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Nervous SLF
19th Jan 2014, 01:16
No their beer was not being kept cold whilst they did their cyber attack.

Hackers have used a refrigerator to send spam emails in the first proven cyber attack of its kind.
Internet-connected home appliances were infected by a large "botnet" over a two-week period from December 23, according
to California security firm Proofpoint.
It said hackers managed to penetrate home-networking routers, connected multi-media centres, televisions and at least one
refrigerator to create a platform to deliver malicious spam or phishing emails.
The firm said the case "has significant security implications for device owners and enterprise targets" because of massive
growth expected in the use of smart and connected devices, from clothing to appliances.

Refrigerator Used By Hackers In Cyber Attack (http://news.sky.com/story/1197015/refrigerator-used-by-hackers-in-cyber-attack)

Takan Inchovit
19th Jan 2014, 01:19
Phish lasts longer in the fridge.

19th Jan 2014, 02:03
Cool ! jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

19th Jan 2014, 02:43
Yep, like that scenario wasn't thought about in advance, we just have to have our fancy toys:ugh:

19th Jan 2014, 02:48
Chill out! There's no fear of this becoming a major whitegoods scam! Everyone knows that Spam has to be refrigerated, once opened! :) :D :ok:

19th Jan 2014, 15:31
In the spirit of onetrack :ok:

Extract from www.mineisbiggerbettermoreexpensivethanyours-forums.com/intelligent_inter-connected_devices/532251-worst-thing-your-fridge-has-done-to-you.html (a forum) ca. 2015:

Thread title: "What's the worst thing your fridge has done to you?!"

Domestic Dominatrix Alpha: My **** (note from mods: don't cite brand names in posts which leaving the forum owner or yourself laible to libelous/defamatory procedures) intelligent fridge/freezer recently "re-ordered" the identical "saved shopping-list" from W-A-I-T-R-O-S-E twice in one week. Lucky it was stuff I like, but GRRRR...!

[Knightsbridge Ace 1]: That's nothing. I regularly shop at Harrods when at home, leaving the **** (note from mods: don't cite brand names in posts which leaving the forum owner or yourself laible to libelous/defamatory procedures) fridge "to it". We also regularly have Harrods ship orders out to us where we're holidaying 6-8 times annually. Gstaad, the Maldives, West Indies, Monaco etc. But the "bloody fridge" somehow managed to get Harrods to ship 2 x 500g. of Beluga, a case of KRUG Grande Cuvée, 1kg of Perigord black truffle and 2 whole wild Scottish smoked salmon to an obscure address in the suburbs of Moscow. It's not the money so much... :mad:

[Major DOM]: Have either of you checked for software updates (or even enabled "automatic updates" on these appliances? Most intelligent appliances are well-protected against bacteria attacks, but viruses can sometimes go undetected and lie dormant? :rolleyes:

PS. Knightsbridge Ace 1, do you not employ any personal staff? If not, why not?
PPS. Whatever, one should congratulate the (Russian/s) for their taste and choice - most of these products travel well via DHL! ;)

[Red Baron of Stuttgart]: I usually have little or no sympathy for those who purchase appliances which are not made in Germany. But my own L-I-E-B-H-E-R-R fridge / freezer caused me some embarrasement too recently:

1) It organised "all by itself" for an official factory-service technician to come in to apparently "top-up" the refrigerant fluid, check the pressures and replace some filters. I received an email confirmation of the date and time. Obviously, the technician (even if he was Polish) arrived precisely on-time. He also installed a hardware-update consisting of a webcam (in fact several, 1 aimed at the area directly in front of the appliance to monitor the safe opening and closing of the appliance's doors, and several more at each level of the interior of the appliance, destined for "real-time" monitoring of the freshness of the appliances' contents. I thought nothing of it all at the time, merely accepting this as proof of German R&D, if not actual supremacy of German technology etc.

2) But a few weeks later, there was a loud-knocking at the front door at about 10.30pm. I was not expecting visitors at such a late hour and opened the door with some trepidation. Only to find a somewhat scantily-clad young woman (I think you might call them Kiss-o-gram girls or similar where you are from), who announced "Herr LIEB? Surprise?!" Only my name is not LIEB...

19th Jan 2014, 17:20
Never mid the spam, the concept of the auto-ordering fridge is really scary, especially with students around. Imagine what would happen if someone let last month's pizza evolve into a semi-intelligent life form at the back of the fridge. Immediately someone finally donned the hazmat gear and cleaned it out, the fridge would detect the removal of the last semi-intelligent life form and promptly order another one. You'd never be rid of the things.

19th Jan 2014, 18:04
Screwed if Fridge and Microwave start emailing each other when SWMBO is away as then will have to rely on Domino's.

It has its downsides as imagine some chick signs up to weightwatchers and fridge sends them a list of what has been removed from Fridge each day.........:E

19th Jan 2014, 19:34
Its when the manufacturer of the fridge decides that it has lasted too long and you need to update, is when the problems start!

A bit like home computers now, as i have had 3 G******e motherboards fail for no apparent reason at 3 years of age?

James 1077
19th Jan 2014, 22:59
Is the failure of the motherboards not the EU's fault (everything else is). Solder used to have lead added to it to stop the tin from whiskering; but now solder isn't allowed to have lead and so tightly packed circuit boards are at risk of tin whiskers causing short circuits.

19th Jan 2014, 23:04
Wonder will it have camera and text so can send both so know who is eating my ice cream from the freezer.


SWMBO will swear blind she kept latest diet but Fridge in voice of HAL will tell me know she had X, Y, Z..............:E

20th Jan 2014, 00:46
Just imagine if you're on a diet and the fridge knows about it!
"Open the door, fridge!"

"I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that."

20th Jan 2014, 01:50
I'd take basically the same steps that Dave did if my fridge tried that on me.

20th Jan 2014, 02:43
I'd take basically the same steps that Dave did if my fridge tried that on me.

What would you do?

pull the plug ?

or open the door and let the outside heat overwhelm it's cooling powers in a slow death as you continued to eat from its innards ?