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Dak Man
16th Jan 2014, 17:17
Well my fellow egg chasers that time of year is once again getting very adjacent. The World's finest sporting competition is fast approaching, Wales going for 3 titles in a row - not done in over a century, England building nicely for RWC2015, Ireland floundering of late and blooding youngsters, Scotland - who knows, Italy no longer the whipping boys but still not quite justifying their place at the top table and last but not least - France - will they be mesmerising or merde?

I can't wait.

Fixture List


16th Jan 2014, 17:18
Dak Man:

You might want to check the title in the thread you just started. Feeling a bit dyslexic today are we? :}:}:}

Dak Man
16th Jan 2014, 17:19
ko, thakns

16th Jan 2014, 17:20
er'uoy emoclew!

16th Jan 2014, 17:37
Can't wait either. Best bit of sport TV of the year. Mrs G is honing her 'giving advice skills'. I'm stocking up on 'Speckled Hen!

16th Jan 2014, 20:43
Listen, far off, gradually getting louder, that clamouring roar, bit like a brace o Merlin's.....

That sound you hear is the chariot starting up

The goal is to play well this year, build a good squad and hopefully pick up a slam in prep for next year when we need to regain the Webb Ellis

And this year, stumps is able to appreciate the hallowed turf

16th Jan 2014, 21:01
Yipes! I thought you were talking about the other Six Nations: Six Nations Of The Grand River (http://www.sixnations.ca/index.htm)

16th Jan 2014, 21:15
Listen, far off, gradually getting louder, that clamouring roar, bit like a brace o Merlin's.....

That sound you hear is the chariot starting up

Will anyone be checking the wheelnuts this year?:ok:


Dak Man
16th Jan 2014, 22:26
Rotornut, I live "on" the Grand River (Cambridge, ON).

17th Jan 2014, 18:29
CG, I sincerely hope so.....
Oh and someone please lock that [email protected]@@wit Ben Youngs in a coal shed for the duration

17th Jan 2014, 20:50
BBC America usually shows only the games involving Engerlund. Anyone know a website I can watch the games live on t' Interwebbie?


Dak Man
17th Jan 2014, 22:28
BBC through tunnel bear vpn, or filmon through tunnelbear vpn or via a livestream from lshunter.com (http://www.lshunter.com) the flash streams are usually the best.

17th Jan 2014, 23:21

them English buggers have historically bad timing. A bad 6 nations (we hope) ain't gonna affect their WC chances. Unfortunately!:ok:


18th Jan 2014, 07:13
A post Lions 6 nations is always a bit of a mess. I think in theory Wales should win it but will probably snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once or twice.

From our Irish perspective, we are in a far better position in the prop positions than we were 12 months ago, and it will be interesting how we get on at scrum time. O'Brien is a huge loss.

Another concern is Number 10, where Sexton and his move to Racing Metro is not boding well. I don't like Jackson as his back-up.

I also wouldn't be surprised if BOD is dropped by Schmidt. He's 18 months past his sell by date in my opinion.

18th Jan 2014, 09:05
I know he was once a brilliant player and currently is having problems in his personal life, but the voice of Jonathon Davies just grates on my ears, when he's commentating. It's just too highly pitched for me. Used to love listening to Bill Mclaren though.

18th Jan 2014, 09:16
Jonathan Davies is very knowledgable but for me Eddie Butler is about the best. I like his wit and turn of phrase. Brian Moore is too intense and one always feels he is a bit one-eyed. I don't know why Ian Robertson is not on the TV commentary team. His radio commentary is superb. You should have heard him commentating on the Aus vs Lions Third Test.

18th Jan 2014, 09:42
but for me Eddie Butler is about the best


You have to be a long time Welsh sympathyser to get this, but he's anti Welsh! His service to Wales was lamentable, and he wishes ill on Welsh teams IMO, and rather enjoys it too much when they lose.


PS, it's not about imaprtiality, the anti-Welsh comment- I don't think it comes out in commentary.

18th Jan 2014, 09:54
CG I feel the same about Brian Moore always seems to prefer kicking England as opposed to praising them IMO.

Not that recent 'wheels off the bus' episodes haven't given him some ammo :{

18th Jan 2014, 09:59
Why would Eddie Butler, a former Welsh international No 8 and captain, wish ill on the Welsh team? How was his service to Wales lamentable? Please explain as I'm truly ignorant.

18th Jan 2014, 10:20

You'd have to have seen the regional rugby talk shows and such to get what I mean. it's just as short n shapeless says about Moore. Lamentable might be harsh, but his record was poor, and he is not a Welsh great.

It's as if he knows, and that the failure of others makes his ok.


18th Jan 2014, 10:36
Ah, ok. I know he wasn't a Merve the Swerve or a Ryan Jones as a player but surely some have to founder so that the "greats" can be called great. Otherwise either everyone is great or no-one is. And every rugby nation has to have its low periods, even NZ. Though that is relative since a poor NZ team would probably still beat most. I know, I'm Scottish and I've just about lost the will to live waiting for my boys to be competitive again!

That aside, I still think Eddie is a good match commentator.

18th Jan 2014, 10:44
The one guy I really don't like is Stuart Barnes. He is really negative and rarely offers anything insightful.

I am looking forward to this with some trepidation. My heart as always says England will win, but my head thinks Wales might just do it again. I hope I am wrong.

France are the dark horses as usual, which team will show up the question as always - and will PSA actually play a 10 in the right position?

The only downside I can see is the timing of some of our games, 1700 is 0100 here and the games against France and Scotland may have to be recorded!

Dak Man
18th Jan 2014, 12:40
I have to disagree about Butler. what he brings is honesty and that sometimes inevitably hurts and it's then turned into him being anti-Welsh. Nobody that plays for and Captains their country could/should be described as anti-country IMO.

Now, if you want anti Welsh look no further than Barnes (born and raised in Newport FFS) and Dewi Morris (Born and raised in Crickhowell) - their anti-Welsh is born out of bitterness because they were never picked for Wales and had to settle for England.

But, if you want sheer unadulterated, parochial, xenophobia in commentary then look no further than either Miles Harrison or Andy Nicol - now there's a pair of fekwits of note.

I like the Moore/Butler dynamic in commentary but they all pale compared to St Bill.

18th Jan 2014, 19:17
Someone mentioned the late great Bill Mclaren

God I miss him commentating, here's to ye. I shall ha'e a wee dram on the opening game in your honour.

Back to the nations - I'm hoping that this year we can see some real scrummaging instead of the farce it has become

Dak Man
21st Jan 2014, 23:44
SuperBru 6 Nations prediction League - just a bit of fun feel free to join the group.

Details on how to join below.

SuperBru - Free Six Nations prediction game - (http://www.superbru.com/sixnations/pool.php?p=11157759)

Pool name: The Dowty Dozen
Pool code: nilewove

22nd Jan 2014, 06:40
like the Moore/Butler dynamic in commentary but they all pale compared to St Bill.

How true. We'll not see or hear his like again. He did it for the love of it. He's up there somewhere enjoying a dram or two with that other great commentator, Cliff Morgan.

22nd Jan 2014, 07:58

Bill Mclaren was a one-off. I had the honour to be coached by him and Andy Irvine, (with Jim Telfer being my school Headmaster) for several years at Hawick High School.

He was a great man and his gift of memory was something else. I remember returning to visit parents and stopping to talk to Bill in the High Street some 10 or 15 years after I had left the town. he could still remember me despite the intervening years and I know that that is how he was with all of the people he helped coach.

He was a true gentleman and a great ambassador for the sport and his legacy continues here Bill McLaren Foundation, Rugby Charity, Sports Charity (http://www.billmclarenfoundation.co.uk/)

Dak Man
22nd Jan 2014, 12:02
Indeed, his autobiog is a good read.

22nd Jan 2014, 12:20
Yes it is Dak. I read it some years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now you've mentioned it I might read it again
Can hear his lovely Scots brogue as I type!

Dak Man
22nd Jan 2014, 12:28
Not sure if people know but his Grandson is Rory Lawson of Edinburgh, Gloucester, Newcastle & Scotland - Bill would be tickled pink. Rory's dad is Alan Lawson also a Scottish international.

22nd Jan 2014, 19:28
He'd be dancing in the streets of Hawick tonight! :ok:

Barksdale Boy
22nd Jan 2014, 23:31
McHarg palms.....

Dak Man
28th Jan 2014, 17:03
I see that Wales have named a very good side for Saturday's Italy encounter, Italy have injury issues so I see Wales winning by atleast 3 scores.

Now, France V England, French showing some form in the HC, can only see this going one way - France by 10.

Ireland V Scotland - have to fancy the O'Irish to take it, home advantage and Scottish ineptitude should see the men in green comfortable winners.

28th Jan 2014, 20:44
I dunno bout that, Ashton the ego and youngs who can't pass are gone. And young chief Jack is getting his first run out.....

The Chariot by 5

Dak Man
30th Jan 2014, 14:49
Seen the England team?

Could have been picked by Fofana, Bastareaud and St. Andre IMHO.

I fear that the chariot will need to call out the RAC (or French equivalent) on Saturday evening.

30th Jan 2014, 15:23
I would agree, more or less, with your predictions Dak Man. Hope we're both wrong re the wheels coming off the chariot!

Dak Man
1st Feb 2014, 17:55
Ponderous 23-15 win for Wales.

Looks like the pride is back in the England shirt but fair play to both teams, what a classic 6Nations game. France 26 - 24 England :D:cool::D:D

1st Feb 2014, 19:54
The Italians have been doing that to us for years- it's honestly what I expected. I didn't think there was a doubt at any time in the match.

After their comeback, England rather snatched defeat from the jaws...


Dak Man
1st Feb 2014, 21:24
My take on what I've read about today's games so far via several boards and the unashamedly English biased media. The Taffs are whinging about the manner of their victory and the English are in raptures over the nature of their defeat - nowt as queer as folk, so they say.

Gotta love the game though, all this Super Bowl banality is wearing thin, take those helmets and pads off then let's see how you get on.

Dak Man
2nd Feb 2014, 13:11
'Mon the Sweaties

Dak Man
2nd Feb 2014, 16:01
Oh well, the usual Jockanese ineptitude rears it's ugly head again.

2nd Feb 2014, 16:28
It was a good game though. I enjoy games more if I don't really care who wins.
Yesterday's England v France was agony to watch sometimes. I said to Mrs G
''I bet France pulls something out the bag in the last minute.''
Wish I'd kept my mouth shut now!:{

2nd Feb 2014, 21:49
It was you.....!
You utter bastard, good game though.
Ireland v Sweaty was good too

2nd Feb 2014, 22:27
It was you.....!
You utter bastard,

I'm saying nuffin' dahn the pub tomorrow night, I'll be banned!:=

Bob Bevan
2nd Feb 2014, 23:29
All the first 3 games have proven is that there is no stand out team and no total no hopers. Much as I hope the boys in red get the hatrick I have not got a clue who will win it this year.

3rd Feb 2014, 02:11
Yesterday's England v France was agony to watch sometimes

In rugby journolese, would that be a "brave" England defeat, or a "brave" French victory ?

B Fraser
3rd Feb 2014, 07:36
Someone mentioned the late great Bill McLaren

Now there was a master of his art. His gift of being able to describe the action in terms that nobody else would use was unsurpassed. For those who never heard him commentate, he would use phrases such as "shilly shally", "the ball came out of that scrum like a bullet from a gun" and "as slippery as a salmon swimming upstream".

There were a few flashes of temper in the Ireland game yesterday and my kids shouted "There's a wee bit of argy bargy goin' on !". Thankfully they didn't hear what their dad was saying in the second half.


3rd Feb 2014, 08:04
or a "brave" French victory ?

My thoughts were more, 'kin' French barstewards, always have to spoil everything!':(

Dan Gerous
3rd Feb 2014, 19:24
There were some comments on the American Football thread, generalised into "bunch of softies", "all padded up" etc. But didn't I see at least one Irish played with some sort of padding on his shoulders.

3rd Feb 2014, 19:29
Yes you did Dan, I saw them too and thought WTF is going on!:confused:

Dak Man
3rd Feb 2014, 19:42
This (Rugby)


Vs this (AF)


3rd Feb 2014, 19:51
First time I've noticed it in Rugby Union
Too be honest I could have done with that outfit in the second row. European not US, I hasten to add.

3rd Feb 2014, 19:53
The upper body protection for rugby has been around for a few years now...

In the not too distant past when it wasn't a professional sport the players were (on the whole) not so fit and the hits weren't so hard.

It makes sense to have some sort of protection, however minimal it is, when you are playing for your livelihood and the players you are up against are faster and stronger than ever

3rd Feb 2014, 22:08
There were some comments on the American Football thread, generalised into "bunch of softies", "all padded up" etc. But didn't I see at least one Irish
played with some sort of padding on his shoulders

He was wearing a borrowed shirt two sizes too big.:)

Dak Man
10th Feb 2014, 14:43
Well what a weekend.

The Taffs, what a shambles - out thought and out muscled - big wake up call to the Principality. Ireland got it spot on in every regard resulting in a thoroughly deserved victory.

The Jocks and their pitch are a disgrace and the muppet Johnson needs a good Glasgee kiss. England cruised and looked quite good.

The Italians are a tough nut to crack but when cracked the floodgates open, France had a sublime 10 minutes at the commencement of the second half, otherwise they looked ordinary.

Refereeing was poor (when viewed from my armchair) in all 3 games.

10th Feb 2014, 15:22
Seems Scotland have a lot of work to do.

Agree, the pitch was an absolute disgrace.
Six Nations 2014: Scotland should be told to shape up or ship out - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/rugbyunion/international/sixnations/10627088/Six-Nations-2014-Scotland-should-be-told-to-shape-up-or-ship-out.html)

Dak Man
21st Feb 2014, 22:34
Jeez that was a masterclass from Wales, what a turn aroud from Dublin 2 weeks ago, when the Taff plan A comes off they do look rather good - championship now wide open again. The French looked well beaten, heads down at half time.

22nd Feb 2014, 01:51
As one born North of the border I have to say that the sooner the Scots vote for devolution the better. One of the conditions of it should be to remove ourselves from the perpetual embaressment of the six nations.

22nd Feb 2014, 08:33
"the ball came out of that scrum like a bullet from a gun"

How long since you saw that happen? Sorry if I am going over old ground (I haven't read through the whole thread to see if this has been discussed, I'm sure it must) but when is Rugby Union going to bite the bullet and scrap the whole farce that set scrums have begun?

Watching Wales - France last night my heart sank every time the referee signalled a scrum, as I knew we were going to be subjected to several minutes of mucking about and collapses until (usually) a penalty was awarded.

I lack the knowledge of how the modern game is played to know why this is, but just watch some old black and white coverage of internationals in the past with the sublime Bill Mclaren commentating, (see above) and this simply didn't happen. In my own case, in 5 years playing schoolboy rugby as a prop forward, I dont recall this happening, nor did I see it on my annual trips to Murrayfield.

How about scrapping the set scrum, getting rid of two of the forwards and introducing some sort of "tap back" to keep the game flowing.

Oh, hang on ;)

22nd Feb 2014, 12:05
Rover V8 with blower started up, check
Crowd warming up, check
Cornish born chief on the wing, check
Tank boy (Ben Morgan) in the back row. check

Why, here comes the chariot, did anyone check the wheel nuts ??

Bring on the green
We'se a gonna take em out to the wood shed for a whuppin

(I hope)

22nd Feb 2014, 14:20
Well done Scotland. Brilliant drop kick!

22nd Feb 2014, 14:39
With a chap called Fusaro playing for Scotland, and a McLean for Italy, it got a bit confusing for the Mrs.

23rd Feb 2014, 06:49
Excellent games played yesterday, by all four teams. Some of the best rugby I've seen for ages.

23rd Feb 2014, 08:51
Well done Scotland. Brilliant drop kick! 22nd Feb 2014

Yes - reminded me of Jonny Wilkinson in the 2003 world cup. Some great rugby yesterday - even the scrums didn't spoilt the games!

23rd Feb 2014, 09:03
Excellent games played yesterday, by all four teams. Some of the best rugby I've seen for ages.

Agree 100%.
The second half of the Ireland England match was a beauty.

Dak Man
23rd Feb 2014, 13:38
Indeed it was what a journey the 6 Nations takes us on, it never fails.

23rd Feb 2014, 15:09
One word.........

A fine pair of games, good enjoyable rugby

23rd Feb 2014, 16:24
Final table

1 - Italy
2 - France
3 = Wales
3 = Ireland
5 - Scotland
6 - England

No, not the rugby, the national anthems! Even that tripe the Scots sing is better than our miserable dirge - when are we going to get an English national anthem for when we play internationals - maybe when the Jocks go their separate way possibly?

Nice to see nearly all the players sing along enthusiastically!

23rd Feb 2014, 18:27
the Italian anthem number 1? Aw come on! Surely that's the Welsh one. Such emotion in the music. Agree about GSTQ, it's a dirge and not in the least uplifting so the obvious candidate for an English anthem has to be "Jerusalem". The Corries' Scottish folk song is also dirge-like but there's nothing obvious to replace it at the moment.

Roll on England v Wales. It's going to be a cracker.

23rd Feb 2014, 20:44
Welsh one? Hmmm

As Dylan Thomas famously said, "Land of My Fathers? - my fathers can keep it".

I just like the Italian one - havent a clue what its all about but it makes me smile every time. Of course we could always follow Billy Connolly's advice:

Billy Connelly : National Anthem - YouTube

Dak Man
6th Mar 2014, 16:39
Not long now, my money's on Ireland, France & Wales.

Dak Man
8th Mar 2014, 21:49
Ireland were very clinical today, not saying that the scoreline flattered but Italy were not that bad.

Scotland threw it away.

Can't wait for tomorrow's match.


8th Mar 2014, 22:28
I can't wait either Dak ! hope it's a great match mate, Stu.

Dak Man
9th Mar 2014, 05:16
My boots are dubbined up just in case a I get the call from Warren tonight.

I would give my right nad to be on that pitch.

Dak Man
9th Mar 2014, 05:23

9th Mar 2014, 05:27
l have a fiver on lreland at 7/2

Dated 7/2/14.

Does anyone know the odds now ?

Dak Man
9th Mar 2014, 17:04
No complaints, best team won, good job England, Lawes was outstanding, May is not the answer at 11. From a Taff perspective, let's hope that's the last we see of Priestland at this level.

9th Mar 2014, 18:58
Yes, England played well but they were helped by an inept Welsh performance in the first half, Ha'penny excepted. What was that kicking and no chasing about? And they were asleep for Care's try. Welsh halfbacks were poor until Phillips and Biggar came on; they should have been on before half-time. Why does Gatland ignore James Hook?

9th Mar 2014, 21:43
Wheel nuts checked? Even the blinkin hub caps were sparkling!

Always next year.


15th Mar 2014, 19:50
On balance think best team won the Championship this year.

15th Mar 2014, 19:54
Not the first time the French have broken English hearts. Great match, great series...


15th Mar 2014, 20:37
Blimey, that went down to the wire :eek: That decision (correct due to video ref) let the Ireland team hang on to victory and Six Nations glory this year. Had it been given as a normal pass, the French would have snatched the win, and to be honest both teams played well enough to be the victor. A nice leaving present for O'Driscoll in his final ever game for Ireland.


15th Mar 2014, 20:41
Never thought I'd be cheering on the French! Excellent game to finish the series and yes, either side would have been a worthy winner.
Well done Ireland.

15th Mar 2014, 20:42
A nice leaving present for O'Driscoll in his final ever game for

Natural justice was served although the French did play their hearts out today and did beat England...!

Really enjoyable Six Nations championship this year.


15th Mar 2014, 20:48
This year's six nations has restored my faith in the game. And to think I wasn't going to bother watching it. Great stuff, well done all concerned - but oh dear, what's going to happen to Scotland?

15th Mar 2014, 21:13
I agree. A really enjoyable Six Nations this year but the last match between Ireland and France was superb. Every bit as much of a cliff hanger as the 2003 final of the World Cup
A brilliant farewell to Brian O'Driscoll's International career to boot.

Dak Man
15th Mar 2014, 21:37
6 Nations still the best sporting tournament in the world bar none by some margin.

Well done Ireland, played the best and most consistent rugby this year and deserved the title.

As far as O'Stampy is concerned, sublime player spoiled by a petulant streak, nonetheless a fitting way to end a long and illustrious career.

Enjoy the St Patrick's Day celebrations.

15th Mar 2014, 23:11
Ireland deserving winners.

England the nearly men - oh, how they must be cursing that day in Paris.

Wales receded a little but they'll be back - too many of them are too good for the team as a whole not to bounce back next year.

France turned up for the first and the last game but were poor by their normal standards in between.

Scotland's ability to shoot themselves in the foot in all manner of ways is boundless. Hogg, go to the back of the class.

Italy make up the numbers.

Standard Noise
16th Mar 2014, 20:36
Mmmm, that was very enjoyable.

16th Mar 2014, 23:20
Now watch Super Rugby, especially the Sharks!

Dak Man
16th Mar 2014, 23:29
I prefer Union...............

17th Mar 2014, 08:46
What a series! Have the good fortune to be in Rome this weekend, and the Italians as ever are extremely hospitable. The atmosphere in Stadio Olimpico was way warmer than even Twickenham, and it was not just due to the 20C weather.

17th Mar 2014, 08:57
Sharks and super rugby are Union!!

As an Irishman, on St Pats day, I think Super is at least equal to 6 nations, especially the playoffs, and the Championship (southern version of 6 nations, with 4 nations) is also good.