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21st Jan 2014, 17:08
http:// http://news.sky.com/story/1198269/motorway-pub-opens-despite the opposition ( http://news.sky.com/story/1198269/motorway-pub-opens-despite-opposition)

What a ridiculous fuss. This is excellent. A far more relaxing place to rest for an hour than a self service restaurant. There are pubs on main roads what is the difference? There are bars at airports but the jet drivers don't drink, well most don't!

Krystal n chips
21st Jan 2014, 17:45
You could argue that those cretins who are going to drink and drive will do irrespective of the location and source of the alcohol.....however, whilst say leaving a Motorway to get to a pub is one thing, it also requires a certain amount of inconvenience.

Arriving at a Services with no inconvenience as the pub is already in-situ offers far more temptation, likewise for say somebody who has had the proverbial bad day / argument etc and thinks "sod it, i'll just have a quick one".....

I know you can buy alcohol in some Services shops, and "Little Chef" started selling alcohol at least as far back as 1998, possibly earlier, and I know that on mainland Europe, drink has always been available ( fond memories of stopping at Recklinhausen in this, purely pax capacity ) but the UK drinking culture is rather different as we know.

Offering the cretins an enhanced opportunity therefore, is not really a good idea.

21st Jan 2014, 18:17
Really can't see what the fuss is about. Most cars have passengers who may well fancy a drink.

21st Jan 2014, 18:30
Nor me. The fact is you can take drink with you in the car, you can pull off the Motorway to a village inn, and I would guess that you are no more or less likely to stop at this establishment than any others. If you want to stop the appalling waste of life, ban the car, not the booze.

21st Jan 2014, 18:45
If a Tosser wants to get into a car after a load of alcohol then he or she will do it irrespective of its location......least in Motorway area a person in pub who sees someone heading for a car can notify police and let them handle it.

Lon More
21st Jan 2014, 20:35
Before the motorways, the A roads were lined with pubs. Going back a couple of centuries all the Coaching inns were basically derinking houses.

Motorway service areas on the Continent all serve alcohol AFAIK. Never felt the need to get hammered whilst I'm driving. Nust be a British thing.

21st Jan 2014, 20:53
Never felt the need to get hammered whilst I'm driving. Nust be a British thing.

Genetics, culture, age, occupation and economic status, diet and general health combine with the diverse actions of internal enzymes, digestive microbiota and bloodstream immune-response agents to play some part in each person's need, desire and style for consuming alcohol and their day-to-day ability to do so without a loss of control causing seriously negative attendant consequences.

21st Jan 2014, 21:21
I would like to think that drivers would be responsible enough not to drink, and on that basis the pub could and should be there to serve the non-drivers. Sadly, with the British attitude to drink being what it is, I am afraid that putting temptation in their way is not smart.
Perhaps a compulsory breath test for all drivers who leave the pub would be a solution, but sadly that takes the country a step closer to the 'nanny state' that we all dread and despise.
The other option is to have a pub that only serves non-alcoholic drinks but that also seems daft.

21st Jan 2014, 21:39
In New Zealand it isn't actually illegal to drink whilst driving - not that I would argue the point if stopped by a roadside patrol ! - it's only illegal to be driving under the influence of alcohol.

NZ is considering lowering the alcohol level, but they could make it zero and it wouldn't affect the hoons who take no notice of the present limit anyway, it would target the wrong people, i.e. those who drink sensibly.

21st Jan 2014, 23:33

22nd Jan 2014, 04:25
Never felt the need to get hammered whilst I'm driving. Nust be a British thing.
So, are you not British then LM?

22nd Jan 2014, 06:36
Oh, come on now. Who with any modicum of common sense and taste is going to pull into a motorway service station to go to a pub. Can you imagine what it will be like? What there won't be is: A log fire exuding a warm welcome; A few locals discussing philosophy at the bar; friendly dogs nuzzling your crotch; good well-cooked locally-sourced food.

I shan't be calling in.

22nd Jan 2014, 07:06
Probably a place best avoided when there's a footie match on at Wembley...

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22nd Jan 2014, 07:14
friendly dogs nuzzling your crotch

A few of the service stations I've pulled into on the continent seemed to offer this 'service' in the Truck/Lorry area of the car park :}


22nd Jan 2014, 07:17
Does it have a drive-thru window or takeaway service?

22nd Jan 2014, 08:52
The BBC which majored on this story yesterday seem totally oblivious to the fact that alcohol is freely on sale at motorway services in all the mainland european countries that I drive through. These same countries also have a much lower limit for alcohol in the blood than we do in UK.

Any European seeing the story from outside the UK must wonder what all the fuss is about.

Despite it being available, I never feel the urge to buy it, as I'm driving, and the two don't mix. Doesn't stop my passenger doing so, though, should they feel so inclined.

22nd Jan 2014, 09:07
There have been ale houses at the side of roads since the brew was invented. Anyone determined enough to drink and drive will find outlets, regardless of their location.

22nd Jan 2014, 09:53
A motorway service station is the modern day equivalent of a coaching inn. Imagine the fuss if you could NOT get your tankard of ale at one of those in the past :eek:

22nd Jan 2014, 10:10
I have just made a quick search for confirmation that the UK government has removed the Department for Transport ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol on motorway service areas, without success. This may be simply due to my own incompetence, but I presume that the owners of the first pub on the M40 would not have gone ahead with their £1M investment, had this long-standing prohibition not been officially removed.

I was aware that the Home Office had included the possibility of this action, in an alcohol strategy study, but have missed any positive conclusion on this specific point. Anyone else able to come up with a link confirming that our government now approves of motorway pubs?

22nd Jan 2014, 10:21
Motorway service areas on the Continent all serve alcohol AFAIK. Never felt the need to get hammered whilst I'm driving. Nust be a British thing.

The BBC which majored on this story yesterday seem totally oblivious to the fact that alcohol is freely on sale at motorway services in all the mainland european countries that I drive through.

Not in Switzerland though.

22nd Jan 2014, 10:45
In Australia,you can go to a drive through bottle shop and the nice man will load your car up with as much booze as you like.


22nd Jan 2014, 11:32

Motorway service areas were traditionally on land owned by the Highways Agency, and these still have a ban on alcohol in place. The new ones are privately owned and not subject to the prohibition. There's an article on the licensing arrangements at the following link.
Clarification regarding the sale of alcohol at Motorway Service Areas (MSAs) in light of the JD Wetherspoon announcement - BII (http://www.bii.org/news/980)

22nd Jan 2014, 12:00
I remember the hysterical rubbish that was spouted when petrol stations started selling alcohol, there would be death and carnage on every road in the country, it never happened of course.

22nd Jan 2014, 12:08
Many thanks Magnus, that's exactly what I was looking for! It seems that the "privately-owned" situation is regarded as a legal loophole by the licensing trade. Although the possibility that the majority of MSA's still owned by the Highways Agency might remove the ban was mentioned in the Alcohol Strategy study by the Home Office, there is no decision yet. Although there was no suggestion in the study documents that the majority ban might even be extended to the small number of private sites, to close this loophole, I suppose it is not totally impossible. That would rather pull the rug out from under the group of opportunists!

22nd Jan 2014, 13:37
TWT, I have fond memories of the drive-through bottleos in Australia. When my brother and family came out to visit us, we all trooped over to Port Macquarie for a seaside break. Most lunchtimes, it was drive-through for a bottle of bubbles for the ladies and a few beers for the gents, then drive-through for a BBQ chook or two with fries and coleslaw. Happy days.

BTW, I like the Wolf Blass display . . . . :ok:

22nd Jan 2014, 16:23
I realise that many of the many bons viveurs and gourmets who inhabit JB might not agree, but I've always found Wetherspoons a very good place to go for a quick, cheap and very acceptable meal. They certainly don't do haute cuisine, but they nevertheless offer very good value.

The same could most certainly not be said of 95% of current motorway services, who serve overpriced and mainly inedible food as they milk their monopoly position. Anything that gives them a jolt and makes them compete a bit and up their game must be a good thing.

22nd Jan 2014, 16:28

"BTW, I like the Wolf Blass display . . . . http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/thumbs.gif"

We are blessed here in Aus with many Germans who came out and
set up large areas of vinyards, mainly in south Aus like the Barossa

And of course other cultures did the same.

Plenty of good and very good cheap wine, especially now that Casks
have gone :O

22nd Jan 2014, 17:16
I remember the hysterical rubbish that was spouted when petrol stations started selling alcohol, there would be death and carnage on every road in the country, it never happened of course.

Yes it did, it was just the same as the years before..........

22nd Jan 2014, 20:03
Long hot summer's day drive thru Spain and up into France some years ago in car without a/c so driven with all windows open. 34º in the shade.

After four hour's drive, pulled into roadside bar (if you want to know, it was at Bagnols-sur Céze) ordered two "Grandes". The litre of beer didn't even touch the sides as it went down. Two members of the gendamerie at a nearby table, also enjoying a glass of the frothy fluid, smiled at my relief and called out "Salut !"

If not in all respects, in some ways France can be a very civilized country.

Italy also. Service stations on the autostrada sell (or used to) wines of the region, by the bottle or glass. Catalunia too, and beer. And Germany used to as well. However as has been said, the British (or perhaps just the English, I don't know) do have problems understanding "moderate" alcohol consumption.

22nd Jan 2014, 20:07
"The litre of beer didn't even touch the sides as it went down."

So you then continued driving after this ?

Don't they have drink driving laws ?

22nd Jan 2014, 20:26
problems understanding "moderate" alcohol consumption

Yes, we must remember that essentially beer is a "food". In some countries a beer at lunch, even supplied in the company canteen, is a normal part of the meal. Dead civilized that is, certain occupations omitted of course.

Pappa Smurf
22nd Jan 2014, 22:50
Billabong roadhouse used to catch me out.Drop in to say g/day,then realise had to many,but luckily most times accommodation was available.
Was a very popular place then,but may have changed.Around 6pm at night there would be 20 roadtrains parked outside.
With zero alcohol for truckies these days ,would make it hard.

23rd Jan 2014, 00:00
How long before we see these
Zurich opens drive-in 'sex boxes' | Society | theguardian.com (http://www.theguardian.com/society/2013/aug/26/zurich-drive-in-garages-prostitutes)
on the M25?

23rd Jan 2014, 00:06
Where is "Billabong roadhouse" ?

Conargo Pub (NSW) is another one, only 3 ways to go and the coppers
can easily stop anyone on all the roads as no way cross country.

Pappa Smurf
23rd Jan 2014, 21:50
Billabong Roadhouse,between Geraldton and Carnarvan,not far from Overlander Roadhouse which is the turn off for a visit to Monkey Mia.

24th Jan 2014, 09:33
re Zurich "sexboxes"

but the sex workers ... will have a panic button and access to on-site social workers trained to look after them

Do I get to use the button and see the social workers if the "lady" I choose turns out to be not all that (s)he appears to be?


24th Jan 2014, 09:52
TTN I am out of touch with the UK however the only Weatherspoons I have been in was about 12 years ago. It was the nearest pub to rather elite country house hotel where I was working as a consultant, B&B included but not dinner. It was a tad different to the lavish (and terribly expensive) dining room at the hotel but most acceptable.

Of course I then had to drive back!

Tink I got the spelli wong.

24th Jan 2014, 10:06
if the "lady" I choose turns out to be not all that (s)he appears to be? ... or if 'she' turns out to have unexpected parts where none should exist!

24th Jan 2014, 11:08
. . . and remember, if your cheque bounces, it's technically rape.

24th Jan 2014, 12:16
In our very civilised province of Ontario you can only buy beer in a government store or a licensed corporate store owned by the brewers. There is a move now to allow convenience and grocery stores to sell the stuff. Opponents fear that allowing more easy access to beer will turn us into roaring drunks (which we all are).

24th Jan 2014, 13:10
So you then continued driving after this ?


Don't they have drink driving laws ?


* Worried about driving after one litre of beer followed by a large meal ? Hey this is FRANCE, for heavens sake. The gendamarie stop you in the afternoon and ask "did you consume any wine with your lunch ?" - you answer "no" and you'll be breathalysed for sure.

True story: acquaintance of mine goes to have her medical exam so she can get her walking-in-the-mountains permit. Doctor asks "do you drink ?" She replied, "only one, maximum two glasses of wine a day with my lunch". She looked over to what he was writing - being canny she can read upside-down writing - to see him carefully noting on the form: "DOES NOT CONSUME ALCOHOL".

24th Jan 2014, 13:22
All these reports are crap anyway. The pub is not on a motorway. You have to exit the motorway to get to the services which are technically on the Windsor Road, which is the A355 (IIRC).

Thus it's the virtually the same as many pubs near motorways.

24th Jan 2014, 23:02
The argument is that you could be encouraging DDving.

From memory, the "M&S" at the M6 Knutsford Services sell loads on screw top bottles of vino. Excellent as it is, are they any diferent from Weatherspoons? One rule for the Pinot drnkers, another rule for the Pissheads who can only afford to drink at Weatherspoons.

25th Jan 2014, 08:15
Never felt the need to get hammered whilst I'm driving. Nust be a British thing.
So, are you not British then LM? Well Lon More? Since it "[M]ust be a British thing" and you have never felt the need, are you saying that you are not British, and do not hold a British passport? :confused:

26th Jan 2014, 10:27
Oh dear Lon More, looks like you've been rumbled me old fella :ok: Fancy slagging off your fellow Brits from the safety of your cloggie Bridge Street, shame on you :=

MadMark!!! :mad:

DX Wombat
26th Jan 2014, 16:06
The pub management could always do what I found most of the out of town OzPubs did - offer free coffee for the drivers frequenting the establishment.
I don't drink but I find pubs a nicer option than service stations especially on a long trip and use this website to find suitable places to stop. Doggie Pubs (http://www.doggiepubs.org.uk/index.php?48=on#listing)

28th Jan 2014, 09:02
If you prohibited everything which could be misused by a small minority of the population, then we would soon be taking away a lot of useful items from the majority.

28th Jan 2014, 09:22
Yes Mr angry, can you imagine the sort of world where pilots are not allowed to take a bottle of water and a yoghurt or two onto their plane?

It'll never happen!! :eek:

28th Jan 2014, 10:24
or leathermans.....