View Full Version : Prune advertising really intrusive now!

31st Jan 2014, 20:28
iPad, adverts across the bottom of the screen over the forum itself plus banner ads that kick you into the App Store to the app that's being advertised. :ugh:

Anyone know of an ad block that works with Safari on the iPad or Chrome?

31st Jan 2014, 20:39

Go to the Military forum, a thread on there about problems with adverts, ipads, apples, apps etc.

The "senior mod ??? (have never seen him post before) has joined in and
is trying to work out what the problem is and fix a few issues, including
the advertising.

31st Jan 2014, 20:41
Thanks 500 will head over.

31st Jan 2014, 20:41
A direct link to the thread for you.


31st Jan 2014, 22:28
Not exactly what you're after but might be worth looking at AdBlock for iOS - Must Have App for iOS 7 - for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download.com (http://download.cnet.com/AdBlock-for-iOS-Must-Have-App-for-iOS-7-for-iPhone-iPad-and-iPod-Touch/3000-2124_4-75824358.html)

I've been using the FireFox/PaleMoon plugin for a couple of years and it does exactly what it says on the tin, no adverts here.

31st Jan 2014, 22:35
I almost exclusively use the pprune app these days. Doesn't have all the functionality of the main site, but zero advertising.