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17th Jan 2014, 09:34
Santa bought me a r/c helicopter for Christmas, the instruction book is a hoot, including the following wise words.

" Always go forward and turn left, and exercise flight in a quadrate fashion, then repeatedly practices to gradual practice flight in a rotundity". :D

Well I would if I knew what it meant.


17th Jan 2014, 09:48
Isn't that the instructions for the air races at Reno?

Fly fast, fly low, turn left...

17th Jan 2014, 09:52
'Start by flying square, then as you get used to it you can try flying round'


17th Jan 2014, 10:09
Google Translate isn't always all that good from Chinese to English.

If you speak the original language, it can be useful to Google-translate back to the original: the result often makes more sense than the English.

I remember some classics from years past, but have to go out now...