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21st Jan 2014, 21:23
Well - I mean - would you???

Cos I wouldn't - with yours!!

Victim describes Chantelle McCluney from Harpurhey, who lured man into honeytrap for threesome, as evil - Manchester Evening News (http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/victim-describes-chantelle-mccluney-harpurhey-6535906)

And NO!

We aren't all like that up north! :suspect:

21st Jan 2014, 21:27
Not much honey in the honeytrap for my liking. I wonder if 'we' as people have become more immoral and emboldened to act out the weird corners of our thoughts since the internet started or were 'we' always so ?


21st Jan 2014, 21:27
If that's honey then it's no wonder bees are in decline.

21st Jan 2014, 21:33
No I wouldn't.

And if I was ever subjected to that type of humiliating behavior the lives of those three wouldn't be worth living once I caught up with them, unless they liked feeding through a straw put there by someone else but while having a fully functional brain.

21st Jan 2014, 22:32
Almost afraid to open that link from my computer at work.

That said, reminded of the story where this guy was at the pub one evening and spots a nice looking lady in her mid forties. After chatting her up and a number a drinks she asks if he fancied a Mother-Daughter threesome. He figures "why not, that sounds great."

They go back to her place, she opens the door, they go in and she shouts out "Mum, I'm home."

Nervous SLF
21st Jan 2014, 22:36
Here is a charming soul from down south:-


Blasted filter just replace the ****'s with blog spot without the space of course

Krystal n chips
22nd Jan 2014, 05:18
Oh please !....it was in Harpurhey after all !

Had this taken place in Wilmslow or Prestbury or Bowden the matter would have been described as "they engaged in a ménage-a-trois interspersed with erotic interludes from "50 Shades of Grey" "......and all would have been perfectly acceptable now wouldn't it ? ......;)

That and the fact the M.E.N would have been unable to compose a story containing any of the above terms anyway.....

Alloa Akbar
22nd Jan 2014, 07:57
Honeytrap? More like Bulldog chewing a wasp!!

22nd Jan 2014, 08:03
I've done worse :(

Admittedly after a few too many Spingo's

22nd Jan 2014, 08:22
When you see big, fat, loud-mouthed slags, with a load of kids trailing behind them, you realise that some blokes will [email protected] anything with a pulse!

22nd Jan 2014, 08:29

Who said they need to have a pulse ;)

Rigor can make it hard though !

22nd Jan 2014, 08:52
Holy bejesus WTF was the clown thinking?!?!?

As a poster who I have not seen in a long time once said -

"Looks as though she was set alight and put out with a bike chain" :\

Serves the f*#ker right if he was married with kids though :=

Oddly enough it backs up an early post of mine in another thread about violence in the UK...here too...


Yes I know the UK doesn't have a monopoly on violent crime.....just few popping up in quick succession!

Lee Rigby's killers too, though without doubt Maniacal Muslim murders....they sure would have seem some reckless violence before....

22nd Jan 2014, 11:32
You know Cactus.....I think I once knew where you were coming from......and I think perhaps I still do.....but not from that far away :eek:


22nd Jan 2014, 13:41
Sorry, TBF, you don't seem to be getting much support for your appreciation of the ginger minger. If only we had a real authority like Slasher to give us the definitive opinion. Sigh. :p

22nd Jan 2014, 13:57
There is not enough beer on this planet.

22nd Jan 2014, 14:10
handsfree, if you've drunk enough to want to, drink more so you can't. :p

22nd Jan 2014, 14:30
Sometimes 'brewer's droop' can be a blessing...so I'm told!;)

Curious Pax
22nd Jan 2014, 14:43
While not underplaying this woman's crime, it's interesting that the Evening News picked the least flattering photo they could find to illustrate the report. Since then they have also published this report which has another photo in it - while she's not exactly drop-dead gorgeous she appears better in the other photo: Chantell McCluney apologises to man lured into threesome before being brutally beaten - Manchester Evening News (http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/chantell-mccluney-apologises-man-lured-6531910)

Classic demonstration of the papers manipulating things.....

22nd Jan 2014, 14:46
Down from a twelve pinter to eight perhaps:eek:!

22nd Jan 2014, 16:06
She of course gets off with suspended sentence as she under the influences of someone else..........................same old :mad: where female of the species acts like a mere innocent instead of the harlot she is.

23rd Jan 2014, 04:46
Down from a twelve pinter to eight perhaps

There's always the bag ratings:

1 bag - over her (or his, let's not make assumptions) head
2 bag - second over your head in case the first one falls off
3 bag - put over the dog's head to stop it howling.