View Full Version : Paralympics - Gone to the dogs!

6th Mar 2014, 18:41
Just had a look at the TV coverage for the Paralympics. Full coverage of the Opening Ceremony and then 30 minutes a day to cover the highlights. All on Channel 4.

Crufts however, gets at least 2 hours coverage a day.

For a Country so steeped in equality/ diversity and inclusion this is somewhat surprising.

I'm sure the athletes will be jubilant that their efforts are seen as less appealing than the ability of a Labradoodle to shake hands with its paw and sit on command.


6th Mar 2014, 18:48
The sad fact is - it's probably a decision made based on the true opinions of most people. Yes, it's fashionable to be seen to wear a Help for heroes wristband, even more fashionable to be seen to shed tears over the death of an unknown. The fact is - most people don't actually give a shit over anything more than what their projected self image is. If that means demanding 2 hours of wheelchair rugby a day then most will think.."sod that..I wanna watch X-factors got stars in their eyes" or somesuch, probably laying flowers at some random roadside shrine as a weird form of penance.

6th Mar 2014, 19:26
There is an obvious answer to this, in the UK at least - we need more paralympic celebrities. That's what the public seem to worship.

Now who is up for knee-capping a few "slebs"?

6th Mar 2014, 23:52
From a Saffer point of view the whole thing is shot to shit... :(


8th Mar 2014, 10:43
Pleased to see that by the default of its inactions the international sporting community supports the annexation of Crimea by Russia.

8th Mar 2014, 11:04
Tend to agree with Wyler. I have thought for a long time now that support for the likes of Help for Heroes,Poppy Appeal, and improving conditions for disability groups has more to do with fashion and self image than any more honourable intentions. Folk who genuinely do things for good intentions don't go looking for public recognition.

9th Mar 2014, 13:27
The darling of the last olympics was a delightful British girl swimmer who was disabled. Anyone remember her name? I can't. The media decided to concentrate on Tom Daley and some other swimmer's nosejob.

9th Mar 2014, 13:35
Ellie Simmonds (http://www.coventryobserver.co.uk/2014/03/09/news-Paralympian-Ellie-Simmonds-unhappy-at-Sports-Centre-closure-98745.html).

9th Mar 2014, 13:43
That's the one! Either the media has abandoned her due to perceived lack of public interest or she has shunned the media to concentrate on her passion. A hard one to call considering how a couple of our other over-hyped "stars" ended up - swallowing insects on Z-list celeb programs etc.

9th Mar 2014, 22:22
Haven't watched nor would be interested in watching any of it. Guess I am in the majority then and the tv companies got it right. And I would rather poke my eye out than watch any of Crufts either, just so we don't jump to any conclusions.

9th Mar 2014, 22:32
probably laying flowers at some random roadside shrine

And what's all that about? Is it me or did that become more prevalent after the death of St Diana? The roads are littered around here with makeshift shrines. It's getting like Mexico. What happened to grieving in private, why do you have to share it with people who don't know you or your lost loved one?

Effluent Man
10th Mar 2014, 09:09
MCDU2 Has probably hit the nail on the head.There are just an awful lot of people who just are not interested,me included.That's not a slur on the disabled because I wasn't interested in the abled either.

I can't help thinking it's entertainment fatigue.The media bombards us with all this crap and it's a numbers game for them.we recently had the BBC endlessly plugging Dr Who.Well,it was ok when you were eleven but in reality even at that age unless you were a kid destined to be sold a timeshare in Tenerife and a pair of slippers with lamps on you knew it was just a few bits of plywood and a sink plunger.Now Dr Who is treated as if it is some sort of event of world importance.Same as Come Dancing,X Factor,The Voice,etc etc.

My guess is that Crufts is very cheap TV,so the fact that maybe a hundred thousand people are interested doesn't matter.I hope this isn't perceived as unkind but does anyone else feel that a lot of Paralympics events are a bit manufactured,and this categorisation (Is that a word? It is now!)of disabilities all comes over as a bit false.How do you compare someone who is blind or has a limb missing with someone who can't spell very well?