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16th Jan 2014, 16:27
Hall Beach that is:
Hall Beach, NU - 7 Day Forecast - Environment Canada (http://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/nu-4_metric_e.html)

16th Jan 2014, 16:29
Thanks for that rotornut. However, I did note that at the bottom right of the weather forecast was an ad 'cyberbullying' and knowing the consequences.

Is there a correlation here which escapes me? :}:}

16th Jan 2014, 16:34
Yes, I saw that. Kind of a strange place to put such an ad, n'est-ce pas?

16th Jan 2014, 17:19
Not really rotornut. When talking about going to a beach where it's about -25C that could very well be construed as cyberbullying. :}:}:}

16th Jan 2014, 17:23
50m to my beach here. Temp 30C......

16th Jan 2014, 17:51
A friend of mine spent 6 months at Hall Beach as a government weather tech (observer). He said it was pretty boring. The most excitement he had was talking to the female flight attendants on international flights on shortwave radio.

16th Jan 2014, 23:13
Obviously "Global Warming".

Meanwhile here in Melbourne,Australia, we are just starting our 4th. day of temperatures in the low 40's,centrigrade that is. However it is forecast to drop to a freezing 22 degrees C tomorrow. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/infopop/icons/icon7.gif

16th Jan 2014, 23:20

5th day.

And we will get the cold change later today as it has already hit
Portland so I would say by mid afternoon.

Thank god.

Airey Belvoir
16th Jan 2014, 23:36
Sooks. You're only getting what WA has had to put up with recently and that hardly warranted a mention in the MSM (for whom all known life ceases to exist at the SA border).

17th Jan 2014, 00:32
"W", where ?

500 .... correct, I've lost a day of my life somewhere.

17th Jan 2014, 00:34
For some that is a five hundred mile wide beach to get to the Water.:{

17th Jan 2014, 00:44
Bring lots of orange balls if you are plan to play a round of golf at the links course in Hall Beach and watch out for polar bears who present a definite hazard to play.

17th Jan 2014, 00:46
Yup, look further down the page and Hall Beach is suffering Global Warming - temperatures are about 4.5 degrees higher than the normal -36!

17th Jan 2014, 01:13
Sooks. You're only getting what WA has had to put up with recently and that hardly warranted a mention in the MSM (for whom all known life ceases to exist at the SA border).

Absolutely Airey - every summer here in WA we have multiple days of 40+ and it never gets a mention. The Plibara is like a bloody furnace most of the year but that gets ignored. However once the media luvvies in Melbourne find it a bit hot the world is coming to an end.

17th Jan 2014, 01:53
I was in W.A. one September, for a couple of national championship bike races. It piddled down for 4 days. Each day the locals regaled us with tales of how good the weather was with regard to Victoria even though we were all soaked through. "Well it must be worse in Melbourne", they kept saying.
On the 5th. day we went off to Tully some 200 kms. out of Perth, for another race. The day dawned fine. The locals, who had suffered our jibes for the past week, were in good heart. The old '4 seasons in one day in Melbourne jokes began again. Everything was lovely in the W.A. garden.
Then it began to rain. Well not rain really more like the sort of thing that Noah had endured. Everyone was huddled under shop awnings trying to stay dry or something approaching it. The Westies fought back by saying something like, "it must be worse in Victoria",etc. etc. The owner of one of the shops, which just happened to be a television dealer, turned on a T.V. set in his window.... It was the day of the A.F.L. Grand Final in Melbourne and the West had a team in the final.... and lo and behold there was the crowd all in shirt sleeves ,shorts etc. soaking up the sunshine at the Melbourne cricket ground.
Oh, how we did laff . http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/infopop/icons/icon7.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/infopop/icons/icon7.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/infopop/icons/icon7.gif

Nervous SLF
17th Jan 2014, 01:57
Am I the only one who on reading the thread title thought that there were going to be lots of pictures of barely clothed young ladies :ok::ok::ok:

Am I then also the only one who was very disappointed when reading it :{:{

17th Jan 2014, 02:07
Airey Belvoir wroteSooks. You're only getting what WA has had to put up with recently and that hardly warranted a mention in the MSM (for whom all known life ceases to exist at the SA border).
It (the WA heatwave) got a lot of publicity in the main stream media here in Victoria.

17th Jan 2014, 02:47
Here you go SLF.....just how you like 'em.....scantily clothed!


17th Jan 2014, 03:02
Rarely see a maximum temp below 30C here but "go to the beach?", tell 'em they're dreaming.

UV Index 600+
At low tide, its a 2 km walk out to get your feet wet
If you actually get into the water, you'll probably be fatally stung by a box jellyfish.
If the jellyfish don't get you, there is a chance of shark attack (but that's only if the salt water crocs haven't gotten to the sharks first.)

Nervous SLF
17th Jan 2014, 04:34
Thank you for posting "that" picture ( Not ):= . After I posted I had a sudden thought that someone would perhaps post
that one or similar but decided to leave my comment anyway.:) We all make mistakes don't we :(

West Coast
17th Jan 2014, 05:53
Rubenesque I believe would be the PC way to describe that gaggle of bathing beauties.

Now for those not so PC...

17th Jan 2014, 10:34

17th Jan 2014, 22:51
Well it's not really that cold here. Only a bit nippy now: Rigging in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada - YouTube

Nervous SLF
18th Jan 2014, 01:53
Iconic bikini babes - Micheline Bernardini - Page 1 - - Photos - Fashion - Yahoo! New Zealand Lifestyle (http://nz.lifestyle.yahoo.com/fashion/galleries/photo/-/20795063/iconic-bikini-babes/20795072/)


Airey Belvoir
18th Jan 2014, 02:43
Our chicks are multi-talented. Not only are they 'lookers' they can also produce a meal when required.


spInY nORmAn
18th Jan 2014, 09:55
Cold is all relative...

This Is How Real Canadians Ice Fish - YouTube