View Full Version : What will they think of next? (not that I'm complaining?

Lon More
15th Mar 2014, 10:31
Just had a text from the ex GF informing me that it's THAT (http://nl.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Steak%20and%20Blowjob%20Day) day again and inviting me to a BBQ this evening.
Pity it's raining. Looks like we'll have to find something to do indoors.

15th Mar 2014, 12:02
Red hot coals, sharp metal implements, an ex girlfriend, all in close proximity?

No, not something I'd risk getting undressed for..... :ooh:

Lon More
15th Mar 2014, 20:15
In the end I didn't go

I'm "excused games" anyway for the next month

15th Mar 2014, 21:31
Penicillin Lon?

15th Mar 2014, 21:40
I must be doing something wrong, neither steak nor fallation were delivered yesterday. That said, I had no idea that that day existed. Great another thing to be miffed at :roll eyes: :p


Lon More
15th Mar 2014, 23:52
Penicillin Lon?

after effects of urethaplastiek surgery.
Now if they could jus
ty find something to take away the pain but leave the swelling madam would be well happy.