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28th Jan 2014, 08:49
He wrote or co-wrote If I Had a Hammer, Turn, Turn, Turn, Where Have All the Flowers Gone and Kisses Sweeter Than Wine. He lent his voice against Hitler and nuclear power. A cheerful warrior, he typically delivered his broadsides with an affable air and his banjo strapped on.


He passed away yesterday.

Pete Seeger.

28th Jan 2014, 08:58
Where Have All The Flowers Gone? Pete Seeger - YouTube
One of many great songs he penned and sang.

28th Jan 2014, 09:36
Perhaps worth noting that Pete was drafted in WWII and trained as an aircraft mechanic before the Army shifted him to entertaining the troops. His first child was born, and died at 6 months, without Pete ever having seen him.

Left Coaster
28th Jan 2014, 10:06
"Little boxes on the hillside, and they're all made out of tickytacky…" Sums up the great American Dream don't it? RIP Pete…you were one of the best at telling the real truth!

28th Jan 2014, 10:12
Pete Seeger (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Seeger).

(94 years is a fair innings.)

Pete Seeger died in New York City on January 27, 2014, of natural causes.

28th Jan 2014, 11:04
"Little Boxes" was a hit for Pete Seeger, but it was written by Malvina Reynolds.

28th Jan 2014, 13:52
His agitprop vis a vis El Salvador in the 80's was the most ill-informed crap to come out of his mouth that I ever saw, but at least he was consistent. Being a real live, and unapologetic, member of the American Communist party, it was rational for him to support his fellow travelers from an ideological perspective. Given his decades long support of the labor movement in general (I recall at an early age his song "Union Miners", ... "keep your hand upon the dollar, and your eye upon the scale" ), his general approach from the view of "the underdog" was also consistent. (There was some talk that he "borrowed" from Woody Guthrie now and again, but he and Arlo seem to have made peace about that long since).

He made his mark.

Left Coaster
28th Jan 2014, 15:11
Yup…with apologies to Ms. Reynolds…he sang it well though! (and actually I never said he wrote it, but hey, it's Pete!)

28th Jan 2014, 15:15
He had a wonderful voice. Unfortunately he occasionally used it to talk with.

After an excellent landing etc...

Krystal n chips
28th Jan 2014, 17:19
Great musician / singer and writer.....but don't expect any fulsome praise from the cousins and /or the right wing brigade....he was one of those damned bleeding heart liberals ......the music, the lyrics and the sentiments linger on however.....:ok:

28th Jan 2014, 19:16
Great singer, shitty politics. Pity one can't ask Solomon Linda (http://performingsongwriter.com/lion-sleeps-tonight/) his opinion of Mr. Seeger.

29th Jan 2014, 06:38
I grew up in Westport, Connecticut, which was lousy with old "linkies" who adored Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Che, Fidel... the whole lot.

The music, some of it, was okay, but the politics was not to my taste. The politics came out of an old American set of beliefs about the "bosses" versus the "workers," when Stalin and his Soviet Union were seen as peace-loving and pro-worker. Then those old beliefs survived such things as Kruschev's speech detailing the crimes of Stalin, Fidel's Che shooting all those folks, and a lot of other stuff; our Left could be just as blind to reality as our Right.

There was no question of going to live in Soviet Russia or Cuba, or for the other side, to live in Franco's Spain, but it was perfectly okay to sing "Guantanamera" and suggest a trip to Cuba to cut sugar cane as a member of the Venceremos Brigade. That was our version of going to Spain to fight in the International Brigade, I guess.

One version of "cool" was to wear blue jeans, a blue chambray work shirt, and to have a harmonica wrapped in a red bandanna in a hip pocket. Of course, one had to swap that for Brooks Brothers when going to Longshore with Mummy and Daddy, but in one's heart one was still one with the workers.

There was a rock 'n' roll version of Pete: Dean Reed, the "Red Elvis." His history is worth a look, especially the part about his death in an accident after he may have upset the East German Stasi. That made it seem as if he may have got a little too close to the totalitarian system he chose to serve. Pete, he just flew in to do his concert in East Berlin and then flew back out again.

29th Jan 2014, 08:37
He was half brother to Peggy Seeger, who lived much of her life in the UK and was married to Ewan MacColl. Never heard Pete sing live, but did his sister with Ewan on a few occasions. Too many good people moving on. RIP Pete.

Who here hasn't heard "Met my love by the gasworks wall, dreamed a dream by the old canal".