View Full Version : Russians (Moscow cops) or the Met?

7th Mar 2014, 03:52
Sure, good men and women in both, but who would you trust?

Both forces are a disgrace to civilised human beings!

Am I wrong?


7th Mar 2014, 06:46
Nope, you are correct.

7th Mar 2014, 10:11
Miners finish a shift with dirty faces.
Sewerage workers climb out smelling of sh1t.

It's no wonder that some police become contaminated by the lowlife they have to deal with. That's always been the case with every police force - would you know how to prevent it?

7th Mar 2014, 10:49
Guy on Radio 5 last night said that, after he lodged a complaint against the Met he became the centre of harassment and trumped-up charges.
Been there - experienced that (though not with the Met).

barry lloyd
7th Mar 2014, 10:51
I will recount my experience of dealing with the traffic police both in Russia (Moscow region) and the UK:


Stopped several times (it transpired later because they could tell from the registration plate that it was a hire car - something of a novelty in Russia in the early 90s!). They were always polite, found some small problem - windscreen washer not working adequately, dirty number plate (after driving through snow!), you get the picture. Paid the equivalent of a tenner, shook hands and went on our way.


A mate of mine and myself bought a rather used E-type between us. Stopped - for no particular reason - asked where we got the money from to buy it and put the fuel in. They questioned us on the Highway Code, said we wouldn't be charged with anything, but their parting shot was "We'll be watching you."

Was caught doing 35 in a 30 zone and stopped by a motorcycle bobby. A long lecture ensued about the dangers of speeding in a 30 zone. "His parting shot was "Have ever thought what you'd look like on a mortuary slab?"

SMT Member
7th Mar 2014, 11:38
2 recent encounters with the local plod, neither MET or Moscow I hasten to add, has lead me to believe that all cops are, indeed, bastards.

7th Mar 2014, 19:35
How times change.
I got stopped one night at over twice the speed limit at 147 mph and was let off with a warning. "Watch out for sheep on the road or you might hurt a ewe" :)

Romeo Oscar Golf
7th Mar 2014, 19:49
all cops are, indeed, bastards.
Not my son, and I've got the birth certificate to prove it.
However there are probably a few ar**holes out there, who may feel that way about him,:ok:

7th Mar 2014, 20:01
In places such as Russia, one expects that the police might mirror the system and to be corrupt and evil. In the UK, not, and generally this is the case. There have been a few high profile cases which generate massive negative publicity but by and large I think the police do a fantastic job, often dealing with the scum of the earth, under difficult circumstances and for little gratitude.

My dealings with the police, certainly in SA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and a few other countries have always been amicable and positive. That said, the worst I've ever done was a minor traffic infringement, otherwise I've been reporting crime. I hold them in great respect, particularly in the UK.

Sir George Cayley
7th Mar 2014, 20:25
I've not had any dealings with the Police so I can't comment.

However, I'm not entirely comfortable with the thought of having to deal with officers who may not be as straight as I hope.


John Hill
7th Mar 2014, 20:32
I used to sail on a yacht that was owned by an ex-policeman and he would often have some of his old work mates on board for a two or three day cruise.

When the whisky bottle is almost empty and the old cops are talking about the cases they have been on you really don't want to be listening too closely. "Find the guilty bastard then fit the evidence to suit" is not something an innocent person would want to be caught up in.

7th Mar 2014, 22:47
Capetonian: you remind me of when I was stopped by police in a really remote corner of Southern Portugal (near Moura) during the World Cup in Japan/Korea. This was also when the famous Saipan spat between Roy Keane and the Irish ream manager occurred.

When the plod saw my Irish driving licence he asked me to pull over for questioning. Then in fluent English he said "Just one question, do you think Roy Keane will ever play for Ireland gain?". Myself and my son nearly burst ourselves trying not to laugh out loud.

The Portuguese cope really went up in my estimation after that.

7th Mar 2014, 23:20
I'm one of those who sincerely believes that majority of cops in the U.K. (and I know a few) are decent people doing what can be a bloody awful job.

That said, I have seen people stitched up by the law in ways I still find hard to believe.

I live about two miles from where Steven Lawrence was murdered. The locals all knew who murdered him and the corruption revelations of the other day have also been known by everyone. Cliff Norris (gangland father of David Norris) used to run most of the drug dealers around SE London and paid senior coppers off (he was eventually convicted of supplying).

I predict that the name of the Tiger's Head in Chiselhurst may crop up in the forthcoming investigation.....:eek: