View Full Version : Heathrow's (old) third runway

5th Feb 2014, 10:22
From today's TAF for LHR:

TEMPO 0512/0514 19025G48KT

Bet they wish they'd kept the old R23 in service.

Doors to Automatic
5th Feb 2014, 13:07
It would have certainly come in useful. I remember only ever using it once which was on a similarly windy day in March 1987 (27th I think). Everything was using this runway on that day which meant long delays of around 2 hours - a godsend given that we got stuck in traffic en route and only arrived in T2 5 minutes before scheduled departure time!

When we finally departed, the take-off in an Alitalia DC-9 lasted all of 10 seconds. I also remember seeing a Thai 747 touching down ahead of us and being stopped well before the 27L intersection.

Edit: Climate in Londres / Heathrow Airport in March 1987 - Historical weather records (http://www.tutiempo.net/en/Climate/Londres_Heathrow_Airport/03-1987/37720.htm)

Maximum gust that day was 105km/h or 57kts!

DX Wombat
5th Feb 2014, 13:52
They did the same thing at Yeadon. (EGNM) :(