View Full Version : The Great Flood

29th Jan 2014, 22:12
While this may get put in the hamster wheel, I am not surprised by the response of the E.M. All the interviews are full of procrastination, even when he is face to face with the floodee's. (sp?) In that area, which is at, or below sea level, I have no sympathy for those people in 'new builds' on the FLOOD PLAIN. However, most of the area is farming area. Muchelney, in the news alot at the moment, means 'the increasingly great island' in the Doomsday book. Ergo, the area is known to flood.
And now the Army is being readied to deploy. Would not 42 Commando be more useful?
While this is a local (west country) problem, is it in other areas of the UK as well?