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25th Jan 2014, 20:36
Anyone thats been in a light aircraft with equipment thats sensitive to that annoying buzzing from mobile phones will be familiar with trying to reach for it to switch it off.

What i have noticed is that when the only two phones i have owned were PAYG sim card they never interfered with the radio.

Now with a TalkTalk deal sim card and its driving me nuts as this interference is every few seconds. Yes i know i should switch it off, but why is it constantly communicating with the base stations, when on PAYG its all quiet?

I can no longer smuggly sit there saying "who's left their phone on?" when its me :O

25th Jan 2014, 20:40
I don't think it matters who your SIM is with or what contract you're on. The burping is the mating call of the telephone; if the signal is poor, it will do it more often.

25th Jan 2014, 21:07
I have a PAYG card, and have noticed that it seems to communicate right on the hour - as the pips come on the radio, so comes the burp on the phone.

25th Jan 2014, 22:28
Might be just me, but I found that when I was on O2 my phone would interfere with the intercom, now that I'm with Orange it doesn't.

The difference may be that O2 and Vodafone are on 900MHz, whilst Orange and T Mobile use 1800MHz. It could be that avionics is just less susceptible to the higher frequency transmissions from the 1800MHz phones, and a lot of PAYG phones seem to use the 1800MHz networks.

26th Jan 2014, 03:59
A smart phone is going to be a lot more talkative than an older phone that was only useful for phone calls and text messages.

26th Jan 2014, 13:14
VP959 has it right. The cheaper phone networks often use the older lower-frequency technologies which are still in place. As they become obsolete, the problems will go away on their own, only to be replaced by different ones which we may not yet see. Welcome to modern life and may all your problems solve themselves just as easily :cool:

26th Jan 2014, 13:21
The NSA are onto you by using triangulation (later strangulation) techniques.

My phone went on a manic burp-ing frenzy for years after I inadvertantly got caught up in this The Athens Affair - IEEE Spectrum (http://spectrum.ieee.org/telecom/security/the-athens-affair)

Lon More
26th Jan 2014, 14:28
beware of Greeks bearing mobile phones

26th Jan 2014, 20:43
That must be it then went from T-Mobile to TalkTalk.