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14th Mar 2014, 06:36
Far too quiet in here tonight and not at all tempted to post one jot about Malaysian other than to say it took two years to find AF off South America.

What foods do you totally hate - not dislike - just plain hate.

Searching my database I only came up with one. Cream of Celery soup.

14th Mar 2014, 06:45
Garlic, it tastes terrible and stinks.

14th Mar 2014, 06:51
Any offal.:yuk:

14th Mar 2014, 06:56
Celery....tis the Devil's food.

14th Mar 2014, 08:07
Yes, celery. Not a vegetable, but a weed.

Also kidneys, but I like the flavour they give to steak and kidney pie :confused:

14th Mar 2014, 08:08
Let's start with Treasure's food that she sometimes inflicts on me: chick peas, couscous, offal and other spare parts.

tony draper
14th Mar 2014, 08:44
Celery love it! a well buttered crust a chunk of cheese and a well salted stick of celery,great stuff,
Hate pasta in all its forms except spaghetti hoops.:rolleyes:

14th Mar 2014, 08:47
Cucumber - makes me feel sick for some reason. Hate it when people dice it into mixed salads.

Celery is pretty horrible and I'm not keen on curry. Various other things I don't like, but none of them matter very much.

Conversely, I like just about everything that's unhealthy...!

14th Mar 2014, 08:48
Mushy peas or minted peas, they are the devil's spawn. :rolleyes:

14th Mar 2014, 08:50
Sprouts. They look unappealing, taste awful, but the worst thing is the smell, both when cooking and digesting...:ooh:

14th Mar 2014, 08:53
Tomatoes and cucumbers. Salad = lettuce for me.
Strangely enough Heinz ketchup and Cream of Tomato soup are okay to eat.

14th Mar 2014, 08:54
Rather pleased to see so many fellow celery-haters out there. I thought I was just being childish.

Agree re offal too - except foie gras.

Coleslaw. Just thinking about it makes me feel queasy.

Worrals in the wilds
14th Mar 2014, 08:56
Tomato sauce (ketchup) :yuk:. For some reason I find it really repulsive.

14th Mar 2014, 08:59
Garlic other than in trace quantities, liver, fennel, leeks and lamb are all things I can't stomach.

Not crazy about celery either, or raw onions. Dislike most tomatoes raw, too acidic and tasteless, and I won't eat rabbit or foie gras, and the parts of animals that most people wrap in plastic to stop feral cats from digging them out of the bins.

When I was a small boy I went to see some friends of my parents, and below is the letter I wrote them setting out my dietary requirements, some of which have changed, but I'm still an awkward bastard!


tony draper
14th Mar 2014, 09:01
I also love sprouts,and cabbage.:rolleyes:

14th Mar 2014, 09:08
Now you mention it, I loathe tomato ketchup as well - and rabbit.

Cyber Bob
14th Mar 2014, 09:11
Quorn and anything that's still moving. Still having nightmare's about a meal once served to me in Narita!

Krystal n chips
14th Mar 2014, 09:15
Swede !....followed by celery, cucumber, asparagus and..... piccalilli, the latter resembling vegetables covered in the product of a suppurating boil.

Marmite by default of course.

tony draper
14th Mar 2014, 09:17
I refuse to eat anything that walks the Earth on more than four legs.:uhoh:

14th Mar 2014, 09:35
Missing out on a nice bit of lobster and crab there Mr D.....

Offal - ambrosia. Nothing like a couple of pieces of nice rare kidney and liver for breakfast with tomato and mushrooms.

What I really miss for breakfast, from the early days in the older messes in the RAF, is kedgeree. Can't find it for sale anywhere and beyond by culinary expertise to make a good batch myself. :sad:

14th Mar 2014, 09:37
If anyone gets hungry enough, there is no such thing as a hated food.......

tony draper
14th Mar 2014, 09:39
I regard all sea food as tasteless pap Mr ORAC except fishies of course, one will eat fish,oddly enough Bro Draper loves sea food in all its revolting forms,one is baffled as to why.

14th Mar 2014, 09:54
Crab, lobster, crayfish, prawns, cockles, winkles, whelks, etc,etc,...............in fact anything that is loosely labelled 'seafood'. But then I seem to be allergic to all of them so maybe this is a natural defense mechanism.

Strangely proper 'fish' is OK.

14th Mar 2014, 10:21
Hate anything with vinegar in it .. and that is quite a lot.

OTOH, being a true Englishman, naturally I love Marmite. :ok:

14th Mar 2014, 10:32
KFC, Maccas, and Subway.

All the foods you people have mentioned above (apart from cucumber) I'm rather partial to.

What's wrong with you guys??

Bet none of you like tripe, either. :E

Metro man
14th Mar 2014, 10:37
No one's mentioned spinach yet ?

Tray Surfer
14th Mar 2014, 10:42
Caviar - Can't stand the texture. Makes me gag.
Smoked salmon - Again, the texture, like eating congealed salty jelly.
Scallops - Mainly texture, but also find them way too "fishy"
Blue cheese - Hate the after-taste, and the smell puts me off before it gets to my mouth.

14th Mar 2014, 10:45
Peppers allergic to them but not chillies as a different chemical compound.
Butter beans rammed down my throat by a dinner lady, promptly puked them back over her.
Okra what is that about??
Chicory bitter and horrible.
Marzipan, I can smell PE before the dogs do.

Lightning Mate
14th Mar 2014, 10:45
I eat everything except oysters.

14th Mar 2014, 10:50
Lasernigel said:

Butter beans rammed down my throat by a dinner lady, promptly puked them back over her.

Was this recently?

14th Mar 2014, 10:53
Tray surfer, you have just listed most of my favourite foods, but you left out lamb's fry, kidneys and lambs brains.

I gag on pumpkin (can't understand how some people will treat it as food for humans) and cabbage, but most other food is edible.

14th Mar 2014, 10:54
Processed "fast" food of pretty much any kind. Anything else, I'm generally happy to eat except for soft-shelled crab. Can't bring myself to try it ( so I can't honestly say I hate it).

tony draper
14th Mar 2014, 10:55
Agree re butter beans horrid things, a reminder of school dinners.
Parsnips,cant abide em,stems from me old Dad not being a very good gardener and only had success growing parsnips ergo we had five thousand head of the buggas on our ranch and they featured on just about every meal,

14th Mar 2014, 10:59
Tofu :yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk:

Oysters :yuk::yuk::yuk:

14th Mar 2014, 11:05
/add me for tofu, oysters, and anything that lives in the sea and has a hard shell. Mussels, clams, etc. yuck.

Private jet
14th Mar 2014, 11:50
+1 for shellfish, especially oysters which is like eating a shell full of salty snot. In general shellfish seems a lot of work for not a lot of meat, and it always feels like you're playing Russian roulette with food poisoning.
Celery. :yuk:
Kidneys :yuk:
Fresh water fish like trout, tastes like mud
Never understood the allure of lamb to people. Its either too dry, too greasy and it always tastes off to me. (A friend of mine grew up on a sheep farm and never ate it, i asked why and he replied "If you've ever seen the state of a sheeps @rse you'll never eat it again")

14th Mar 2014, 11:53
Private jet: agreed. If I were you, I'd stick to omelettes. :E

14th Mar 2014, 11:59
Celery, cucumber, shellfish, peanuts, green pickles (gherkins?) they serve on hamburgers etc. over here :yuk:

14th Mar 2014, 12:14
Insects :yuk:. Which ballless professors are trying to turn them into an acceptable Western world protein alternative.

Other than that I don't think I have any other hated foods other than brains and testicles. Maybe they're a staple for balless professors.

Funny, as I was typing this a giant huntsman spider appeared on my wall. He was quickly dispatched to the garbage bin a little flatter than normal, on second thoughts I should have tossed him outside for my pet magpie Christo to eat for breakfast.

14th Mar 2014, 12:22
Broad beans - the look, the taste (or lack of) and especially the texture which IMHO is like wet chalk !

14th Mar 2014, 12:55
There are many, but chief of all are eggs, the sight, the smell, and in some modes of preparation, the sound. I cannot directly address the senses of touch or taste, since I never touch or taste any. I don't, because I already know I loathe them.

Hell is eternity, in which one is seated at a table within near reach of children, or "kiddies" to some, aged +/- three years, each of whom is victualled with a soft-boiled egg anchored in an "egg-cup", and armed with a spoon ranging, as an effect of parental wealth or social aspirations, from blue plastic to real horn. The spoon is held firmly by the kiddie in its fist, much as an adult might hold a hammer, and is waved to and sometimes fro, pieces of glutinous egg flying off within range of me.

But that is just one variety. There are the sausage and egg combo, and the egg-salad-hard-boiled effort. One could continue indefinitely, both ad infinitum and ad nauseam.

One could go on. The word itself is obnoxious.

tony draper
14th Mar 2014, 13:07
Srrange Mr Davaar never known any one with a hatred of eggs before,eggs have been more or less a staple since we came down from the trees,eggs prepared in a particular way ie scrambled I can understand, not that fond of them meself,hard to see how one could get through life without eggs,
Be like a Chinaman who dont like rice.

14th Mar 2014, 13:09
Oh dear Davaar!, one loves eggs (Oeuf), wonderful things they are! Wonderful indeed!

Stunned at how many dislike the healthy vegetables....shame

The 'Fruits de la Mer'....oh seriously, good seafood is truly a rich bounty!!

But, what do I hate?......The furballs of Satans very own feline companion, ghastley beyond worldly comprehension, undoubtedly ......baked beans .... :yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk::yuk:....they are tinned syrup of ipecac!! :eek::eek::eek:

14th Mar 2014, 13:12
Interestingly, Davaar's antipathy to eggs is shared by Nigel Slater (whose cookbooks I love). He loathes them and there is a dearth of egg recipes in his books.

Agree with others re marzipan and okra - yuk.

I'd actually eat tofu in preference to meat in most oriental dishes - I love it. I realize that puts me in a VERY small minority, at least in the west.

I hate the texture of chickpeas - hummus tastes like garlicky soil to me.

tony draper
14th Mar 2014, 13:14
For a oink dragged up in Gateshead and common as muck strangely I also am not a baked bean person,also chips,one could not care less if one never saw another chip as long as I live,a class traitor I am.
One food item I loved when all around me hated them was tinned sausages,cooky would fling a full tray of them over the side when they featured at breakfast, I just could not manage to eat two full trays.

14th Mar 2014, 14:12
Brussels sprouts. I gag even smelling them. Cauliflower as well. Nasty stuff.
Both are under my personal heading of "The Vile Weeds." :yuk:

14th Mar 2014, 15:07
The only popular foods I dislike are tongue and gooseberries. I won't eat frogs' legs and foie gras on principle and as for tripe and snails, I don't see the point. My gag reflex won't allow me to eat brains although the couple of times I tried, I enjoyed the taste.

I don't 'hate' them but I have gone from lover to avoider of bananas.

Any pulses - chick peas, lentils, baked and butter beans I love

14th Mar 2014, 16:18
Coconut and bananas head my hate list.

14th Mar 2014, 16:36
One summer back in the 1960's I was flying forest fire patrol and stayed in a boarding house that featured shepherds pie on a daily basis. Ok, maybe every second daily basis. When the contract finished and I left, I vowed never, never again to let the vile concoction called shepherds pie grace my dinner table. I'm batting a thousand. :ok:

Welcome back my friend. Various peoples have been inquiring about your absence and feared the worst.

14th Mar 2014, 16:54
There is only one food that fully deserves the term 'hate'.

Brussels sprouts

All the rest that people have listed here, falls into the category of mildly disliked.

wings folded
14th Mar 2014, 17:02
I knew I could count on you, con. ;)

Pinky the pilot
14th Mar 2014, 17:10
What con-pilot said.:ok:

I'd add cauliflower and tofu.

14th Mar 2014, 17:15
Con doesn't like Brussels Sprouts?
Is this something new, or have you just been keeping quiet about it?

14th Mar 2014, 17:16
Look con-pilot, yummmm.... yummmmm....



14th Mar 2014, 17:24
Con doesn't like Brussels Sprouts?
Is this something new, or have you just been keeping quiet about it?

Hmm, let me think about that.

I may have mentioned my dislike of Brussels Sprouts prior. :p

tony draper
14th Mar 2014, 17:37
I love sprouts, I ascribe the limp wristed weediness of this generation on anti sprout propaganda leading to lack of same in the diet.:=

14th Mar 2014, 17:43
Vegeshite. An excretion of the devil.

14th Mar 2014, 20:12

You mentioned 4 more things that I don't or won't eat but because the OP used the word "hate", I didn't post them. And someone else mentioned tripe !

Brussels Sprouts
Back in the 70's in the UK, BS were IMHO bitter and / or just not very tasty. It was only a few years ago I tried some over here in Aus that looked OK and they turned out to be very nice indeed, quite sweet.
Maybe it was my cooking :O (NOT) !

14th Mar 2014, 20:23
Sea food.

Properly processed, presented as 'fingers' and doused in tomato ketchup I find it barely acceptable.

I blame my dislike on the trauma of being 'encouraged' by a school dinner lady to eat something pretending to be battered cod when I was five years old. For those of you with filthy minds, it wasn't part of her anatomy.

I'm pleased to say all the green veg I struggled with years ago has become a pleasure in later years.

14th Mar 2014, 20:46
" I'm pleased to say all the green veg I struggled with years ago has become a pleasure in later years."

here is my take on why vegetables tasted crap all those years ago.

Firstly, farmers just mass produced them, no concern for the taste, texture or whatever, as long as it was green ! Where as now, for years the researchers have been trying to make the veggies more appealing, taste and texture wise - plus of course making them last longer in storage !!!

The other factor is / was the cooking. Schools, parents didn't always care or were just not good at it !!!

Sir George Cayley
14th Mar 2014, 20:49


14th Mar 2014, 20:50
500N wrote:

here is my take on why vegetables tasted crap all those years ago.

Er, or maybe your taste buds changed?

14th Mar 2014, 20:52

That was the third thing I was just about to post :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
14th Mar 2014, 21:39
Nothing I really hate. One was permanently peckish in the army, and quickly learned to eat pretty much anything slapped down in front of one. It's just fuel after all...

There are, however, a few items one enjoys. Steak and bacon spring immediately to mind but the list is quite a long one, to be honest.

14th Mar 2014, 21:42
SRT just reminded me with the word Army.

The small tin of egg and ????? ham that was part of the old style ration packs. The smell along was bad, the taste was even worse !

14th Mar 2014, 21:55
Parmesan - smells like dried vomit.

Kraft Dinner* - smells like fresh vomit.

*A Canadian delicacy, a factory-produced chemical simulation of macaroni and cheese.

I'm with Nigel and FSL on the butter beans. Those bl00dy dinner 'ladies' have a lot to answer for. Never had another school dinner after that little episode.


below is the letter I wrote

Just a shot in the dark - are you a doctor, perchance? :E

14th Mar 2014, 22:17
....... nothing yet. But I wouldn't necessarily recommend Singapore fish head curry to everyone..........:uhoh::ooh::eek::eek:

Dislike category so far holds; tripe, okra :p

Disappointed with category so far holds; boudain :(

15th Mar 2014, 01:29
Garlic, it tastes terrible and stinks. Sorry fujii, can't agree. I regularly make an Italian sauce that calls for 2 or 3 cloves of garlic. This household now uses one to one and a half heads of garlic. Maybe it's like porn and the more you get the more you need ... I don't know, I just offer the suggestion.

Scallops - Mainly texture, but also find them way too "fishy" Jeez, Tray Surfer, your scallops were not fresh! Mind you, looking at your other comments, I guess you just don't have working taste buds!

I eat everything except oysters. OK Lightning Mate, what do you do with oysters? :E As an aside, I've never tasted a raw oyster but I do like smoked ones.

I think a lot of the other comments above reflect a combination of poor produce and bad preparation and a childish outlook. As Tarq57 said earlier What's wrong with you guys??I've been thinking about this subject for some time now (because after wipe-outs caused by "reload every", accidentally touching an unknown button and closing a tab unintentionally, I'm on my fourth attempt at a posting), and the only thing that comes to mind that I will never eat again under any circumstance is teal. In fact, I don't even want to be in the same house if there are one or more being cooked. Really disgusting to me. But others like it and assure me "it's an acquired taste". Right! For some things, life is too short

....... nothing yet Best reply so far, Donkey497!

Hussar 54
15th Mar 2014, 01:40

Mac the Knife
15th Mar 2014, 01:46
Saw the thread and read to the end, planning on saying "BEETROOT"!

Then Hussar beat me to it.

Maybe we went to the same prep school...

Mac (who normally eats everything inc. (yum!) offal.

Beetroot :yuk:


Clare Prop
15th Mar 2014, 02:09
Anything containing chlorophyll. Green food = bitter, disgusting, inedible.

The smell of any foods from the Brassica family cooking I find absolutely revolting.

I'm living proof you can live a healthy life without eating green stuff. :p and a fairly typical "supertaster".

15th Mar 2014, 02:17
Semolina yuk !

Old Photo.Fanatic
15th Mar 2014, 02:21
Hate any offal, pulses, most green and all root veg, minced meat of any sort.
Any hint of fat in any meats has to be removed.
My all time hate is Bananas, just a hint of the smell makes me "retch",:yuk::yuk::yuk: also the smell of swede turns me over.
Any breakfast cerial, like eating "Chaff"
Anything "Pasta" based , Pizza :(

Ok with beef, white meat, most "Game" and Fish.
One "must have" is mint sauce with any roast meats.


15th Mar 2014, 02:56

"Semolina yuk !"

Agree, that can go on my list.

I haven't thought about it for 30 years or so until you had to put that thought into my head.

15th Mar 2014, 03:38
Two come to mind,Kimshi and chickens feet broth .Both popular here in Thailand.There are other dishes I will not eat but those are the worst for me.Love Brawn and potted tongue,hard to get these days.
Oh ,also love a good Black pudding!

15th Mar 2014, 04:39
Courtesy of 2 years in an English boarding school:
Swedes, Turnips and Parsnip. Devils food for rabbits only. And for desert, bread and butter pudding. Im sure we were fed that 3 times a week.

15th Mar 2014, 04:47
Did I mention eggs?

15th Mar 2014, 06:44

Did you know, that somewhere in Italy there is a massive secret Squirrel Farm where they feed the creatures with a diet of nuts and chocolate?
The resulting excretions are collected, packed into tubs, and sold on to the unsuspecting public.


15th Mar 2014, 07:52
I must admit to being genuinely surprised at the range of dislikes here.. many of which are personal favourites (all types of sea food but esp. oysters; sprouts, celery, liver, black pudding, haggis).. until I remembered my own dislikes.. A long-standing one is raw tomato - any hint of which triggers my projectile vomiting reflex. Cooked tomato is fine though.
Here in France people seldom seem to have these phobias/call them what you will - although a dislike of cheese is more widespread than you might have expected. I've been pushed beyond my limits with only a few things here - these are my top 3: andouillette (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andouillette), tÍte de veau (https://cs.uwaterloo.ca/~plragde/food/tetedeveau.html) (calf's head) (just thinking about it starts the stomach churning) & snails..
Andouillette is a thick sausage and it has a truly rank odour that's normally associated with farmyards and well.. read the above link to see the ingredients.
Trying tÍte de veau once caused me to invent a new food rule - never eat anything that wobbles. I can't imagine any circumstance in which I'd be so hungry that I'd finish a dish of it..
These dishes have to be tried though - if only once.
In Italy I was served with fillet of foal once.. Have to say it was one of the best steaks I've ever had - but I don't think I'd've ordered it had I known what it was.:=

Solid Rust Twotter
15th Mar 2014, 15:32
Mr Nitro

Re rat packs. The bastard things turn my guts to concrete for a week at a time but as mentioned, it's just fuel. Had some pretty vile liberated bully beef a couple of times. Long thin tin like an oversized beer can that contained what looked like a section of whole cow stuffed in it. The contents included bits of jawbone with the teeth still present, skin, hair and wobbly bits avec veins. At least that loosened up the concrete somewhat.:}

15th Mar 2014, 16:17
Celery, it's the devil's doing alright - I mean, what is the point?
Marmite (Sorry chaps) looks, tastes & smells like sh%t to me.
Tripe - it's just wrong, on so many levels

Just saying ;)

15th Mar 2014, 16:21
Quorn, which is now top of my hate list after my recent experience :yuk: will loosen your bowels for you if you have my reaction to it.

15th Mar 2014, 19:53
I see Tripe mentioned again. I have only had it once or twice but can't see the point of eating it, it is plain flesh with IMHO little or no taste.

And where it comes from, it's not like the animal gives it a heap of blood to make it the best piece of flesh on the body :rolleyes:

And for those that haven't seen it in the "raw", it doesn't look anything like what you buy at the shops !!!

Had the same problem myself :rolleyes:

16th Mar 2014, 01:05
yeah, but in menudo, when you eat around it, it's heavenly.

16th Mar 2014, 02:27
500N, I share your detestation of tripe. It's the only form of meat that I can think of that I refuse to eat. The only way it can be made worse is by smothering it in grey cornflour 'white' sauce, as my grandmother used to do.

16th Mar 2014, 02:38

I can't eat peppers (but pepper is excellent), quorn, KFC, MacD, BK, doner kebab, or sushi. Not keen on black pudding. Nothing too fatty.

Shellfish I love. Curry likewise, and Chinese.

Edit to add: I gag on anything that tastes of smoke or burned. Kippers and smoked salmon are fine, but that "bottled smoke" that the wacky American waitress poured over my steak made it inedible. She was horrified when I told her to take it back and bring me one that didn't taste of house fire. "But that's genoooooine hickory!"

16th Mar 2014, 03:04

I don't call Tripe meat as it isn't, hence the use of the word Flesh !!!

16th Mar 2014, 03:05
Coconut, makes me feel sick just thinking about it :ooh: :yuk:

16th Mar 2014, 03:10
"seafood" is just sea-borne insects.

16th Mar 2014, 04:14

along with carrot and onions forms the base for just about every stew or casserole known to humankind. I'm betting a lot of you haters eat a lot more of it than you think.
I don't hate any food, but have a thorough dislike for tinned spaghetti ...

16th Mar 2014, 04:18
Celery in small pieces in a soup is vastly different to taking a
bite out of a stick of it.

dubbleyew eight
16th Mar 2014, 11:39
I think one must be no more than 3 years old to truly appreciate a good worm.

.....and a handful of dirt.

21st Mar 2014, 11:50
Others have already mentioned marzipan which turns my stomach.

I hate fruitcake with a passion, as well as raisins and sultanas.

Worrals in the wilds
21st Mar 2014, 11:53
I'm betting a lot of you haters eat a lot more of it than you think. Same with offal and anchovies. Many people who claim to loathe offal are happy to eat pate and/or 'seafood' extender :\.
Actually I'm surprised by how many people loathe celery. It isn't a food I'd ever thought much about...
I don't hate any food, but have a thorough dislike for tinned spaghetti ...Personally I dislike tinned baked beans, though I don't mind the home made version. It may be the prefab tomato sauce or the fact that it was my dear mother's standard 'couldn't be bothered cooking' backup option. She'd still live on them if she had the chance.

21st Mar 2014, 19:08
I agree with the previous poster re andouilette - absolutely awful - and they claim that Lyons is the gastronomic heart of France:mad:

I also can state that I have never tried tripe. I am prepared to give it a go, but suspect that I would not enjoy the experience.

Also hate Xmas pudding, Xmas cake and mince pies.

I would, however, like to add a couple to the hate list - tapioca and sago - whaat are they all about?

21st Mar 2014, 22:00
I have been around the world a bit and have tried, or have had to eat, a multitude of disgusting things but the one that tops it is Black Chicken Soup, an Hunan delicacy.

Her indoors and I went to the the market to purchase the chicken; a breed with white feathers and a black skin which cost about 60p. Like all Chinese chickens it was all skin and bone and it furiously pecked at my leg as I took it to the bloke who killed, gutted and plucked it. That cost another 10p including the discount for him keeping the feathers and feet.

We then went home and with great ceremony this Hunan delicacy was prepared.

It was bloody awful. It had a dry bitter taste that I would imagine that time expired ditchwater would taste like. I could only manage two mouthfulls much to the consternation of my fellow diners. It also involved a loss of face for my companion and it took a couple of days for her to get over it.

There was a chain of eating houses called The Long March. They would serve simple foods that Mao and his buddies were supposed to have survived on during the Long March in 1933-35. Rough tables and benchs made up the furnishings. Most of the food was unidentifiable but it was cheap and cheerful. At the turn of the century their cliental was dying off so now they are as glitzy with every possible delicacy like any other Chinese restaurant.

22nd Mar 2014, 00:01
Saw an Icelandic film once and the cop hero stopped of at a drive-in on the way home and had half a sheep's head handed though the car window :eek:

I had to avert my gaze as he took it home and sat at the kitchen table scooping the brains out and sucking the flesh off the skull - truly vile!

Another vote for school dinners beetroot here - although funnily enough when it is thoroughly cooked in a proper Russian bortsch it's fine.

Impress to inflate
22nd Mar 2014, 08:42
Apricots, there gods sick joke, also celery and tofu, wtf !!

22nd Mar 2014, 08:59
Thinking back to school food, truly vile, almost makers me gag now. Semolina pudding with lumpy bits, custard, and steamed fish, grey overcooked meat, all served by fat smelly hairy Spanish serving women out of tin trays that looked as if they came from a workshop. Horrendous.

23rd Mar 2014, 06:55

I quite like them :E

Solid Rust Twotter
23rd Mar 2014, 07:15
Apricots, there gods sick joke...

Used to climb the apricot tree as a kid and spend all day up there with my mates. We'd scoff the little critters straight off the branch. The fun bit happened a couple of hours later at home when our guts would produce pebble dash Calcutta Splutter amid hilarious posterior trumpeting.

We were easily amused in them days.:}

Sprouts? Love 'em. Slightly crunchy, bit of butter, salt and loads of white pepper.

Worrals in the wilds
23rd Mar 2014, 09:59
Thinking back to school food, truly vile, almost makers me gag now. Lunch was BYO when I went to school, and still is across Australia. The standard was a bag of vegemite/jam/peanut paste sandwiches, piece of sqashed fruit and a bottle of cordial. Naturally there were no fridges available (and personal cooler bags weren't around) so it all spent four hours roasting inside a school bag in 30 degree heat, which didn't improve the texture. The overriding memory is one of sogginess. Mum experimented with salad but it cooked down into a green sludge. Naive foreign kids from cold countries initially brought chicken or meat, only to bring it back up (with interest) throughout the afternoon :ouch:.

Your description sounds like my university's refec food (which unlike school food was fortunately optional). Monday/Wednesday was brown glug, Tuesday/Thursday was white glug and Friday was yellow glug (marketed as 'curry') which was all the leftover brown/white glug combined and mixed with curry powder :yuk:. The uni had a vet school and we hypothesized that the Senate had found a handy way to get rid of its surplus dead dogs, rats and horses :uhoh:.

23rd Mar 2014, 10:35
Worrals, my school had a canteen, but aside from the copious varieties of fizzy drink and sweets, the only things that remotely resembled food were their pies - with or without sauce. If we wanted sandwiches, we brought them ourselves, or we could go illegally to Mick's fish & chip shop across the road for a zac's worth of chips - with or without vinegar.

Worrals in the wilds
23rd Mar 2014, 10:48
but aside from the copious varieties of fizzy drink and sweets, the only things that remotely resembled food were their pies - with or without sauce.PIES! :ok::ok::ok:
Probably my fondest school memory; a once a fortnight treat from the tuckshop. It was run by volunteer mothers led by one of the few female Army veterans we'd ever met (Education Corps IIRC, but a Malaya vet nonetheless) who had Browyn Bishop hair (for the non-Aussies, a bun and bouffant that looked like it was constructed from concrete and hairspray), a foghorn voice and famously told a teacher to get to the back of the queue and stop trying to push in front of the students :ok:.

23rd Mar 2014, 11:06
Monday/Wednesday was brown glug, Tuesday/Thursday was white glug and Friday was yellow glug (marketed as 'curry') which was all the leftover brown/white glug combinedA company I worked at had a staff canteen which was pretty dire, and most of the food was recycled in this way. I penned a little ditty called 'the life cycle of a cabbage at the xxx canteen' and circulated it to amusement from some and wrath from others.

This also reminds me of a friend who, when asked what Nigerian food was like, answered : "There are three types of food. Brown slime, green slime, and grey slime."

23rd Mar 2014, 11:36
Not being fond of glug of any colour, my daughter turned vegetarian for her entire time at uni, and became a carnivore as soon as she graduated. Apparently, the vegetarian food in college and the refrec was pretty close to edible.

Worrals in the wilds
23rd Mar 2014, 11:52
I could believe that. Many years later I went back as a mature student and found that they now have a Subway, a sushi place and an acceptable sandwich/coffee joint, which are all comparatively cheaper than the House of Glug. All very capitalist but a lot more edible :}. Tempus fugit...:\
A company I worked at had a staff canteen which was pretty dire,At the risk of including aviation content :} I'd invite Brisbane based aviation types to recall the Domestic Terminal Staff Canteen :yuk::yuk::yuk:.

Home of the bacon roll where the rind was still on the rancid bacon.
Home of even scarier glug than the university (they probably used the horses/rats/dogs the uni rejected).
Home of the 'fish' stew that was allegedly made out of eels caught in the local creeks by airside workers and sold to the canteen owner for cash (so I heard, from a good source :suspect:). Likewise the glug, which may have contained traces of Hare and/or Fox. :eek:
Home of a breakfast special so bad that it even poisoned baggage handlers, who are famous for being able to eat and/or drink anything.

It was run by a dodgy bugger who (allegedly) used to bonk his young female helpers on the sandwich-making counter when no-one was watching. I found this out (from another good source) some years after buying sandwiches there. :uhoh: IIRC he did a runner in the end without paying his bills, which was probably a good thing all 'round.

23rd Mar 2014, 21:55
Pork Pie - used love 'em until a butcher client enlightened me as to the contents thereof: "Ear'oles and Ar$$'oles"
Hate any form of game- rabbit, pheasant, partridge, grouse : think I may have lead poisoning from shotgun pellets. The above were all regular mealtime fare at my Grandparents farm : game + pellets.
Jugged Hare: served up for College Dinner one time. I heave just at the thought .:bored:

24th Mar 2014, 05:09
Anything cooked by Jamie Oliver.
Anything cooked by Heston Blumenthal.
Any strong tasting fish or seafood.
Anything cooked using loads of double cream.

Krystal n chips
24th Mar 2014, 06:00
School dinners paled into insignificance when confronted with not one, but two, staple offerings concocted by H.M. Gov't.

The first being spam fritters, deep fried to a delicate shade of brown outside, but, alas, combined with a still soggy batter underneath and now infused, as they say in culinary circles, with fat soaked spam, spam being the predecessor of the other variants of junk food now available.......recycling duly followed.

The other "dish of the day", was the aptly named "s45t on a raft".....suitably congealed and solidified after an extensive period on a servery "hot plate", the dish simply oozed all the appeal of its name.

However, when prepared properly, it's rather nice.

BBC - Food - Recipes : Devilled kidneys (http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/devilled_kidneys_58867)

24th Mar 2014, 13:51
Anything that's been 'drizzled'.

24th Mar 2014, 18:32
Oh yes....Tapioca......a 1950s Prep School staple.....repulsive slimy globules of ersatz frogspawn. Cooked to a tasteless ooze, with usually a sunken part of any portion fused to resemble a repellent nugget of camel snot......as with a couple or three others here Semolina, but with the addition of a thick slop, fashioned from custard powder, and hurriedly prepared to ensure hidden oleaginous lumps and topped with a luke-warm rubbery skin to indicate cooling time....Of course, the upside to British boarding school cuisine in the 'New Elizabethan era' was that Obesity was hard to come by. Actually, a Nigerian Okro preparation I came across just once is worth a mention. A pale slithery cow pat shaped surprise with the consistency of junket. Complete with a small dent in the middle containing a teaspoonful of pale liquid.

tony draper
24th Mar 2014, 18:40
Have to admit to heresy for someone of my generation, a dislike of me Mums milk puddings, Rice, Barley,Tapioca,didn't mind Semolina as much as it was always served with a huge dollop of Strawberry Jam in the center.

wings folded
24th Mar 2014, 18:52
Anything that's been 'drizzled'.

Drizzle, the most depressing meteorological event known to mankind.

If you are going to put olive oil on summat, then pour it or slosh it, but never, ever, drizzle it.

"Freshly ground pepper" Does any one grind their pepper hours ahead of needing it?:confused:

Dak Man
24th Mar 2014, 18:54
Celery, radishes and rice pudding, also that jelly stuff in pork pies.