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24th Jan 2014, 11:58
Two things annoy me to no end with Lufthansa.

1 st. whennever i get a TCAS traffic warning it is either LH, Swiss, or Air France setting it off because they dont give the first **** about controlling their vertical rates. LH being the top player here.

2 nd. Why t f...k can those LH guys NOT stick to standard ICAO radio procedures ?

How difficult is it ? Message THEN Callsing even if you are so bloody better than everyone esle in the sky. And while we are on the subject :

the word "die" (dee in english) is NOT part of your bloody Callsign !

please LH jockeys, can you at least PRETEND to be professionals ?

Lord Spandex Masher
24th Jan 2014, 12:07
...unt if you dooon't you vill be shot.

24th Jan 2014, 12:13
Mitzi! Mitzi!

24th Jan 2014, 12:53
Ve know how to make you talk, no?

Seriously though, blameless, first stone, throwing, savvy?

24th Jan 2014, 14:42
Dad's Army - Don't Tell Him Pike - YouTube

24th Jan 2014, 15:13
Generally speaking, and from the perspective of the logical German mind, most technical things executed by our Teutonic bretheren seem to be of a good to great standard. One has always found Lufthansa to provide great service when flying with them and safe.

However, from those in seats 0a and 0b the Teutonic mentality of 'Vorfahrtsrecht' might be frustrating, for if ze Germans feel that they have the permission to be where they are, then any ancillary thought towards others will be minimal, nothing personal you understand ;) The Swiss are also a bit like this and Les Francaises, well driving in France will set you straight :}


24th Jan 2014, 16:02
THEY will ask the questions!

24th Jan 2014, 19:53
for if ze Germans feel that they have the permission to be where they are

And where they used to be in the 1980's was smokers on the right and non-smokers on the left - at least in the 727's and 737's between FFaM and CdG. As non-smoking frequent fliers in those days we wrote to Lufthansa pointing out that the airflow inside a passenger aircraft isn't from port to starboard. Lufthansa wrote back explaining that having smokers at the rear and non-smokers at the front would "unbalance the aircraft". We wrote back pointing out that every other airline managed to deal with that situation. Answer came there none. A couple of years later they changed - and seemingly didn't suffer any subsequent imbalance.

Loose rivets
24th Jan 2014, 20:05
What were they saying . . . non-smokers are inherently heavier than smokers? Zat is veeeeeery interesting. What do you think, Mr D?

24th Jan 2014, 20:43
Let Us F**k The Hostesses And Not Say Anything

2 sheds
24th Jan 2014, 20:46
How difficult is it ? Message THEN Callsing even if you are so bloody better than everyone esle in the sky.

What point, exactly, are you making?

2 s

Pinky the pilot
25th Jan 2014, 05:51
Heston; A post worthy of Slasher!:D

Although I suspect he'd say a few words about it afterwards.:E

25th Jan 2014, 07:21
As a longhaul pax last week - the seats were copied from ones used by the spanish inquisition, and the a/c is full of krauts with the attitude described by SHJ above.

Never again.

25th Jan 2014, 08:03
It's funny, ze Germans LOVE the quirkiness of the British way of life (well what's left of it!), yet the other way round the love seems to be missing and it's little wonder when the 'join the dots' mentality way of doing things grates on the less constrained anglo way of achieving tasks. When it comes to executing large projects (cough, cough except the new Berlin airport cough, cough) the Germans are brilliant, conceived, financed, planned, constructed and finished. A sort of straight line. The Anglo way is a two steps forward one step back, bodge, arguments, progress, standstill and eeeeevvvveeeentually it gets completed over budget and having turned all concerned's hair somewhat whiter than before :hmm: And yet when it comes to free form creativity the anglo way is streets ahead of the leaden teutonic methods. If one is expecting flexible thinking in attitude, then one will be mostly disappointed.


G&T ice n slice
25th Jan 2014, 08:32
free form creativity

I dunno, think of all those appliances that used to be available from British manufacturers where the design mentality seemed stuck in the 1920'2/1930's or the postwar "utility" era. The German products worked better and were more pleasing to the eye because the german engineers would determine the best way for the appliance to work and then the design department would work magic to make the end product look good.

The British manufacturers are no longer with us, the German manufacturers still going strong (although assembly may be in Turkey...)

25th Jan 2014, 08:57
A former boss of mine had previously worked on the joint MRCA (Tornado) development project back in the early 70s. He found the Germans' efficiency impressive, the Italians' less so.

One particular Italian officer was notorious for holding up meetings with frequent interruptions and spurious objections. On one occasion, after the usual bout of shouting and hand waving, a very long in the tooth German officer leant over and whispered wearily in my boss's ear:

"You think this is bad? You should try fighting a war with them."

25th Jan 2014, 09:20
I used to do quite a bit of work with Lufthansa. They were always incredibly polite, respectful, and of course, punctual at meetings.

The problem was that if I said something which anyone disagreed, there would be a frown, rustling of papers, a hand would go up, and it would be : "Vun moment plees................ Ja, on 13th. January 1984 at 1245, venn ve vere in a meeting in room 452, you said .............."
Then a few moments later, after the necessary record checking had taken place, the hand would go up again and I would hear :
"I am sorry, it vas at 1249 and it vas in room 455 ........."

They were great to work with, just a bit demanding. When I was in Germany I found them incredibly hospitable and generous, something that has always struck me about Germans, even from my childhood times spent in that country which I remember with fondness.

What made me laugh though was that whilst they always told me to use their Christian names and 'dutzen' (use the familiar form of 'you' if I spoke to them in German) between themselves, even where they had worked together for years, it was always : "Herr Schmidt" and "Frau Dorfmann" and of course the 'Sie' form.

I also remember being stopped for speeding near Koblenz, in the middle of the night, in an old English jalopy. When I pretended not to understand the difference between mph, and kph, the office pointed out the smaller kph figures on the speedometer. I then had to pay the instant fine, in GBP travellers cheques. He radioed HQ, got the exchange rate, and gave me my change in DEM. Incredible.

Years ago a I wrote a few bits comparing different nationalities ...... as part of a longer story.

About the Germans I wrote :

To a German the concept of 'Vorfahrtsrecht' meant only one thing : "I have priority at all times and under all circumstances because my car is more expensive than yours." Such rights were established and enforced strictly, all German motorists being obliged to carry, under threat of severe penalties, a copy of the latest price list of cars, instantly available to resolve any dispute over priority.

The chiefs of four major companies decided to meet in Frankfurt .............

The host, Klaus von Punktlichkeit und Ordnung, had to break for lunch at 11.45 precisely, returning at 12.44. ...........................................at 15.59 a beeping sound was heard from the German's wrist. At 15.59 and 59 seconds he informed them that his working day was over, and he walked out.

The next round of discussions was scheduled to take place by telephone conference, as the physical bringing together of people from 4 cities had proved so difficult. The time was agreed upon, and the parties began attempting to call each other up. The call was scheduled for 1200, and at 1159 and 50 seconds the German established a connection to a number in France, but gave up after waiting 4 minutes and 38 seconds.

Another meeting now had to take place. The Swede suggested the North Pole, but the German pointed out that this could be confusing as there are really two North Poles, true and magnetic. The Spaniard, with typical Spanish hospitality, generosity, and charm, offered to host the meeting in Madrid. The fact that when, on the due date, his colleagues arrived at Madrid airport to find that they were unable to get into town because the buses and taxis were on strike, is irrelevant. So also is the fact that Pedro had forgotten about the meeting ...................... the German attempted to contact Berlin for further orders.

25th Jan 2014, 09:34

25th Jan 2014, 11:16

Oh they're efficient alright don't worry about that. Very efficient at moving large numbers of people from one place to another, one way and very cheaply.

25th Jan 2014, 11:29
You mentioned the war. I'm not sure if you got away with it!

25th Jan 2014, 13:42
And yet when it comes to free form creativity the anglo way is streets ahead of the leaden teutonic methods

During my long spell in Germany most of the successful local firms had British in the design department and Germans in production.

The car manufacturer up at Russelsheim had ALL English designers, for example, and so did a well known floor-tiling firm.

25th Jan 2014, 13:59
Oh they're efficient alright don't worry about that. Very efficient at moving large numbers of people from one place to another, one way and very cheaply.

Even if meant with tongue in cheek, it would be nice if Germany might be remembered in a more positive light some 70 years after the atrocities committed in and around WW2. I have had my own issues with them, so don't regard myself as a fanboy, but to ignore the many vorschritte that that country has provided to the world, yes even those by the evil National Socialist Party under whose diktats the Autobahn was born, as was Volkswagen, and way too many advances in most of the fields of industry and commerce that have benefitted mankind since.

As most who have spent any time amongst the people of Germany, it is a suprise as to how hospitable and easy going in private that many of them are. Outside of the structure of school, business, etc the tendency is to be more warm than they might be given credit for. Wherever one travels in the world, no matter how remote, you'll almost always find one or more Germans amongst the foreigners travelling, there seems to be a desire for many of them to see and experience other ways of life and/or culture.


25th Jan 2014, 15:20
Now now SHJ, I'm sure the average German can see things for what they are, dear I say it..even with a sense of humour..which in Germany...is certainly no laughing matter...

25th Jan 2014, 15:26
Language problems?


25th Jan 2014, 15:45
Henning Wehn - Edinburgh and Beyond - YouTube



25th Jan 2014, 20:22
it would be nice if Germany might be remembered in a more positive light some 70 years after the atrocities committed in and around WW2

We are not remembering that, Jack, we are remembering the atrocities committed with the sunbeds round the hotel swimming pool, the bar.....