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Mark in CA
31st Jan 2014, 14:32
Nor sure if this is the right forum for this, so moderator please move as appropriate:


The visible action in “Charlie Victor Romeo,” a new 3-D film adaptation of a stage play first performed in 1999, consists of unfamiliar actors in familiar uniforms reciting verbatim dialogue from official transcripts. Directed by Robert Berger, Patrick Daniels and Karlyn Michelson, it is a curious hybrid of documentary and experimental theater. It is also one of the most terrifying movies I have ever seen.

This is because the spoken words are drawn from the cockpit voice recorders of doomed airline flights, the devices usually referred to as “black boxes” in news articles about plane crashes. (The film’s title refers to the aviation industry jargon for the recorders.) The final moments of six emergencies are re-enacted, after which a note on the screen dryly provides the cause of the accident and the number of survivors.

31st Jan 2014, 16:19
I've always found it bad enough reading the transcripts, not sure I'd want to watch them read out with appropriate acting.

However, perhaps it will be popular among those who flock to the scene of gruesome accidents.

31st Jan 2014, 17:42
not sure I'd want to watch them read out with appropriate acting.

To be sure the voice inflections in the acting never seem to match the actual CVR.

I'm not sure an actor can ever get this right without being in the actual situation.

31st Jan 2014, 17:56
Bravo! Wonderful, creative, avant-garde etc, that will set the theatre crowds clucking approvingly.

Yet to choose such a theme in such a way as to ignore the back stories of those involved (mostly unknowable), then it just becomes a rather morbid and dark affair. Maybe a few people from the FAA and NTSB will find the spectacle enlightening ?


31st Jan 2014, 17:59
A live version of shows like "Air Crash Investigation" on the National Geographic Channel?

I don't know what a live performance can bring to this.