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16th Mar 2014, 07:23
Have come into possession of a (12ft?) 16(?) powered tinnie......what a blast of fun they are!


Growing up all the rich kids had tinnies, their Dads 100ft floating gin palaces... and I remember going out with them sometimes, always thought, I'd like to get around to it one day...living in a place that has more waterways than Venice!.....lovely day spent 'cruising'....with Dad and Jnr Fliegs....:ok: next to get Mrs Fliegs on board...:rolleyes:

16th Mar 2014, 07:30
While I generally prefer either sail or human power, I have to say that puttering around in a tinnie can be almost as much fun. Spent a lot of time working in them and they can be a great deal of fun.

Worrals in the wilds
16th Mar 2014, 08:29
Cool! Have fun and don't be the bloke who ends up on the Channel 9 news being winched to safety off the coast of South Straddie...:ouch::eek:.
But I'm sure Mrs Fliegs has already mentioned that. ;)

16th Mar 2014, 08:40
I presume that it's made out of metal, then , from the name, even though it looks wood in the photo.

If so is there any benefit to the styling of the sides?

16th Mar 2014, 09:01
Ha ha , No WITW, I'm very conservative!:ok: 'Tis not a boat to be 'outside' on/in!

But if you're ever sunning yourself on Buds beach, let us know!!...

Funny Mrs Fliegs and I were at Helm Bar a few months back watching some poor hapless stranded on the Eastern Chevron Island bank....:rolleyes:

One thing for sure is, Wow, there are some massive houses located on two lots (Double rates?) all along the Nerang river, some incredibly massive houses on the main river... :\ .....

16th Mar 2014, 09:07
If so is there any benefit to the styling of the sides?
Yes, the faux planks actually prevent the sides oil canning.

16th Mar 2014, 10:22
Yes, the faux planks actually prevent the sides oil canning.

Oil canning is not a term we use in UK, but I presume it means bending under some cricumstances and so the swaging adds strength to prevent it.

I wondered if there was any nautical benefit - such as controllability, water resistance, or stability.

16th Mar 2014, 10:32
I thought a tinnie was something beer came in.

Worrals in the wilds
16th Mar 2014, 10:32
Tis not a boat to be 'outside' on/in!Good call :cool:. And yes, there are some big houses on the Nerang. My mother calls them 'Westfields' because most of them are the size and design of a shopping centre (large, concrete, tasteless and surrounded by Landscaping) :}.
I thought a tinnie was something beer came in. You can sink a couple of tinnies in your tinnie. Obviously you don't want to sink the tinnie though (that would be bad), just the tinnies (which would be refreshing, as long as the wallopers aren't sniffing 'round). :\:\:}

16th Mar 2014, 10:54
Be careful to use a safety strap which cuts the motor if you go overboard - recently an entire family here in the uk were killed/maimed by their recircling boat. It pays to be safe.
The only boating fatality my profession has had in Australia was caused by the safety strap pulling the cut-out when one operator moved to do something. However, this was on a flooded river, not puttering about. As a result of this incident, we changed a lot of procedures and equipment. I worked for 20+ years without a safety strap, but now I wouldn't be without one. For a lot of those years, though, we used oars, which are amazingly safe in experienced hands.

Oil canning is not a term we use in UK, but I presume it means bending under some cricumstances and so the swaging adds strength to prevent it.

I wondered if there was any nautical benefit - such as controllability, water resistance, or stability.Think of the bottom of an oil can popping from convex to concave. As for hydrodynamics, I'm not sure if there are any advantages, but if there are, I suspect they are small.

16th Mar 2014, 11:11
I thought a tinnie was something beer came in.
In Darwin, it's both! :)


Welcome to the Darwin Lions Beer Can Regatta 2014 | www.beercanregatta.org.au (http://www.beercanregatta.org.au/)

22nd Mar 2014, 09:16
All good fun that is until................the local floating constabulary wish to ask about my licence..... :ooh:

"You need one for a Tinnie Sir??", 2 of them in classic good cop bad cop routine, it's dead obvious and plain embarrassing, but you play along...

One water Copper guffaws "You need on for a Tinnie Ha!" Good Copper politely explains that I do.....

'Oh ok thank you officer, here's my drivers licence, DOB, confirm current address etc etc etc' All the while being terribly polite....

Thinking to myself this will be a real headache if they want me to secure the boat here......I'm about 15k, as the river flows, from launch site (Trailer Car etc etc :eek:........)

Local water 'C*nstable', thanks me for my patience and understanding, advises me of three other offences (real or imagined) he's willing to overlook, because I've been so pleasant and co-operative, unfortunately unable to overlook the bare fact I hold no water licence....fair enuf!, methinks!

Better, 'cos I have been so nice, (he explains some of the @rsh0les he has to deal with) he's happy to let me take myself back to launch spot 15 k up river, and we're all good..... :ok:

Except that I am $550 lighter in the sky rocket!! :eek::ugh::eek::ugh:......

I always said you'd have to be unlucky....but today I was...:{....Ah well......

Takan Inchovit
22nd Mar 2014, 09:30
A tinnie will make you happy twice. The day you buy it and the day you sell it. :ok:

22nd Mar 2014, 09:49
Point taken, Takan, but......whilst I have held pilot licences in the past, that is something that really does require a little bit of knowledge and skill and 'what comes next'......, you cannot pull up over the side of the air, as you can on the road, or indeed a waterway.....I could have been a horrible obnoxious [email protected] to him and ended up in a worse place.......(Way too many horrible obnoxious [email protected] around here as there is....., and almost without exception they settled here from somewhere else....(NZ, VIC, NSW & even UK come immediately to mind)....:sad:

Takan Inchovit
22nd Mar 2014, 10:03
The way I understand, they failed highway patrol school and their only choice was to terrorise tinnies. ( Re: the attitudes).

22nd Mar 2014, 10:23
Maybe, maybe......I have a little 15hp motor, they had twin 80's...To their credit they were fair and reasonable.....they could have been utter Cnuts had they so wished, so as a refreshing change from other QLD Police experiences .....I almost thank them for the 550 Fine!

I'd taken that little tinnie out many times in the past, safe in the knowledge that "you'd be unlucky", and so today I was....It's not like I was trying to fly a G6 on a PPL was it? Worlds apart.....

22nd Mar 2014, 12:24
Ya shoulda dun a... erm... swimmer, then reported the tinnie stolen or just buy another one for $550.

Ken Borough
22nd Mar 2014, 12:42
$550 for being an unlicensed boat driver in Queensland! Was that for the sole offence, or for more? What's the damage to one's bank account, and pride, to be caught without a motor vehicle driver's licence? Rotten luck Fliegs. Good luck with your licence. Down here in NSW you can be brain dead to get a licence judging by the d*ck-heads I see polluting our waterways.

22nd Mar 2014, 13:12
Oh yeah guys, It's QLD, and it's pathetic......they would never be able to comprehend a 'P' Chart and be able to accept a V1 ....but you can never argue logic with a simpleton.....best I keep a shut mouth, tick the obvious boxes on an exam aimed at the lowest common denominator, and get on with it.......;)

22nd Mar 2014, 13:23
A recreational marine driver licence (RMDL) is required to operate a recreational boat.
You must be at least 16 years old and successfully complete an approved BoatSafe course to get a RMDL.
Before attending the BoatSafe course, complete the Medical Fitness Disclosure Statement (PDF, 50 KB) (http://www.msq.qld.gov.au/%7E/media/msqinternet/msqfiles/home/licensing/recreational/boatafe_medical_disclosure_statement.pdf)
Recreational marine licences (Maritime Safety Queensland) (http://www.msq.qld.gov.au/Licensing/Recreational.aspx#boatsafe)
Once you have your marine licence, you don't need to renew it—it is valid for life. From:- Fhttp://www.msq.qld.gov.au/Licensing/Recreational.aspx

22nd Mar 2014, 13:37
Sample QLD boat license test questions:

Q1 When should the word 'mayday' be used three times at the start of a radio message?

a) When you run out of beers.
b) When you want to test your radio is working.
c) When you want to see a helicopter up close.
d) When your wife calls asking why the lawn wasn't mowed.

Q2 An approaching vessel sounds five short blasts on its horn. It is indicating:

a) That the captain has just scored.
b) That the time is now 5 o'clock pm.
c) Hello sailor.
d) That he thinks he has a louder horn than you and wants you to respond back with your horn.

sea oxen
22nd Mar 2014, 15:55
It's different in NSW, it's done on boatspeed.

Would a small yacht with an 8hp auxiliary require a licence in QLD?

22nd Mar 2014, 17:54
A recreational marine driver licence (RMDL) is required to operate a recreational boat.

SO - the way I originally read that (and I assumed it's cut and pasted from an official document) it would mean even a rowboat.

Couldn't believe that so I followed G-C's link, and further down it states :-

A licence is required to operate any recreational boat which is powered by an engine power greater than 4.5kW (over 6hp).

So it looks like the answer would be yes.

sea oxen
22nd Mar 2014, 18:14
Thanks, UniFox, I wanted another set of eyes.

Under steam, sails stowed, with the 7 hp donk, the old rustbucket could manage 3.5 knots in still water.

Presumably the Gauleiter-am-See must demonstrate that your motor is providing the rated horsepower. On a dyno, I'd have backed my granny against that outboard.

A licence is required to operate any recreational boat which is powered by an engine power greater than 4.5kW (over 6hp).

Had Fliegenmong had adequate forewarning, he could have derated his motor to 5 hp with the aid of some decals.

22nd Mar 2014, 18:35
Many years ago (when I was living in Denmark) I returned to England for a holiday and went trout fishing with my father-in-law in a boat on a stillwater reservoir (Kielder).

When I returned to Denmark and related the story to my workmates the question that they asked was "How many beers did you take?" - I think the assumption was that all beers would be drunk . . .

Nobody asked whether any fish were caught.

22nd Mar 2014, 22:13
Slightly off topic, but...
My former neighbour was in the Sydney water police. One Christmas day, they received reports of two large sail boats motoring up the harbour, repeatedly colliding with each other. When they stopped the boats and investigated, it turned out that the skippers were next-door neighbours, one of whom had just found out about his wife's long standing (~20 year) affair with the other skipper.
Tempering justice with mercy, the police told them both not to be silly, and go home to cool down. The next morning the police took a quick trip past their waterfront houses to be sure that the peace was being kept. The two skippers were on their boats, moored next to each other, undertaking repairs. There was not much conversation between them.

22nd Mar 2014, 22:38
Have read these stories with horror. One would not set foot on any boat weighing under 1,000 tons

sea oxen
22nd Mar 2014, 23:50

Not sure if you could do that now. Friends of mine in my old yacht club have recently been breathalyzed in the middle of a race. Bit of a Police State.

In my book, banging into another watercraft, even if your wife has been a RORO, is damned serious - unless you could claim that you mistook him for a surfaced U-boat. :)

Takan Inchovit
23rd Mar 2014, 00:13
boats motoring up the harbour, repeatedly colliding with each other.

Was one of them Paul Watson? :}

23rd Mar 2014, 01:17
SO, they are much stricter now, RBTs, ramp checks etc.

TI, don't know their names, think they lived near Mosman.

More tinnie fun...
Some years ago my SA colleagues were working on the Murray R. just below the Rufus River, technically NSW. They had channel closed markers upstream & downstream, and warning signs on nearby ramps, as they had a distance wire across the river at about 1m height, with safety orange floats on it. Knowing the ignorance of some boaters (particularly houseboat drivers) they were attached to the wire with a quick-release grip, and carried the mandatory air horn etc.

Up the river comes a speedboat towing a skier. Colleagues sound air horn, wave, shout, etc with no result. The release from wire, and man on shore drops wire so that it is now supported by surface floats. Skier sees wire/floats and lets go, leaving speedboat to rip through wire, collecting it and tangling it, expensively, in prop.

All is watched by lock keeper upstream who is also agent for NSW Maritime Services as it was then. He promptly putts down and books speedboat driver. SA government bills him for damage to distance wire. Hate to think what the damage to his motor would have been, but it could have been his head that was removed.

23rd Mar 2014, 05:13
Had Fliegenmong had adequate forewarning, he could have derated his motor to 5 hp with the aid of some decals.

That's exactly what the young kids on the Gold Coasts waterways did when I was a kid. My mate had a 20hp on a 12 foot tinny, with 5HP decals on it.

IMHO, drivers of cars and boats should have to retested at regular intervals, like pilots. Might improve some idiots understanding of the rules.

At least in QLD, when you do get a boat licence that's it, one fee, once, for life and it's marked on your Vehicle Drivers Licence ID card. In NSW it's a yearly fee and a separate ID card, paid for at the same office mind you.

23rd Mar 2014, 13:05
In NSW it's a yearly fee

Same in VIC, it put me right off getting the license.

Yamagata ken
23rd Mar 2014, 13:37
Licence (and tax) to drive a boat. Next, a licence (and tax) to breathe. It never stops

24th Mar 2014, 07:37
When I did my boat licence in QLD I was told that being caught drinking and boating would affect my car drivers licence as the boat licence was part of the car licence and vice versa. :sad:

24th Mar 2014, 08:37
Surely licences aren't really required when you've got crocs for river police.

25th Mar 2014, 13:17
Plus Bull Sharks as traffic wardens in the Coomera and Bribane Rivers :eek:

31st Mar 2014, 10:01
Bull Sharks in all SEQ Rivers and Canals!! Fliegs residence features a funny old 1970's style bar, I must catch one of these Bull sharks, and mount the Jaws in the bar.....very 70's... :ok:

Worrals in the wilds
31st Mar 2014, 10:27
Not just in the canals and rivers, either...:ouch:
Bull sharks seen in flooded streets | Ipswich Queensland Times (http://www.qt.com.au/news/ipswich-bull-sharks-spotted-flood-affected-streets/743873/)

I think your bar needs a shark :ok:. Not an endangered shark of course (and should be prepared to eat the meat or sell it to the local fish and chip joint :} ), but there's no shortage of bull sharks.

31st Mar 2014, 10:48
Several years ago a young lady went swimming in the Parramatta River - one of the most polluted rivers in Australia - in Parramatta, as far up the river as you can go without going up a weir, in the early hours of the morning, and was bitten by a bull shark. Alcohol may have been involved, but it is believed that the shark was sober.

1st Apr 2014, 11:44
Geez Worrals, that' a long way up the river!!! :uhoh: ....the little bastards will be i a cyclone next! :}

Yes, I could only manage a small shark Worrals, but I'd deffo eat a small one!, it would not go to waste!

Here's a coupla bogans fishing the Logan River.... :eek:


Solid Rust Twotter
1st Apr 2014, 12:26
Bull shark is called a Zambezi shark in these parts. They've been found 200km or more up the Zambezi river and have been known to take bathers well inland from the coast.

2nd Apr 2014, 11:15
Yes SRT, I understand they are known as the Zambezi in your parts, also the Nicaragua shark...in...Nicaragua....:uhoh: ...

Carcharhinus Leucas......

Carcharhinus leucas, Bull shark : fisheries, gamefish (http://www.fishbase.org/summary/873)

Bull shark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bull_shark)

Nasty 'lil feckers they are.... A large and very reputable Marine display outfit around these parts have several species in magnificent display tanks, if there is such a thing for these animals.....

Of interest was a 20+yr old female Bull shark (Complete with typical curled/knurled fins)..... a right old matronly bitch in the tank, and also a 12 ft Tiger shark, the tiger was eventually released back to the Ocean, something about banging its head against the walls??.....Anyway what was very apparent (and obvious when you think about it) was their eyes!!

The tiger shark had comparatively large discs.....the Bull had beady little dots, eyes not much good in dirty rivers and brackish inlets....the Ampullae of Lorenzini perhaps being a better 'sense' in the murky river mouths.... :eek:

Solid Rust Twotter
2nd Apr 2014, 13:46
Funny enough, those two being the only ones I had any real trouble with while spearfishing.

17th Jan 2015, 10:46
Finally managed to get around to getting my licence yesterday....took Mrs Fliegs out today.....bless her....what a fun time we had being 'Boaty' people

She's sunburnt to hell (precious fair skinned flower she is)....and I'm burnt as well, very nearly flipped in the main channel by a private boats wake that approximates the size of an ocean liner, whilst we bob perioulsy about in our little 'tinny' :uhoh:

The amount of floating private wealth around these parts is just staggering!!:confused:

17th Jan 2015, 11:45
You had 'trouble' with a Tiger - and you're still around to talk about it ?

Solid Rust Twotter
17th Jan 2015, 12:33
Similar were the clickers found in Christmas crackers at one time. Metallic beetles with a strip that could be pressed to produce a loud clicking sound. Useful for night navigation on foot to round up one's stick without shouting and throwing cyalumes into the air.

17th Jan 2015, 12:42
Can't find a pic of one online, we used to have hand-held oil cans which were disc-shaped and rounded. I would have thought that that was easy to find, but I have failed, too . . .

Got one!:-

17th Jan 2015, 18:16
The design of traditional overlaying Wooden planks is used to stiffen the sides. This may lay in the term oil-panning too :-/
Actual the problem are the major reason to likely lines on cars. In earlier times a deep longitudinal stiffening groove in the side of the car was the reason to the widely use of (camouflaging) crome-lists!

17th Jan 2015, 21:15
Yes, of course.
That's also why 'corrugated iron' is corrugated.

17th Jan 2015, 22:34

Take your Canadian Boat Licence on-line

Boat License Canada: Online Boating License Test | Boater Exam® (http://www.boatinglicense.ca/)

& use the time difference to claim that you always had a licence and get your 550 bucks back.

Ken Borough
18th Jan 2015, 03:30
The amount of floating private wealth around these parts is just staggering!!

You should tow her down to Sydney and take in the squillions of dollars afloat and idle for 99% of the year. It is just appalling to see such wealth squandered - a matter of opinion I know but if these geezers have so much dosh and need to get on the water once or twice a year, why not hire a floating gin palace for tbe week-end? I'm sure that would be a sounder investment but there isn't any social kudos attached to a boat hire.

As for the wake of some of these monstrosities, its size is often in indirect proportion to the speed and size of the craft but in direct proportion to that of the owner's ego. :yuk:

18th Jan 2015, 03:58
They may only go out in it a couple of times a year..

What they do, though, is talk about it at least a couple of times a week, together with flashing professionally-produced pictures to those they hope to impress.

Some of those they wish to further impress are invited on board for 'drinkies' while it sits at the marina.
The guests are expected to make suitable 'ooohing' and 'aahing' noises while being entertained.

Stick with your tinny, Fliegs - it'll provide a much purer form of enjoyment.
If you fancy venturing into open waters in a tinny - 18ft cuddy minimum, 21ft half cab recommended.

18th Jan 2015, 09:35
Yeah, it's a lotta pure enjoyment fun the little tinny, you're correct Stanwell!!!

Jnr Fliegs and I ventured off to a little unamed Island just South of 'Wave Break' Island today....noted the memorial 'graves' of some people, snorkelled through Sea grass....bought fish and chips on the mainland, took it out through the South Wave Break channel, and on the Northern Wave Break Island, partook of a delicious seafood lunch, basking in brilliant sunshine on a sub tropical island, whilst having enjoyed the company of about 12 - 15 Dolphins riding alongside us......just magic!!!...pure magic!...no wonder we live here....and all that in a 3 metre 'tinny'....some of the boats though are obscene......virtual mini oceanliners....privately owned.......unimaginable money....

A wonderful day, spent with my beautiful Son.....what more could money buy anyway... :p

Worrals in the wilds
18th Jan 2015, 10:49
Sounds lovely :ok:.
A local dive boat captain told me a tale recently, about taking his RIB full of divers to Cook Island (off Fingal) and coming across a flat bottomed party pontoon boat moored there; the sort of boat that's designed to puddle into the middle of the river and back to the shore again apres party :eek:.

The touristo hirees had ignored multiple warning signs and taken it through the Tweed Bar (lifejackets mandatory, rough as guts even in good weather, scene of many incidents worthy of the 6 o'clock news) because 'it looked nice'.
[pic by way of example]
Trawler smashed against rocks crossing Tweed Bar (http://www.news.com.au/national/trawler-smashed-against-rocks-crossing-tweed-bar/story-e6frfkp9-1226257677253)
Rest assured that however hard you try, you will never be the biggest bozo on the Gold Coast's high seas. ;)
some of the boats though are obscene......virtual mini oceanliners....privately owned.......unimaginable money....There's some cash out there. On another dive trip we were offshore up north and this massive floating palace came into view. It looked like a small version of the P&O cruiseliners. The tender that put out was bigger than our commercial dive boat and much better equipped (admittedly I was on a small, crappy commercial dive boat :}) and motored over to the mooring. Really nice people, about six of them; good dive gear (not insanely expensive) and pleasantly chatty. They all came from a West Australian mining family I'd never heard of, and were spending their summer holiday cruising down the Queensland coast in their 'boat' (I'd have called it a ship) 'doing some diving'. As you say, some people have a very big bank balance. Good luck to 'em, anyway.

18th Jan 2015, 12:11
I grew up with a tinnie :ok:

Dad never had any gin palace, though :(

I used it for rod fishing, spear fishing, diving and general larking about. One day with a mate I drove it down Port Phillip Bay to Sunnyside nudist beach and anchored up off shore for a perv (aged 15 or so).

A catamaran sailed past us with three naked 20 year old girls aboard - so we fired up the thing to give ... um ... "chase" - and promptly ran over the anchor rope, wound it around the prop and broke the drive shaft :uhoh:

It took three hours to row the thing back to the launch site - to a very angry waiting father :ouch:

cockney steve
18th Jan 2015, 13:13
and broke the drive shaft  Wot? NO SHEAR-PIN?

The "strakes" (or swages/ steps ) running fore and aft , like overlapping clinker-planking (shiplap fencing and weatherboarding) do, indeed give some stability in roll, specially noticeable when turning.

Got bored with an outboard-dinghy , very quickly. loved a sailing-dinghy and even more, a 19foot bilge-keel Caprice....almost impossible to capsize, sleep aboard, rudimentary cooking, washing and toilet facilities, but perfectly feasible to launch, rig, derig and recover from a slipway, singlehandedly.

There is something very satisfying, swishing along on wind-power, trimming the sails and feeling a sudden surge forward.
Had an outboard for the calm/congested times, best of both worlds.

Pappa Smurf
18th Jan 2015, 23:01
It wasn't a 38 metre boat called Platinum.
If so it would have been Angela Bennetts(wife of late Peter Wright of the Lang Hancock/Wright prospecting.She is second richest woman behind Gina.

Ancient Mariner
19th Jan 2015, 08:17
We just sold our mountain cottage and when the new owner could not match my requested figure offered me this:
http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/perebs/motorboot4_zps3656de3a.jpg (http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/perebs/media/motorboot4_zps3656de3a.jpg.html)

Complete with trailer, 75 hp Evinrude E-Tec, fishfinder/chartplotter, table, pillows, anchor, water skis, one of those towed inflatable rings used to flip kids into kingdom come, and on and on.
SWMBO has, after a few previous maritime mishaps, declared never to set foot on anything smaller than 3500 tdw, but graciously gave me an inflatable life jacket and a complete Penn deep sea fishing gear for Yule. Now I just need diving gear for our polar waters, my old "shortie" simply want do.
Ice starting to form in our fjord, will have to wait some before testing the thing. Should be fun.
Per (Now Captain and Chief Engineer)

Pinky the pilot
19th Jan 2015, 09:52
Ancient Mariner; Did the blonde Lady at the wheel come with the deal?:D:E

I know; I should be ashamed of myself!:O

But I'm not!

Ancient Mariner
19th Jan 2015, 10:12
Afraid not, Pinky. I guess I will have to do with the old grey one. Not that I expect to see her in the boat anytime soon. My grandchildren are looking forward to the summer though.

Worrals in the wilds
19th Jan 2015, 10:43
It wasn't a 38 metre boat called Platinum.
It might have been, though from memory they were a group of four; male, female and two girls in their early twenties. I guess he could be the new partner though. Either way it was a lovely boat.
I drove it down Port Phillip Bay to Sunnyside nudist beach and anchored up off shore for a perv (aged 15 or so).

I think it was reported on here (so naturally it must be true :}) that a couple of years ago there were minor taxiing delays Sydney airport because an attractive lady had moored her boat beside the taxiway that runs along the water to do a bit of topless fishing, and pilots kept pulling up for a look ('Ahhh Ground, we just need to hold position for a minute or so, need to run a few checks...'). After the third or fourth request for 'checks' Ground got suss and pulled out the binos :E.

20th Jan 2015, 10:46
At a Family gathering for my Neice's 15th Birthday tonight, Mrs Fliegs was asked about her 'dreadful' Sunburn, to which she replied,

'Oh I was out on the boat on the weekend with Mr Fliegs'

Much hilarity followed, with comments regarding 'a boat'..."oh you mean your 'Tinny'.." etc etc....

...So yeah..."Where's your boat?".....silence..... :hmm:

Ancient Mariner
20th Jan 2015, 10:58
Sunburn? Lucky you, here we're talking frostbite.
White, fluffy, airborne stuff arriving by the inches, had to stretch a tarp over the boat last night. Started by building a scaffolding using bits of forest sticks, duct tape and string. Praying for lenient winds in the foreseeable future. (In Norway, during winter, duh.)
Boat stored at SiL's, rather they listen to the flapping tarp than us. :E

SMT Member
20th Jan 2015, 11:21
offered me this

I guess your German may not be up to speed, as it looks very much like you've bought yourself a rental. Suggest you check if the rental company might still be missing it ;)

20th Jan 2015, 11:47
Oh yes Mr Per, our coldest times, in the coldest days in our coldest Months maybe 3-4 C......pretty much the rest of the year is a Thermonuclear assault upon the skin....40 C+ just this last w/end with 90% humidity.......it becomes as tiresome as shovelling inches and inches of snow off your driveway....except of course you never have to do that here..... :bored:

20th Jan 2015, 11:57
Spending Christmas this year in Noosa with my parents - looking forward to boat hire then :D

20th Jan 2015, 12:06
Spending Christmas this year in Noosa with my parents

Flipping heck - bit early to be talking about Christmas!

As an aside; I'm a TSS old boy so many happy memories of fishing in the Nerang - now stuck in Aberdeen so still by the sea.. just a wee bit cooler though :{

Ancient Mariner
20th Jan 2015, 14:10
SMT Member:I guess your German may not be up to speed, as it looks very much like you've bought yourself a rental. Suggest you check if the rental company might still be missing it

My German has only been adequate for use in the redlight districts and in the brownest of brown bars and pubs.
It is, however, sufficient to understand Bootsvermietung. The picture in question was chosen to show the boat bigger than it actually is, and damned be the writings. :E

20th Jan 2015, 20:44
As an aside; I'm a TSS old boy

Is that right? Me too, and my father before me......I was only there for 2-3 years though before moving on to better things! :p

Also, I was actually back there earlier this Month for a funeral, unfortunatly, inside St Albans chapel.....we old boys were called out to form a guard of honour, and to recite the TSS War cry as the casket was carried past....

Remember it SLFguy? ......... funny how quickly it comes back to you..... :\

21st Jan 2015, 12:51
A long time ago mind!

Was in the Juniors '69 - '71 (with the veeeery old classrooms and Mr. Jordan as Juniors HM), and Seniors '72/'73 (Delpratt).

It sure does come back to you as you say!

21st Jan 2015, 13:03
Old man was in Thorald SLF! I was a day boy....

I Guess Master Ron Morse was around when you were there?? He taught both Dad and I....

Pe Kinny nish na La kinny shin....whatever did that mean?:confused:

Southport Southport Southport Rah Rah Rah:rolleyes: That was simple enough...'we' were superior to 'you'! :rolleyes:

I will be cruising down the Nerang River this w/end SLF, past TSS, I'll raise a glass!! (of soda water of course!, this being Australia and all, you understand!:rolleyes:)

23rd Feb 2015, 10:00
Still having fun bashing about in the 'tinnie', I often stop off at my Sisters water front Mansion for refreshment...on Christmas day Jnr Fliegs and I Jumped off her jetty, and I swam underwater under it....I thought those menacing Bull sharks were really only a problem at night.....not here at the 00:38 second mark....:uhoh::O


And there are miles and miles of canals like that here......I thought they were a problem at night 'cos the last people mauled to death by them were all swimming at night and Dr J Werry's research indicates they hide in deep holes in the busy times, weekends etc., but here he tracks them along the edge of the channel, right at the drop off beneath peoples jetties / wharves / pontoons!!:eek::eek:

I still think you'd be dead unlucky.....but....

Worrals in the wilds
23rd Feb 2015, 10:12
Fliegs, Fliegs, Fliegs...:sad:
Didn't you know about the bull sharks in the canals? They've got a 24/7 roster going! There's a name for people who swim in the Nerang River canals whether it's by day or night...protein. :eek: The sharks are encouraged by local canal dwellers who throw a huge amount of rubbish, bait, unsuccessful drug dealers :} and other tasty shark snacks into the canals on a daily basis. Put it this way; I regularly scuba dive in the Tweed River and other people scuba dive at the Seaway off the Broadwater (by the sewerage outlet pipe :yuk:) without incident, but you couldn't pay me enough to dive in the Nerang or its canals without a speargun and a kevlar wetsuit.

Seriously though, you're a sensible long term GC resident. If you thought the canal sharks only came out at night then many other people probably share that belief, and it's time for a Public Safety campaign. I worry about the proliferation of stand-up paddle boards on the main river and in the canals; I know at least one person who pulled back into shore after noticing a flotilla of bull sharks following along behind looking hopeful. :ouch:

23rd Feb 2015, 10:37
WORRALS!! I've lived here for 40+ years, yes I know all about them....or thought I knew all about them...I free dive / snorkel the GC seaway, would love to one day scuba, but haven't seriously looked at it, assuming it was too expensive, maybe it's not?? I also have snorkelled the Tweed River, and that is a little creepy!

I have read Dr Jonathon Werry's thesis on 'Carcharhinus Leucas', and his findings on the tagged specimens do indeed indicate that on a busy day (any weekend/long weekend day) they do indeed tend to hide in the various 'deep holes' , but the video I posted was interesting, to me at least, that in daylight (Weekdays?) you can track them along under peoples pontoons!!:eek:

30 odd years ago, spent ages floating about in the canals, paddling flimsy little blow up boats, standing chest deep in canal water throwing mud at each other....but I do recall almost everyone seemingly had a small dog 'disappear'

Yeah, I'm aware of them, tend to think you're probably ok in daylight, they have tiny eyes, cos a lot of what they do does not involve much sight., but the vision of then 'patrolling' that little pontoon 'drop off' is concerning... :ooh:

Solid Rust Twotter
23rd Feb 2015, 10:49
Nothing wrong with their eyesight when they nick fish off your float, the jammy buggers!

23rd Feb 2015, 10:54
Suspect they use a bit of this Mr SRT.........

Ampullae of Lorenzini - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ampullae_of_Lorenzini)

Worrals in the wilds
23rd Feb 2015, 10:57
My great aunt had a house on the main river (and a little tinny :ok:) and she warned us never to swim in it, even during the day. Dear ol' Da was a lifesaver for Pacific SLSC in the 1970s and he also has a healthy respect for the canals, best summarised as Don't Go There :uhoh:. They used to swim out to the shark nets and back as a morning hangover cure, but none of them would go near the canals.
would love to one day scuba, but haven't seriously looked at it, assuming it was too expensive, maybe it's not?Talk to the boys at Kirra Dive. If you can afford a boat you can certainly afford a dive certification :cool:. Seriously, local diving is not expensive; they take divers out into the Tweed for $15 per dive. The submerged shopping trolleys look quite arty in the right conditions, and you can collect vintage (and not so vintage beer bottles :}! A half day boat trip with two dives to Cook Island will set you back about $150 with your own gear. You can buy a great basic open water kit (regs, vest, fins etc) for a bit over a grand, otherwise you can hire stuff.
Kirra Dive (http://www.kirradive.com/)

Solid Rust Twotter
23rd Feb 2015, 11:02
That would work for live fish, Mr Fliegs, but these are usually singing with the choir invisibule by the time they're on a spike hanging off the float.

They also like to take fish off your spear which they can see very well where you're trying to hold it out of their reach behind you, while you poke them with the gun to get them to bugger off.

Ancient Mariner
23rd Feb 2015, 11:08
Took the boat for a spin two weeks ago. Brought coffee, lunch, the works. Twisted the key, not much happened, battery dead. Rushed to nearest dealer, new battery nearly GBP 300. :eek: Optima, gel, best there is, he said.
Haggled and got it for 210. :hmm: Boat was good though.
SiL wanted to take son out last Friday, same thing. Probably the starter.
Now the proud owner of TWO good batteries,and likely in need of a new starter.
SiL also suggest splash proof radio and loudspeakers. This boat thing getting a tad expensive.

23rd Feb 2015, 11:19
[I]If you can afford a boat you can certainly afford a dive certification

I've a very small 'boat' WITW, strongly suspect that if you ever found your self outside if it, you'd, never get back in!! but maybe there is 'mobile\ portable steps / ladder???

It's fun enough, but it's no 'Calypso'

I did pull into 'Carters Basin' today, picked up fish 'n and chips from 'Peters' next to the 'Versace', then as a matter of proof, anchored next to the main channel, consumed lunch, and disposed of waste at the Parklands

Not bad at all really!!!

1st Mar 2015, 07:58
Here are some kids having fun in a tinnie.......Fair enough they are doing a lot more than the 6 knots required in the canals (40kts main river..)......and they're being little [email protected] spraying peoples boast and jetties....and they're being idiotic running their boat so fast and far ashore!!!


....but did it really require that level of police involvement?? They (the QLD Police service) were screaming for a helicoper for ages for the GC, and they f#*k about at night in it, unlit, making a hell of a noise......but they can use it to catch some silly teenagers in a tinny.....:rolleyes:

As teh comments say.....quiet day for crime...go and catch some real crims!! :*

1st Mar 2015, 08:18
Ah maybe, but they are an accident waiting to happen. By passing moored boats at speed and very close they would have not been able to react if a small child had been swimming off a bathing platform or rowing an inflatable dinghy from behind aforementioned moored boats. I've had to sort out the aftermath on more than one occasion after an outboard driven speedboat has come into contact with human flesh, pretty it ain't.

1st Mar 2015, 08:41
I must agree with beaufort.
Those "little [email protected]" as you call them, Fliegs, were an accident looking for somewhere to happen.
Just as well they were caught when they were - and if the coppers' new toy facilitated that, then good.

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Mar 2015, 09:00
...after an outboard driven speedboat has come into contact with human flesh, pretty it ain't.

Yup, got a couple of gouges in my paw where that happened. Fortunately, said paw was covering my head or it would have been my melon that took the hit.:ooh:

1st Mar 2015, 10:31
Hey all!...no one is silly enough to let kids paddle in the canals nowadays...the canals are infested with Bull Sharks (Carcharhinus Leucas)


Right there from the 38 sec mark to the 51 sec markis why people don't let kids paddle about there......

....That said I did swim the length of one of those very same jettys on Christmas day.... :E ......

And, yep, my Dad has a missing finger from f#@king around with mates on boats and outboards....specifically "Don't start it!" which was heard as "Start it"

But still, in a city with (Seemingly?) rampant crime in parts, chasing 2 kids in a tinnie with police boats and helicopters......whilst a few suburbs away Bikie gangs are cutting the fingers off drug payment defaulters.....:ugh:

1st Mar 2015, 10:50
.. and, as it obviously was a stolen boat, I think the owner is grateful the scrotes were caught as well. :suspect:

1st Mar 2015, 17:32
....but did it really require that level of police involvement?? They (the QLD Police service) were screaming for a helicoper for ages for the GC, and they f#*k about at night in it, unlit, making a hell of a noise......but they can use it to catch some silly teenagers in a tinny.....

I agree, let 'em go, next time they may kill themselves and qualify for the Darwin award. A win, win all around. :ok:

Of course they may take out a few men, women and children next time, but what the hell, ya gots to expect some losses.

9th May 2015, 16:42
Of late, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time and effort on two small craft:

A friend's 12' aluminum Sears-Roebuck boat with a little Tohatsu outboard which, at this point, sports a custom-fabricated 8 gallon stainless built-in fuel tank, an MP3 400 watt stereo, a one-off monocoque center seat, new interior paint and carpet, a bunch of custom turned stainless plumbing hardware, and a built-in trolling motor battery/charging system, as well as tricked-out LED lighting for the itty-bitty trailer that it rides on.

The other one is a 1972 Slickcraft 16' closed-bow runabout which now sports a late model 60 hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard (with all the Smartcraft bells and whistles), all the Rigging stuff needed for Salmon trolling on the great lakes (custom fabricated, where needed, out of stainless and Celazole [with the attendant hexavalent chromium risk joyfully assumed by yours truly])

Great pains have been taken to keep the original appearance intact, but I have managed to hide a Seastar hydraulic steering system (fabricated in such a way as to allow the original transom mount hardware and Kiekhafer steering wheel to be used),as well as a Raymarine autopilot which sports a 9 axis gyro (essentially an INS for my cruddy little boat)

This is, on an ongoing basis, more fun than just about anything I've done with pants on and feet on the ground.

9th May 2015, 19:18
Do they float, too? :cool:

10th May 2015, 00:46
Believe it or not, yes...