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26th Jan 2014, 04:31
I recently posted a New Thread regarding the alleged bomb that a teenager had tried to take on board an aircraft in Edmonton, Canada, but it was moved to the Passengers and Self Loading Freight Forum, where it is now still posted, and attracted some comments.

But ........ some time ago I was banned from that Forum for making some comment about Bugis St. in Singapore, experienced in the 60's and 70's

So ....... I'm banned from the Forum so I can't now participate in the discussion that I started and which is still posted there !!

OK for the Mods, but not me ?

Double Standards, or is it a case of do what I say, not what I do ?

26th Jan 2014, 04:40
No sympathy at all. Should have known better than post abut Bougis and Lavender Streets in Singers. :D

26th Jan 2014, 05:49
I am in exactly the same position with a couple of threads I started that were then moved. Was also banned from SLF forum for daring to disagree with someone, long ago. Have asked to be reinstated several times but they don't even deign to reply.

26th Jan 2014, 06:16
For my interest ExSp, which forum was it moved from?

26th Jan 2014, 07:47
For my interest ExSp, which forum was it moved from?

Wholigan, thank you, please see your P.M.