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4th Feb 2014, 03:07
Most will have probably never heard of him. If curiosity leads anyone to read his book 'Survival Now', this thread will not have been in vain. If you have no belief in the possibility of a new world order, read no further.

JIM CAIRNS (1914-2003)

Jim Cairns embodied the original idealism that established the Labor Party. Too few of its representatives have lived up to the founding ideals and been willing to champion them. Jim Cairns was willing to explore different avenues for enhancing community and to bring about social change for a more equitable world. His early career as a policeman and detective was exemplary, while police corruption seemed as endemic then as it is today. As an academic he inspired his students. As a parliamentarian he tried to use the power structure to change social circumstances, but found barriers in his path at every step, including from within the Labor Party. His anti-war activism ultimately convinced him that power lies in the streets and in the community, and what was needed was widespread attitudinal change through education.

After he left parliament, the Labor Party all but spurned him for his counterculturalism. The Left largely ignored him as a nutty 'lifestyler'. The anarchists and communitarians saw him as an authoritarian, charismatic personality who was unable to put into practice his rhetoric of democratic practice in alternative community. For all that, he was a man of ideas and idealism who encompassed both the social democratic and communitarian traditions. One day, perhaps, his independently published writings will be honestly assessed for their humanity, hope, love and idealism.

The above was extracted from -
James (Jim) Ford Cairns, PhD (1914 - 2003) Antiwar and social change activist, parliamentarian, counter cultural theorist (http://www.takver.com/history/cairns_jim.htm)

4th Feb 2014, 03:52
You don't need to shout- I'm not deaf!

4th Feb 2014, 03:55
if you have 6/24 or better you will maybe see my point

4th Feb 2014, 08:41
Jim Cairns -

1. A failure as a politician and a political leader ...
2. A dreamer, an idealistic left winger, who couldn't distinguish between right and wrong in morality (lying in a Supreme Court questioning as to whether he had ever committed adultery - when he'd been rooting his office assistant Junie Morosi stupid for years, whilst he was still married) ...
3. One of the original hippies, who thought, "Peace, Love and all that stuff" could simply solve all the worlds problems - possibly a view advanced by all the weed he smoked ...
4. His greatest claim to fame was organising Vietnam Moratorium marches, which, although idealistic, only served to bring odium upon us who were serving soldiers in that country ...
5. A man who was sacked as a minister from the Whitlam Govt for "impropriety" ...
6. A man who lied about his part in organising dodgy overseas loans from dubious lenders of shady repute, to try and cover the wilful spendthriftness of the Whitlam Govt - which led directly to the downfall of the Whitlam Govt ...

Sorry - there's nothing that I could see in Jim Cairns record that would make me respect the man. He came from parents of dubious ability - his mother contracted syphilis, and his father ran away from his family, meaning Jim never even knew his useless father. A useless father produced an equally useless son, whose contribution to Australia can be measured up as having little value.
Just my .02c worth - and I endured the Jim Cairns era, both as a business person and as a soldier - and he did nothing of benefit for either occupation.

Takan Inchovit
4th Feb 2014, 08:59
Landmark? ... or Skid-mark?

4th Feb 2014, 14:11

You think that's bad, just consider the lumpies we have in the government in the UK at the moment, the main difference is that they all went to Eton and they speak with posh voices.

Then there's the UKIP where one of their men has just served 7 years for kidnapping.

Of course, we can always change the government to Ed Milliband - Oxford and the LSE.

Professional politicians, they all talk about the 'rights of the working man' but few seem to have ever done any 'real' work themselves.

Rant over.