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Loose rivets
22nd Jan 2014, 22:15
. . . eventually.

It just goes to show that if data can be sent that fast, our entire concept of reality must be put into question. Films, often detailed and highly descriptive segments of people's lives, sent to Ipswich in a tiny fraction of a second.

- enough to send 44 uncompressed HD films a second.

I'm sure we're going to wake up in the Matrix. Hmmm . . . if we do, I'm going to ask for my money back.:*

BBC News - 'Fastest ever' broadband passes speed test (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-25840502)

22nd Jan 2014, 22:35

More people can send more BS electronically to more places on the internet at the same time.

As if there isn't enough stupidity tearing about the ether in electronic data packages now, there is the prospect of a greater volume of rubbish moving about.

Progress? :confused:

23rd Jan 2014, 00:23
Will it eliminate PPRuNe database error?

23rd Jan 2014, 00:30
" Will it eliminate PPRuNe database error?"

I doubt it, that's a database / admin thing which
I must admit I haven't seen for a while.

23rd Jan 2014, 00:59
The spammers and scammers will be rejoicing at this news, with vastly increased "market penetration" speeds and volumes, being the stuff of their wildest dreams. :eek:

23rd Jan 2014, 01:51
Capetonian is going to get really busy.

Buster Hyman
23rd Jan 2014, 02:43
All a part of Grumpy Cat's cunning plan for world domination...

23rd Jan 2014, 12:24
I figured out that if you keep multiplying two numbers 44 million times together you can send 44 uncompressed HD films a second down the wire.

I'm just have trouble picking the numbers that produce the ending I want.

23rd Jan 2014, 13:03
I must admit I haven't seen for a while.

Just had one this morning. Or maybe it was just my laptop playing up.

23rd Jan 2014, 13:54

I must admit I haven't seen for a while

Funny thing.... I had that about half an hour after you posted the above.

Wireless router at home failed a year ago. Instead of trouble shooting went looking for WiFi availability. Found two. Free public access. No idea how fast they are, they work well and are free thus saving about $40 a month.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
23rd Jan 2014, 14:13
Did you notice something about that article? It trumpeted the higher speed, but didn't even begin to explain how it was achieved. But isn't that the way today? lots of hype, and no explanation as to what is 'inside the box'.

I went to a presentation by BT of their 'Infinity' fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) offering which is coming here in the next couple of months. I was met by a smooth salesy type whose first words were "I'm not technical of course". I swallowed the temptation to say "well you're no ******* good to me then, are you?"

All he could tell me was less than I already knew. using such language as "it's great! Your broadband will get a great big welly up in speed".

"But only as far as the cabinet, 1/2 a mile away down the road. After that it's back to the old copper pair", I retorted.

"Ah but the big welly up in speed pushes it faster down the last bit!" he enthused. He couldn't tell me how this would happen. Or why I might need to change my router, since I'd still be getting broadband over copper, the fibre bit exchange-to-cabinet being 'invisible' to me at home.

I left the hall disappointed, then I espied a BT van in the car park with demo equipment in it (a fibre cabinet linked to the old copper one). And best of all, a guy who actually knew what he was talking about. I spent about half an hour with him, and he was very informative.

After speaking to him I understood that the fibre-to-the-cabinet would be installed in parallel with, not replacing, the copper exchange-to-cabinet network, and that I could carry on using my broadband exactly as I do today, with copper all the way from chez SSD to the exchange. When the fibre was commissioned I would have an option - carry on as now, or change to FTTC via my ISP. Changing would mean I'd need a new router as the copper line from the cabinet to chez SSD would have to change from ADSL to VDSL (a higher speed technology). Voice comms between house and exchange would continue to use the all-copper link to the exchange for reliability reasons.

"So you are going to support 2 networks, a copper one and a fibre one, to the cabinet. Why not ditch the copper and run voice traffic over VOIP on the fibre?"

"Because we have a duty to provide a simple reliable voice connection principally for emergency calls, and the old copper network isn't dependent on mains power and processors as is the fibre one. So it's more reliable."

I came away with a thorough understanding of what the FTTC offering was all about, and what all the options were, and how the technology would fit into the existing infrastructure, and why my home router would need to be changed if I were to take advantage of FTTC.

Smarmy smiley salesy guy in the presentation didn't know any of that. He was by his own admission 'non technical'.

Why do these people assume we have the intellect of a bedside table and therefore put up useless presenters like 'smiley' while keeping the knowledgeable guy in the background (incidentally the knowledgeable guy was an ex-engineer hence he understood and could explain the technology in as much depth as one wanted to go, and could to it with excellent communication skills).

Why do they assume, and pander to, ignorance? That article is a good example!

23rd Jan 2014, 15:32
Loose, from the link, " enough to send 44 uncompressed HD films a second." Imagine ones HD just over heating and blowing up! Even flash memory in ones lappy/pc could not cope recording that deluge of download data. For data copying at this speed we need a technology to save the data. Our bog standard lappys/pcs could not cope.

Having said that, maybe Skype and other person to person video communication might benefit of this.

23rd Jan 2014, 16:07
t just goes to show that if data can be sent that fast, our entire concept of reality must be put into question.

Shannon Limit (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shannon%E2%80%93Hartley_theorem)

cockney steve
23rd Jan 2014, 19:49
No. 3 child worked at an ISP, he was their "abuse-Dept", filtering out spam and catching viruses and informing customers with infected 'puters to get them cleaned or be blacklisted and disconnected.
The young , expanding company had surplus capacity, so sunny boy had a "Pipe" straight to his desktop...a full length film could be downloaded in seconds, whereas the average Broadband user was expecting ~an hour. that was over 10 years ago!

23rd Jan 2014, 23:14
After that it's back to the old copper pair", I retorted.

Fibre, ha, if they could support the bandwidth needed to reliably give the copper into my house at half the bandwidth its capable of I would be happy.

24th Jan 2014, 07:16
. . . our entire concept of reality must be put into question.It's probably a question of probability. Probably. . . :suspect:

24th Jan 2014, 09:35
In Maun on most WIFI systems you are lucky to get 4 mbs/hr. Same for Orange link through smart phone. Just had an insurance form through (1.5 mbs) it took 20 mins. Yesterday an idiot sent me a 11.5 mb attachment. I managed to delete it from my server.

But at least we do have Internet thank goodness.

24th Jan 2014, 10:49
I was met by a smooth salesy type whose first words were "I'm not technical of course". I swallowed the temptation to say "well you're no ******* good to me then, are you?"

And I am called a "[email protected]" because I say such things instead of keeping my mouth shut :ugh:

IMHO you should have spoken up- no, not to be a smart-alec but simply to expose the truth. The truth hurts only those who need to feel hurt to learn- they are the lesser people of this world who can not or will not learn any other way and in exposing it (and them) you make sure that all those within hearing are not going to be misled either. You're doing people a service exposing stupidity and a disservice when you don't.

Some people are fit only for a career in sales and there's a place foir them in this world- Kirby vacuum cleaners and Mary Kay cosmetics come to mind :} That is their realm and they should stay in it, just as I stay within the realm of my own competence.

Everyone should make it a point to always expose stupidity when you find it, otherwise it proliferates like rabbits and adversely affects everyone and everything. If you want to be nice about it, you can omit the "*******" part, but at the very least stop tolerating stupidity because sooner or later they will begin to have an adverse effect on YOU :eek:

Windy Militant
24th Jan 2014, 15:19
It's the new version of Internet using Tachyons! Honest. ;)
The IT Crowd - Series 3 - Episode 4: The Internet - YouTube

24th Jan 2014, 15:50
If anyone is interested in an insight into what is ACTUALLY happening in the UK with the government's scheme I recommend following Ian Grant's pages on 'Br0kenTeleph0n3'.