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14th May 2002, 17:41
AIC 34/1997 (Pink 141) explains the ILS coverage in azimuth & elevation for the UK. http://www.ais.org.uk/uk_aip/pdf/aic/4P141.PDF

I'm trying to find the same information for European countries under JAROPS but have drawn a blank on their site. Can anyone help ?

15th May 2002, 13:49

The UK AIC simply reiterates the ICAO standards for ILS, its not UK specific. All countries ILS should conform to the coverage standards contained in ICAO Annex 10 Attachment C figures C-7 through C-12, which are those shown in the AIC with a couple of others for good measure.

Annex 10 is the bible for ground based radionav systems, as opposed to JAR-OPS which is really an airframers/airlines doc. You can get a copy from the CAA library at Gatwick or you can purchase it online from Westward Digital.


15th May 2002, 23:52
Scallywag, I wondered about that too. Thanks for info gnss.

17th May 2002, 10:27
gnss thank you for the reply, that's tidied that one up for me. And next time I promise to read the first line of the aic more carefully. Cheers, Scally