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3rd Feb 2014, 05:43
Today is the 55th anniversary of the death of Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens.

Captain Dart
3rd Feb 2014, 07:09
Yes. The music industry lost a Bonanza that day.

3rd Feb 2014, 12:21
........but I guess it doesn`t matter any more.

3rd Feb 2014, 15:04
Well, that'll be the day, when you say goodbye
Yes, that'll be the day, when you make me cry
You say you're gonna leave, you know it's a lie
'Cause that'll be the day when I die

On that particular day he was the one who made a lot of others cry. I can't look at a Bonanza without thinking of that crash. Buddy Holly was one of the few artists who made more records that I like than I don't like.

3rd Feb 2014, 16:05
....not fade away.....:ok:

3rd Feb 2014, 17:31
heartbeat - why do you flip then give me a skip beat sign ?

it's called atrial fibrillation

3rd Feb 2014, 20:03
........but I guess it doesn`t matter any more.


First record I ever bought was a Buddy Holly album. Happy times.

3rd Feb 2014, 20:06
Mike Berry 'Tribute To Buddy Holly' - YouTube

3rd Feb 2014, 20:18


I can better understand why BBC banned it. nothing more than condolences