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26th Jan 2014, 21:21
Having read through some of the threads on this and other forums (fori?), it would appear that the instances of religous differences/societal breakdowns/general antagonism to your neighbour is increasing. With technology reaching new heights almost weekly, the world should be a better place but it obviously has more than a few problems to deal with.

So I guess the question I'm asking is, are we heading for a new "Dark age"? Will we shortly find that the advances that we as a race have developed on one hand will shortly be engulfed in the violence which takes us back to hrowing rocks at each other?

Or can we blame the "meedja" for bringing everything to our living rooms/computers/mobile devices in glorious colour 24 hours a day making it appear that the world is coming to an end on a daily basis? In their thirst for better ratings and more coverage turning us into horror junkies ?


26th Jan 2014, 21:58
Watch The World's End and let Simon Pegg demonstrate the truth of The Network to you.

26th Jan 2014, 22:06
If there is a new Dark Age, it will be economics which causes it. All the other reasons you suggest will be the cause of the 'score-settlings' to follow.

p.s.Latin plural of forum is fora

p.p.s. You can blame yourself for turning the bloody idiot box on, or even for owning one, not the bloody meeja.

26th Jan 2014, 22:45
Yes we heading for it.

Technology will bring it as World according to Google and others will be what sets standards for information.

Anything contrary to that is blasphemy to be crushed, books will be seen as outdated and anybody holding them will be seen as "revolutionary" and will required to be crushed for having anti thoughts.

Lets face it why has Google got Military robots under development and it has photos of the whole earth.

Expect an unleashing of mayhem before they use their own mechanism for restoring order and making people "safe" so you give up everything for the greater good.

Nervous SLF
26th Jan 2014, 23:12
I used to think that getting older was a curse but now I am increasingly thinking that I am now pleased that I won't be around
by the time these sorts of developments are fully implemented.

26th Jan 2014, 23:31

My thanks for correcting my Latin, also I tend to avoid the idiot box, having embraced the digital media. Most of the fora I read are unrelated to the "news" media, they are normally a collection of individuals who share a common background. However some of them obviously do watch the idiot box!


I believe you are correct, as with any regime change there will be a period of :adjustment" where there will be a setling of differences whilst the new order is bedding down. In the past these things have had a significant death toll, I don't believe the next will be any different

26th Jan 2014, 23:40
Are you a Dilbert, or an Alice?


and as for the Google threat


27th Jan 2014, 02:23
Hmmm... My dog is smart but I don't think she's quite mastered the use of the computer.

The cat on the other hand...

27th Jan 2014, 04:45

27th Jan 2014, 05:08
Unlike stupid dogs, cats don't need a human to pull the trigger...



blue up
27th Jan 2014, 09:06

Shhhhh! I can see Milo coming.

Lon More
27th Jan 2014, 10:37
I can see Milo coming.

You have my deepest sympathy. I'd rather poke my eyes out than watch that.

I believe he's banned. Haven't seen anything from him for a while.

27th Jan 2014, 18:15
And a great quiet settles on the land...

For military, industrial, research & mfg purposes in medical, biological, chemical, electronic, material science, aviation, construction, computing, farming, & many other highly developed arts & sciences, a lot of the key information about how to accomplish the latest & best results in those fields of knowledge application is concealed, obscured, locked-up and unavailable to all but a few key persons. The arcaneries of electronc information technology, storage, encryption, etc., plus the endless levels of interconnectivity and interdependency of facts and meanings and data that all must come together quite precisely to yield the optimal end result of our latest and best sciences, materials, methods and technlogies are such that a very large proportion of everything we (humanity collectively) know about building, maintaining, and operating the modern world could be destroyed and lost in a single generation's span of extreme adverse circumstances on Earth. Most "modern" things now possible and achievable by concerted human effort could simply cease to be retrievable for use by the surviving inheritors of this present era, if, for example, "normal" commerce and generational information transfer within our industrial populations were simply suspended for one or two or three generations by war, disease, weather or similar adversities having pervasive global effect.

27th Jan 2014, 18:22


27th Jan 2014, 18:32
It's worth noting that most productive Romans were better off in the 'Dark Ages' than they were under Roman rule. By the end of the Roman Empire, taxes were so high to pay for 'bread and circuses' for the unproductive that farmers were prohibited from abandoning their farms, on pain of death if they were caught.

Any comparison to the present day is left to the reader.

27th Jan 2014, 18:39
Shades of Roman Empire when people have become too soft and games around to keep the people "interested" rather than being productive.

Those that are productive are required to work to keep those unproductive in the life they have become used to.

History just repeating itself.

27th Jan 2014, 20:09
Shhhhh! I can see Milo coming.

He stopped posting, as did several other prolific posters all in the same weeks, which I found very strange in a statistical odds sort of way. Perhaps they sensed that the goose had been cooked ?


Lon More
27th Jan 2014, 21:34
He stopped posting, as did several other prolific posters all in the same weeks,

One person, mutiple personae?

28th Jan 2014, 04:02
Possibly, but these very well known posters were ostensibly different real people. It was just unusual that they all gave up around the same time...


28th Jan 2014, 07:01
Possibly, but these very well known posters were ostensibly different real people. It was just unusual that they all gave up around the same time...

Perhaps a tranche of migrating angels that just inclined to fly on... que sa?

28th Jan 2014, 09:36
Perhaps a tranche of migrating angels that just inclined to fly on... que sa?

Perhaps mr arcniz, perhaps.....Who really knows what happens during this dream we call life.


Takan Inchovit
28th Jan 2014, 09:50
And here's me thinking it was Milo and Otis you were talking about.