View Full Version : This is how to fly - Pelican-cam

7th Mar 2014, 00:52
Best Go Pro video I've seen so far.
Check this out (http://www.slate.com/articles/video/video/2014/03/pelican_flight_video_orphaned_bird_takes_first_flight_in_gop ro_footage.html).

Art Smass
7th Mar 2014, 01:11
Absolutely fantastic stuff - no GPS required to go straight back to the beach either:D

7th Mar 2014, 01:51
He could probably teach those low-flying froggie fast jet pilots a thing or two.

7th Mar 2014, 02:04
I found it interesting that for all the muscle being employed his head barely moves one little bit.

7th Mar 2014, 02:06
Not a bad first flight but not a bad first landing either.

Sometimes big birds makes a real "hash" of it, especially onto dry land.

Great video.

7th Mar 2014, 02:12
Would there be any danger he/she might end up cross eyed looking at the camera!!!!!

7th Mar 2014, 05:44
Nice Selfie !!

They should try fitting it with winglets now to see if it increases their range.

7th Mar 2014, 09:26
Interesting to see how he keeps his pelican noggin level in the bank, but leans his body hard into the turn.
He's probably going to be a hit with the pelican teenage laydees too, with the strange extra large probiscus on top of his bill...;)

7th Mar 2014, 09:27
Not a bad first flight but not a bad first landing either.

Talk about damning with faint praise!

If I'd seen that video after I'd had my first lesson I'd have given up on the spot!

Yamagata ken
7th Mar 2014, 10:56
Pelicans, meh! In Perth there are heaps, and they like to perch on the lights on the Kwinana Freeway, south of the Narrows Bridge. Driving home late-ish one night, a bunch of them took off as I approached. They like to lighten the load at takeoff, so they did. Shitstorm doesn't decribe the white cascade of fish waste that enveloped my car.

I'm not particularly "car proud", but I had to wash it as soon as I got home. And the day after, and the day after that. It took a month to get rid of the stink of fish.