View Full Version : The Doobie Bowl

20th Jan 2014, 21:53
Upon walking into work this morning, the Marijuana references were rife and the punning relentless about the upcoming superbowl to played between two teams hailing from hotbeds of legal weed.

There was a rumor that the respective governors would be wagering a pound of their respective state's best chronic, that the kickoff was to be changed to 4:20, that hookahs rather than O2 would be available at the sidelines and that the toss would be decided with a lid rather than a coin.

I suspect some of the wags here could do better.

20th Jan 2014, 22:41
I've also heard it called the 'Stoner Bowl'.

There were fears that with all the marijuana smoke in the stadium, it would effect the referees' judgment, but after some consideration, it was decided that it would not make a bit of difference. :p

20th Jan 2014, 22:46
On the up side, the field will not be artifical turf but real grass.