything. :ooh:

He still thinks we lost World War Two. :p

18th Mar 2014, 21:56

That is good to read.

Used to enjoy feeding the reds in Bournemouth, although over the years watched the greys take over the chimes more and more.

Also had both in our garden in Hereford and always tried to give them
a helping hand, especially in winter :ok:

18th Mar 2014, 23:10
Reds fighting back....who is bringing Democrats into this?:mad:

galaxy flyer
18th Mar 2014, 23:36
WRT the thread title....as it should be!


18th Mar 2014, 23:58
Sorry that y'all ended up with these :mad: animals. Here in the SE US we call them "Tree Rats", a very apt description. They eat holes into houses and can stash enough acorns to cause a weak ceiling to fall in a couple months. Plus they're darn noisy up there, probably intentionally :* I've opened walls and had enough acorns scatter around me to spread a yard (meter) around my feet at over an inch deep :eek: Shuffle your feet to escape- you'll learn why if you step on them ;)

The best recipe for Grey Squirrels:

1- Nail board to tree
2- Nail squirrel to board
3- Peel skin from squirrel and throw in trash
4- Remove squirrel from board
5- Eat board, dispose of Squirrel properly

All joking aside, they do well in a stew but can be greasy when cooked other ways.

19th Mar 2014, 01:33
Ya gotta dredge 'em in flour and fry 'em in lard. Praise the lard and pass the ammunition.

19th Mar 2014, 01:34
It seems I am not the only one with the view ;)

19th Mar 2014, 01:44
My gosh a squirrel push this toward ...

Battle of New Orleans, In 1814 - YouTube


20th Mar 2014, 01:33
Used to enjoy feeding the reds in Bournemouth
... the red squirrels on Brownsea Island have thrived for a good number of years ... it's a very pleasant boat trip to/from the place, and an excellent walk for a few hours.