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3rd Feb 2014, 21:09
Drove from Mt. Belzoni to the NEC yesterday.
About 30 miles of clear M6 carriageway was subject to a 50MPH speed limit, (signs, cones, SPECS Cameras, - the 'full monty'), BUT, no-one actually doing any work.

What the Hell's going on? Are HMG/councils so desperate for revenue?

Russell Gulch
3rd Feb 2014, 21:47
Forgive me, but where is Mt. Belzoni?

(Apart from the place of Donald Fagan fame?)

3rd Feb 2014, 22:15
Zooks, it's called Wombles' Revenge

3rd Feb 2014, 22:32
I remember driving from Cornwall to Scotland one day, and most of the motorways in between seemed to be 50mph limits with no-one working.

Just seems to be the norm for the UK.

DX Wombat
3rd Feb 2014, 22:36
it's called Wombles' Revenge :E :E :E ;)

3rd Feb 2014, 22:58
well spotted. For the purpose of this thread, consider it as being 'oop north', conveniently located in a small chunk of Class D airspace, just east of the old 'Amber One'. :E

4th Feb 2014, 02:12
Same thing on the NSW Hume highway last week, over a distance of about 15 km, down from 110km/k -60 -40-110-60-40-110-60-40-110. Not a shovel-leaner in sight.:ugh:

4th Feb 2014, 02:22
I was going to mention you get a lot of this in Aus but decided not to.
Glad you did. Maybe it's our long roads !

Krystal n chips
4th Feb 2014, 05:06
The Highways Agency have a standard excuse for this phenomenon.....which is that it's easier and safer to work at night as there is less traffic.

Now I appreciate that working on roadworks, or being anywhere near a Motorway for that matter, is decidedly dangerous and nobody would really dispute the need for enforced reduced speeds, safety barriers / cones etc. however, if you employed people to work during the day and the night, this would cost more money would it not ?.....and, the work may get completed earlier as a result. So it stands to reason, at least from the woefully inept H.A's perspective, that only one shift will suffice.

As an organisation, they really are unfit for purpose.

Heading North on the M5 in December just gone.....roadside annunciator signs displaying message "M5 CLOSED...Jnc 3 - Jnc 2"....just one teensy problem with this message.....said annunciator was, erm, located between...Jnc 3 and Jnc 2 with traffic flowing freely.....:ugh:

4th Feb 2014, 05:15
Drove from Mt. Belzoni to the NEC yesterday.

Were you at the Spring Fair? If so, my commiserations. I used to be dragged along there as bag carrier for the missus many moons ago. :*

Lon More
4th Feb 2014, 08:38
The Belgians are masters at this too. 35k of the E40 (Brussel to Oostend) reduced to one carriageway in each direction Looked like 2 blokes and a digger at work

Yamagata ken
4th Feb 2014, 08:51
Japan is a curiosity here. I spend plenty of time on the expressways, but they seem to be able to excavate and re-lay a full lane without recourse to contra-flows. I don't recall seeing one in the 10-odd years I've been here. No speed cameras either. How's the M25 going? Have they finished building it yet?

4th Feb 2014, 09:06
they just keep adding a lane to the M25 every 5 years.. it should reach birmingham just before HS2

4th Feb 2014, 10:12
they just keep adding a lane to the M25 every 5 years.. it should reach birmingham just before HS2 Like that ! :D

4th Feb 2014, 10:15
well-guessed. We just go for the fun of it really. You get about an 8-mile walk around the halls, get to read all the latest marketing bullish1t-buzzwords* and the catwalk shows can be a laugh, (scary ladies :E).
It's fascinating looking at some of the junk that the exhibitors are trying to sell.
Out of about 16 halls this year, about 40% were quality products. The rest straight down the M5 to form the foundations flood-defences in Zomerzet.
It's interesting seeing all these portly sales-reps in suits getting excited about scented candles and bath oil, and solutions to problems that you never knew existed, all coming soon to shops near you.
*'Gifting' seemed to be this year's favourite.

SARF, loving your work.

4th Feb 2014, 23:15
Came anti clock on the M60 'tother night. My exit was J24. On passing J25, the matrix [around the bend] said J24 [email protected]

Alloa Akbar
5th Feb 2014, 07:48
Zooks - I drive down that stretch a couple of times a week.. welcome to my infuriating world my friend :*

5th Feb 2014, 13:55
Were you at the Spring Fair? If so, my commiserations. I used to be dragged along there as bag carrier for the missus many moons ago.

Yes, I was and it took me nearly 2 and a half hours to travel from Biggleswade to the NEC. :mad:ing roadworks!

28th Jul 2014, 14:46
Have the rules changed?

I've noticed an increasing number of drivers towing trailers who use motorway lane 3 without any compunction at all. As far as I understand the motorway driving rules, vehicles towing trailers are not allowed to use that lane at all and are also subject to a 60 mph limit.

Today, on the way to work, I followed one driver of a black Vauxhall Insignia estate, who was towing a large camping trailer with four pedal cycles perched on top. He remained in Lane 3 for over 15 miles, only pulling over once to let a police car with blues and twos go by. As soon as it passed him, he was back in Lane 3. He was driving at up to 80 mph. I wondered what speed his trailer tyres were rated to! He later slowed down as he went to turn off and I noticed he was probably in his mid thirties and had his wife and a couple of kids in there with him. Not a care in the world, one arm resting on the window sill. :hmm:

An ex-colleague of mine, also a member of this forum, told me he was pulled by a police car and given a ticket and three points on his licence for briefly going into the outside lane at roadworks where two motorways merged, whilst towing.

John Hill
28th Jul 2014, 20:34
I know it is customary to bitch and moan about road works and speed restrictions and then bitch and moan about the chipped wind shields.:ooh:

David Bass
28th Jul 2014, 20:55
No, the trailer towing rules haven't changed. What has changed is that there are almost no police motorway patrols now that the Wombles have taken away half of their job.

The copper with the blues and twos was obviously off to somewhere more important. I suppose that if they were held up by the idiot with the Insignia, there is a small chance that he may receive an unwelcome present in the post.

28th Jul 2014, 21:23
ln my home town half the feed into the town centre was coned off last

weekend, Friday through to Monday. Zero work was done. Nothing apart

from putting the cones and signs out.

The occasional police car driver took his place in the queue.

l was sorely tempted to move the stuff to the side of the road.

30th Jul 2014, 15:51
Did a deal with Mrs DType (FType??), that whenever we saw a sign "Speed limit to protect workforce", I would pay her 2 if any workmen were visible, whether working or not. Conversely, if the entire site was deserted, she was to pay me 1.

It would have bankrupted her, if I had ever claimed my winnings.