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tony draper
1st Feb 2014, 09:23
Disposable ones what's happened to them?they used to be cheap and sensible even a idiot could use em without suffering third degree burns about the nasal area,the last three I have bought have a short roaring flame that sound like a blow torch and empty themselves after ten lights.
I reckon these new type disposables lighters(sold in all corner shops) are designed for the smokers of crack cocaine and such or that stuff they cook up in a pudding spoon using a lighter before they insert it into themselves.

1st Feb 2014, 10:11


The quality of Cig lighters varies greatly.

A A Gruntpuddock
1st Feb 2014, 10:27
Long time since I saw one, but don't they have flame height adjustment?

I bought my son & daughter USB lighters - seem to work OK unless you get one with a duff battery which won't charge.

1st Feb 2014, 10:28
When I smoked I can remember back in the 80's that they used to give away those Bic disposable lighters.

1st Feb 2014, 10:35
Bic lighters used to have adjustability but no longer on the one's here in Aus.

The cheaper one's do but they are pretty useless. I only buy them to have a couple of spare around the house / car.

A A Gruntpuddock
1st Feb 2014, 10:52
"couple of spare around the house / car" - heard that the cheapos are prone to leak, especially when they get hot, not good in an enclosed space like a car (unless you want the insurance).

Might be safer with a couple of these, but don't forget to charge them every couple of weeks even if they are not used.

Portable USB Electronic Flameless Cigarette Cigar Lighter Rechargeable | eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Portable-USB-Electronic-Flameless-Cigarette-Cigar-Lighter-Rechargeable-/390669184908?pt=UK_Collectables_Tobacciana_Smoking_LE&var=&hash=item5af5b2af8c)

1st Feb 2014, 11:00
Agree, that is a good point I have had one leak in the past (as in all the liquid evaporated). This current lot are good, I bought one to see how it went and
then purchased some more.

I do make sure I only "fly" on commercial aircraft with good "Bic" lighters,
just in case !

1st Feb 2014, 13:38
Here ya go Tony. The weak point with Zippos is the hinge, but the company will replace the hinge for free.


sea oxen
1st Feb 2014, 13:52
I have a couple of Du Ponts. I just checked one of them, and I know the date it was last used - 31/12/2012. It sparked up first time - that gas has been in there since April 2012.

They are very prone to scratching and theft, though, so 'Bull' brand (5 for a pound from less posh shops) does the trick, piezoelectric, flame size adjusts from an indoor fag to a crack pipe in a hurricane and they run for about a month for 20 mainly outdoor cigarettes. They have a refill nozzle as well.

1st Feb 2014, 14:39
I reckon Poppell lighters are the best of the cheapies:-

1) Piezo ignition (no flint to replace or flint-wheel to rasp your thumb)
2) Translucent body to view liquid gas level
3) Adjustable flame height
4) Refillable
5) Slim and light weight
6) 1 or less

1st Feb 2014, 16:01
For some unfathomable security fantasy CATSA, the Canadian security theatrical company, has imbargoed refillable propane lighters:confused:

The trainee was very proud of himself:rolleyes:

For me, a piezoelectric adjustable lighter is for firestarting in the boonies should I suddenly find myself stuck there.

They only cost $1

2nd Feb 2014, 07:07
The best ones are those child-proof ones - that only children can operate.

2nd Feb 2014, 10:08
Got a 5 y/o bic that is used infrequently that sat in the car for a couple of years now sits on a shelf - still doing the job since I purchased it from a convenience store in a dodgy suburb in Melbourne for $2. Says "Made in France" :eek:.

I've noticed the new ones with the see-through case seem to magnify the volume of the liquid which is probably why they run out so quickly.

cockney steve
2nd Feb 2014, 12:15
WAAAAY back, UK imposed a flat rate tax on lighters IIRC, it was ~4/6 (45P)

This meant the cheapest refillable was the Colibri Clipper (still available)1.05
Disposables were 99P...thus the UK match industry was protected against price-advantage........match-tax dropped and suddenly a wholeraft of dubious -quality imports hit the shops.

Yes, Bic, Clipper,Poppell, Sim among others , have all been going years.

With the cheap disposables, one has to ask how you can expect that amount of material to be manufactured and shipped halfway round the world, Import/warehouse/Customs/distributor's profits and you expect any sort of quality-control on an item that RETAILS at 33p?????
They're probably less than 15P ex-factory!

2nd Feb 2014, 14:15
Being a smoker I use all kinds of ignition devices. Still the best disposable is the old full-sized "Bic" lighter, the smaller ones as good but with far fewer lights in them. The cheap disposables are always a 'maybe' lighter so you'd better have more than one if you're counting on them.

Are the cheap lighters unsafe? Maybe; their build quality isn't what it once was and I've found new ones empty or partially so. I've found some that were full yesterday but empty today. And there was one than darn near killed me years ago.

I had a beater car with a leaky windshield, driving in winter on a busy four-lane divided highway in heavy traffic when the rain began to fall heavily. On wipers and once again I was silently berating myself about the steady drip on my leg and how cold it felt- I should have patched it long ago but I hadn't. And now there's a drip on my shirt pocket because that's getting cold there too. Um, wait a second- my shirt pocket is far back from that leaky windshield. I check for drips visually and with my left hand and there are none near my pocket- nor is it wet. And what's that 'hissing' sound that's growing? My other brain cell finally kicked in and I realized my cheap lighter was leaking in my pocket, and if one spark from my lit cigarette happened....

As my right hand retrieved the leaky lighter my left was cranking the window down. I didn't care where the car went- I might survive that wreck but an explosion on my chest was going to be fatal. From the right lane to almost in the median with horns blaring all round and the other drivers dodging me I finally got rid of the thing and got back to my driving. It was many years before I bought anything but a Bic after that. I still prefer them but sometimes I buy the cheapies when dollars are tight, though I still don't trust them. I now stow those safely and I'm always ready to emulate a baseball pitcher's fastball, but this time I think I'll stop the car first :E

Loose rivets
2nd Feb 2014, 16:29
I'd like to have seen that if you'd been flying final approach in a large passenger aircraft. :\

2nd Feb 2014, 20:16
Trivia corner:
Back in the days of bank passbooks, a bloke, OAP if I remember correctly, defrauded one of the banks by making deposit entries in his passbook and stamping them with the bottom of his Bic lighter, which, if slightly smudged and not examined too closely, resembled the stamp put there by the teller. He got away with it for quite a while before someone look a bit more closely.

2nd Feb 2014, 20:28
Interesting Hydro!, I remember those oval shaped stamps in pass books...

2nd Feb 2014, 20:33
So do I !!!

For the extra $1 I might just stick with Bic's as the cheap one's when I do end up using them don't have much of a flame/

A A Gruntpuddock
2nd Feb 2014, 21:00
Why do you need a flame?

The USB lighters are just the same as car cigarette lighters except they run off an internal 5V battery.

Can be recharged from a USB port or a 5V USB charger (mains or car) and less of a hazard than a fuel-based lighter.

Bought two for my kids at just over 2 each and they both liked them.

One lighter would not hold a charge for more than a couple of days so bought a fancier replacement for about 2.50 and that worked OK.

2nd Feb 2014, 21:05
"Why do you need a flame?"

It's a heap easier to light a gum leaf with a flame than a coil of wire that is glowing red and needs you to blow on it to get it hot enough to spontaneously combust.

Or in a possible emergency melt wax from a candle.

How do you recharge a 5V USB in the middle of nowhere if you don't have
a solar charger to do it ?

One or two Bic lighters are easy to carry, don't leak and almost unbreakable.

2nd Feb 2014, 21:07
Every Zippo fuel lighter I have ever had the fuel evaporated.
Game up trying to use them.

2nd Feb 2014, 21:13
You want a zippo if you are settled into your lifetime routine - sitting on the porch, with a quart of fluid and a couple dozen flints, nothing you have to do but collect your retirement checks. That chrome and steel, cotton batting, flint and wheel will never fail you.

But if you're on the go and need a light when you want it, you need a five-pack of BICS, and when you break open the 5th one, five more. I figure a BIC is good for six months of reliable fire.

2nd Feb 2014, 21:14
Australia, full of gum trees which are full of eucalypt oil, to light a fire just grab a gum leaf, stick a flame to it and woosh, you have a fire. Works even when wet.

Unlike in the UK where when it is wet / pissing with rain you need to find somehting like a Silver Birch tree and peel off some bark to light a fire.

2nd Feb 2014, 23:18
500N - I know smokes are getting horribly expensive, but it's time you gave up on trying to smoke gum leaves to save money. :)