View Full Version : Boeing KC-137 for sale?

26th Jan 2014, 15:08
1980 Boeing 707 KC-137 for sale. Is this for real???

1980 Boeing 707 (KC-137) for Sale on AirplaneMart.com (http://www.airplanemart.com/aircraft-for-sale/Freighter-Cargo/1980-Boeing-707-KC-137/8244/)

26th Jan 2014, 16:01
Guess so, it belongs to the Brazilian Military, they can do what they want with it.

Must say it would look good in the back garden/yard. :p

26th Jan 2014, 19:57
Must say it would look good in the back garden/yard.

If you have the size of garden that a KC-137 would fit in, it would look good with or without the aircraft !

The 30 slope in front of my house down to the next road has about 40 cork oaks on it. I thought how nice that would look with a tall concrete pillar rising up among the cork oaks with some kind of retired jet fighter bolted on top, in a nose up turn, wheels down. This was vetoed by Mrs OFSO, which saved me the trouble of submitting a planning app to my local council who would also have rejected it.

Would have been mounted something like the 747 at Speyer:


tony draper
26th Jan 2014, 20:06
Probably be snapped up by the Chemtrail sprayers.:rolleyes:

26th Jan 2014, 22:16
What an aircraft!

They certainly don't build'em like that any more. One of the last "real airplanes".

Buster Hyman
26th Jan 2014, 22:25
John Travolta might buy it for parts...

27th Jan 2014, 10:29
John Travolta's body is made by Boeing ? That would explain the interest in Scientology....