View Full Version : Don't You Just Hate it When..............

Dak Man
9th Mar 2014, 06:14
.............you're out on the lash, getting Guinnessed up, company eating out of to palm of your hand after your tales of adventure and daring do and you Mrs says, "right time to go home"; I need to grow a set and order another round but then again it's a fekin long walk home and the shed is a cold spot to bed down this time of year in Canuckistan......

9th Mar 2014, 06:39
Never happened to me. She always wakes me up and says it's time to go home when I nod off in the middle of a story or joke.

Flying Serpent
9th Mar 2014, 08:59
You take the missus out with you?

There's your problem....

9th Mar 2014, 09:26
Ah yes, being convinced that people are enjoying your scintillating recollections!