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21st Jan 2014, 14:51
Hope I am allowed to post this here as its for a good cause.

A mate of mine is walking the length of Britain, Backwards!

He is doing this for Macmillan Cancer Support and Help our Wounded Royal Marines and Supporting Arms.

If you would like to know more his facebook page is InReverse (https://www.facebook.com/pages/In-Reverse/198648143652587)

There is also a website www.inreverse.co.uk (http://www.inreverse.co.uk)

Donations are extremely appreciated as are facebook likes and shares.

21st Jan 2014, 14:58
Will do. Is it for Christmas (older readers will understand)?

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Loose rivets
21st Jan 2014, 15:09
Mmm . . . while I applaud his motives, I would argue it's not the wisest thing to do. My pals and I once walked backwards for a mile. It affected our visual circuits for some time - not to mention the coordination of our pins. I can't imagine what walking the length of the nation would do to the brain's inner workings. Well, that's the problem. I can.:\

21st Jan 2014, 15:13
Well he is walking the distance twice. He is as we speak on a treadmill doing 1664km backwards just prior to doing the walk for real.:eek:

Dak Man
21st Jan 2014, 15:47
Having done same trip for similar charity - forwards on a bicycle, he has my admiration.

Loose rivets
21st Jan 2014, 15:47
Well, at least the treadmill will not upset his visual circuitry.

21st Jan 2014, 19:04
Has he had some lessons from Michael Jackson.

21st Jan 2014, 20:56
Never understood the concept of performing meaningless acts for charity. I am no more or less inclined to donate based on an odd act performed by someone I don't know. Of course, there are many facets of human psychology I don't understand! :hmm:

21st Jan 2014, 22:37
This kind of thing is what makes the human race what it is - there is always someone doing something completely off the wall for reasons he - or she finds logical. The rest of us just scratch our heads but as long as there are individuals like this there is hope for humanity. Good luck with the enterprise.

Captain Dart
22nd Jan 2014, 03:36
Spike Milligan's masterpiece, sung in a high nasal voice with piano accompaniment:

'I'm walking backwards for Christ-mas
Across the Irish Sea,
I'm walking backwards for Christmas,
It's the only thing for me.

'I tried walking sideways, and walking to the front,
But people would look at me and say,
"It's just a publicity stunt".
I'm walking backwards for Christ-mas,
To prove my love for yoooo- ou.'

Loose rivets
22nd Jan 2014, 08:26
His voice has a piano accompaniment? :confused:

Never understood the concept of performing meaningless acts for charity

Well, when a local bloke comes into the pub and says he's just cycled from John o'Growats, even I find it hard to resist giving him a tenner.

I do resist it, but I find it hard.:}