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Alloa Akbar
5th Feb 2014, 13:45
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Glasgow Celtic Football Club..

BBC Sport - Celtic: Scottish Premiership club not punished for 'offensive' banner (http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26029657)

Still proclaiming support for a bunch of 1980's terrorists.. Class, real class.


5th Feb 2014, 14:08
I wonder when, as in the future, when the kids of today or tomorrow will see no relevance nor malice towards the opposing 'religion' and Scotland will be left with the normal problems the rest of us have to deal with. :rolleyes:

Me, I'm a Bhuddist.


5th Feb 2014, 14:12
Me, I'm a Bhuddist.

I have no allegiance or interest in religion, but that is the only one I have any regard for.

5th Feb 2014, 16:30
My dad supported Celtic all his life and until recently so did I but no more for me :(

5th Feb 2014, 16:40
"The SPFL found that the banner was offensive and breached the SPFL's rules. However, Celtic FC were able to demonstrate that they had taken all reasonably practicable steps to prevent the banner being displayed at Celtic Park. How the hell do you sneak something as big as that past the turnstiles?

5th Feb 2014, 21:11
SHJ - Yesterday I spent an interesting afternoon at the Philippine Hq of the Budhist Tzu Chi Foundation. I was there to donate money collected for the typhoon victims by the public in my area of Fife Scotland. I am an atheist but was happy to donate to this organisation as the work they are doing in the devastated areas is incredible, To date they have spent 1.5 Billion dollars - they gave paid employment to 8000 workers to clear up the debris thus injecting money into the local economy. The organisation is run almost exclusively by volunteers - no executives with 6 figure salaries and expense accounts. If you wish to support a charity you could do worse than this one in spite of its religious affiliations.They do not promote conversion or their own brand of religion - even the Islamic Republic of Iran allowed them in to the country to build schools- presumably for Muslims!

5th Feb 2014, 21:30
As far as the Celtic issue goes be aware that this is not a Scottish football club - it gets it's support from the ethnic Irish community who appear to owe little allegiance to Scotland. A few years ago I flew as Flt Mech with a chartered 747 carrying Celtic supporters to Paris,they carried plenty of Irish tricolours with not a single Scottish Saltire. The Irish tricolour used to fly over Parkhead I do not know if it still does. The two Glasgow football clubs have done much to keep the festering sore of sectarianism alive and we'll in Scotland.Segregated schooling for Catholic children is not a great help either. If the Protestants,Muslims,Hindus,Buddhists,Jews and other minority groups are happy to educate their children in the same school why not the Catholics? This is written as a committed from childhood atheist.

5th Feb 2014, 21:45
SHJ Although I have just turned 70 my youngest is only 22 so I have a connection to young people in Scotland.My kids are a mix of Scots,Irish Filipino and Chinese and have friends from a broad spectrum of ethnic groups. I am heartened by the young peoples attitudes to race,religion and colour - they could not give a toss.With organised religion dying rapidly and the culture of the young worldwide becoming universal due to the internet and mass media it would appear to me that we have hope that within a generation we will no longer have the problems of previous generations in this respect.The young people today get a lot of stick but they should be praised for the acceptance of diversity that my generation did not have.
May I apologise for the use of the word "diversity" It's a word that conjures up images of PC social workers,but I could not think of another word at short notice. I cannot remember using the word before - perhaps its senility finally setting in!

Ascend Charlie
6th Feb 2014, 03:12
That big "H" in the crowd didn't fool me - there's no way I would land a helicopter under that overhang, and besides, there were too many people around it, somebody might stick their finger in the tail rotor.

6th Feb 2014, 07:24
And, these eejits have a vote in Salmond's referendum whereas I, a Scot resident in England, don't. It's a funny old world.

Alloa Akbar
6th Feb 2014, 09:30
My OP may have been a tad harsh on Celtic as a club, however as pointed out above, by fostering the tricolour as their banner, they are culpable.

I am a Rangers fan, and as such, I was delighted when Rangers got bombed out of the SPL and took much of the stench of bigotry with it. All I pray for now, is that when Rangers return to the top division, some financial misdealing on Celtic's part comes to light, and they suffer the same fate, thus affording the rest of us another 3 years without the re-enactment of the reformation / Battle of the Boyne 4 or 5 times a season.. Its tired, had its day and downright tedious now.

6th Feb 2014, 09:33
Me, I'm a Bhuddist.

Well, fair enough, but are you a Catholic Buddhist or a Proddy one? :}

6th Feb 2014, 11:24
Magnus P - Don't laugh, my wife and her family are Catholic Buddhists They get baptised,married and buried by the church -any important decisions then they go to they temple.Don't ask how they rationalise the 2 faiths I have tried and faled to get any kind of intelligible answer. As they say here - only in da Philippines.