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18th Apr 2001, 00:50
New advert in flight , but whats the feeling with the troops ?

Is it worth a jet captain to leave his present crap employer , to join ?

how about command prospects?

What about the training dept ?

Devils Advocate
18th Apr 2001, 01:10
Don't know much about the company but I can say that the new B737 fleet manager (an ex. colleague) is truly a top chap !!

18th Apr 2001, 01:44
Great crews, dreadful management. Crews treated like sh.. "Company provide transport to the Aircraft...." but at end of the flight transport only when it is convenient to the company, ie 1hr + wait at LHR as A/C does not turn straight around so must wait for transport bringing up next crew. despite several claims the PHI scheme has never paid out for a pilot, all other staff covered if unable to carry out own occupation, pilots if unable to carry out ANY occupation! much inhouse fighting, new fleet mgr taken on to reinforce one management side against the other. Prospects limited but may be ok if your face fits. Training varied, some trainers, some trappers, some just poor. if you are looking for a first jet type rating then ok, otherwise keep well clear (why else are so many leaving).
"The floggings will continue until moral improves!"

18th Apr 2001, 01:49
Please correct me if I'm mistaken, but with all your previous postings on GB, I thought your question rather rhetorical?

18th Apr 2001, 01:53
You really have got to laugh.Has the industry got to such a state that one of the advertised 'perks' is transport to the aeroplane?!!B/rgds.

18th Apr 2001, 15:27
The previous comments are chickenfeed compared to a recent incident when a passenger claimed that one of our girls allegedly swore at him.

Silicone Valley called the girls in and said if they didn't own up, she would send their photograph from their personal file to the passenger so that he could identify them!

Talk about a total breach of dignity and Human Rights!

Two of the crew have subsequently resigned and the remaining are taking legal advice.

This madam should be made to answer for this and do the dignified deed and resign.

Big Dog's
18th Apr 2001, 15:33
Hadn't heard that one Flo'........If it's true then they really have sunk to new depths.

Still think Judy is one of us though!

Big Dog's
18th Apr 2001, 16:33
Come on Judy, I think we should be told!

18th Apr 2001, 19:38
I said it before and I'll say it again...As a pax, I've always had great flights with GB on the London/Malaga route. Special thanks to the ass't purser on 2981 AGP/LGW on the 16th....you know who you are, and yes, I'll see you again...

Big Dog's
18th Apr 2001, 20:36
I think you mean 6981........Glad to hear you enjoy travelling with us.

Our cabin crew really make the difference-Don't undertsand why they are so badly treated and managed (if you can call it that) when this is the case.

Come on Judy-tell all!

Iron Hen
18th Apr 2001, 23:14
I can vouch for what Florence said above - disgraceful treatment of cabin staff. Seems like every other crew I fly with has a pilot working his notice to go off elsewhere. They seem to be p**d off about time to command, crap pay and poor management.
Apparently there are some more contract/direct entry commands on the Airbus at the end of the year.

Must fly!

19th Apr 2001, 00:39
Seems from what I have heard that GB is like any other airline but with a bit more stability in the rostering department. I think you'll find with most airlines that management appear to be disorganised and that pilots are leaving for pastures new. Take your pick but I don't see why GB is getting such a bad airing on prune?

19th Apr 2001, 00:56

Shame about having to wait for the inbound transport for 1 hour at LHR.... Its a hard life.
You could always get on the LHR-LGW Coach instead or are you too important to travel with normal people??
Why don't you suggest the outbound transport comes up earlier and they can sit around instead?
That sort of hardass attitude does your clan no help

Big Dog's
19th Apr 2001, 01:31
OC-What are you on?

19th Apr 2001, 01:54
Sorry OC not personally guilty I don't do those flights but those who do, are complaining about the extra wait at the end of their duty day, before they spend another hour or two on the M25. I just go to the hotel at the end of a long nightflight to be told that I can't have breakfast as the company don't pay for breakfast just the room! but why should the guys pay to travel on the bus when GB advertise transport to and from the A/C as a perk? maybe you think it is a perk, if so you should apply to GB you will fit in well with the management!!!!
don't judge others by your standards, we are all just ordinary folk who will travel with anyone (after all we do work for GB), but at the end of a flight we are not interested in sitting on the ground on an aircraft, if that is your thing then GB is for you!!

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Big Dog's
19th Apr 2001, 18:24
Here here!
Now are we LGW based or LHR based?

How about a voyage rate for flights out of LHR?

Even better-how about an LHR basing and an LGW base!!

I'll beleive it when I seeit. As for no brekkie-just read FCOs-it's their responbility and BALPA should have it sorted by now.

20th Apr 2001, 01:31
blended winglets, I don't know where you hear things but GB don't know what roster stability is, though they are trying in that they think if the roster is late enough then there won't be as many changes!! on checking this PM still no roster for May!!!!

Iron Hen
20th Apr 2001, 02:05
I've not got my May roster yet either although they're supposed to be out on the 15th.

20th Apr 2001, 02:16

Are you surprised that the May rosters aren't out yet? Don't be.....

Apparently, the new system, RM, has been with the company for 18 months now, and due to bad planning and a lot of bullsh...ng from Slippery, it has still not got off the ground.

The monthly support fees for this system are, from hearsay, a lot of money that has been going down the tube on a regular basis. I wonder what the Directors have to say to that?

Rumour has it that Slippery is so happy hashing things up and recking the airline that he has decided to stay for another 5 years!

Goodness knows how we have survived under the present regime and let's hope common sense prevails and this gentleman departs soon!

Rodger the No1
20th Apr 2001, 11:39
To return to Judy's original question, Good or Bad the answer is both.

had you joined 18 months ago the answer would have been undoudtedly good. Since then we have seen the emergence of the gang of three, Slippery, Silicon and Sell-by all of whom enjoy(ed) the unquestiong support of a new M.D. Now that Sell-by has gone we were hoping for a fairer personnel dept. so far bitter disappointment.

2 years ago we were a happyish profitable optomistic bunch with the nicest atmosphere amongst the crews of any airline I have worked for, both charter and scheduled. This shower of **** that have been with the company 10 minutes seem to have destroyed all that some of us gave a considerable amount of our lives to building.

At least your (pilot) management actually fly the line and acknowledge the presence of the folks behind the cockpit door, they even know our names. Our management seem to be waging open warfare against us. We are fed up with being screamed at by the petulent child some plonker put in charge. I believe there are at least 7 grievances filed against her. We all know how she got that job don,t we William.It looks to me that if you have been with the company through its most successful years you are finished. The only chance for promotion now is to have worked for British Midland.

Cabin Crew rostering is a complete shambles, flights not crewed properly endless standbys, endless disruption, flights leaving late due to(cabin) crew shortages result: dissatisfied passengers. In working for 4 airlines Scheduled and Charter I have never seen such chaos.

I am surprised the owners stand by and watch this happen to us. Shows what they really think of their long-term employees.

GB Airways 18 months ago - the best Airline in the UK. Now just another c****y company.

I am off, had enough you decide who is the weakest link bye-bye.

20th Apr 2001, 12:58
No I'm not surprised the May roster is late, but I don't really think we can blame it on RM, that is just this months excuse in a long line of excuses that we have been getting every month for most of the past year!
Rumour has it that the rosters have just come out, so now we just wait for all the roster changes to be made each week.

Hugh Jorgen
20th Apr 2001, 15:23
Now where have we heard all this before, people seeking legal advice, low morale, staff are always guilty, pathetic attempts at restoring morale by saying things that should be taken for granted, there is only so much money in the pot etc etc.
So lets all put our heads together and find the link from Bm to Gb.
Difficult one eh!!!!
Retire now and give everyone a break!!

Jim Kirk
24th Apr 2001, 14:17
Looks like a planned recent trip to Nantes to recruit French Cabin Crew by the almighty Cabin Services lot had to be cancelled due to a lack of interest by the French!

Seems like the word is eventually spreading that the pastures on the slopes of Silicone Valley are not as green as they are made out to be!

Beam her up to the planet she came from and let her cause havoc from afar.


Captain Mainwaring
25th Apr 2001, 14:19
Phew !
I was considering applying based on the ad and (out)dated knowledge of the company being a pleasure to work for.
It doesn't take long for things to turn to rat****.

25th Apr 2001, 16:08
I have recently graduated from Oxford and currently seeking my first flying job. GB has always been and still remains the only airline I have ever wanted to fly for.

I would be more than willing to swap with any of you guys who seem to be so unhappy working for them.

You dont know how lucky you all are in having a job in the first place...

25th Apr 2001, 16:28

'GB has always been and still remains the only airline I have ever wanted to fly for.' Why?
Wouldn't mind a job with them, but recently got turned down (not even an interview). And I've got 750 EFIS hours and a full 509 course... What does it take to get a jet job these days? Seems the only way is to have a rating.


25th Apr 2001, 18:10
Well chaps from what I've heard over the last couple of weeks on prune its' a blessing in disguise that I wasn't offered a position with GB afterall!

Ivan Ivanovich
25th Apr 2001, 20:05
I'll swap with you unlucky people, too. It's suprising what a person can put up with when looking for a first job.

What's the worst that can happen? I'd be flying an A320 for a living. There's a lot of instructors reading this believing they could put up with any of the above alleged nonsense for that opportunity. And I'm sure we could. Afterall, scraping the odd hour here and there in a Cessna for pittance and no financial stability soon palls.

That said, there are always airline pilots aching to get back into a light aircraft and actually fly; especially you Airbus guys.

Swap you any day.

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Hugh Jorgen
25th Apr 2001, 22:57
Slippery must love you guy's - do anything for a job!! Been there, read the book and tasted the stew. Utmost sympathy - I would have gone to Vietnam to fly!! It does not need to be like this, us guys that have been around a bit can spot the slime in avation (like all careers) and would like to get rid of the crap that destroys it. Believe me we would all like you to have a smooth transition into the best career in the world, if it means working for crap you have to do it!! We don't want you to, advantge taking meglomanaics like slippery do not have a place. Has anybody printed this thread and sent it to the MD at GB? Lot's of people wanted to work for GB - whats gone wrong - not rocket science!!!!!!!!!!

26th Apr 2001, 00:04
By all the ups and downs I've read on this thread, I hope that I'm still welcome aboard your June 15 flight LGW-FAO. I don't know what the internal problems are, but I have received nothing but excellent top-notch treatment in the past four years from you guys.

26th Apr 2001, 00:29

For what reason would you be soooo interested in flying for GB? This airline is the ONLY one you would ever want to fly for? Is your response a wind-up?

Perhaps you could explain yourself - why fly for GB versus the others (especially considering all of the negative comments in this and other posts)? Detailed reasons...

el llanito
26th Apr 2001, 00:43
i believe its because mach is from gib....

flite idol
26th Apr 2001, 01:23
You`re lucky to have a job blah blah blah. I`d do anything to fly a jet blah blah blah. If you don`t want it I`ll have it blah blah blah. I`m sure the folks at GB now see the error of their ways and will knuckle down, thank their lucky stars and do as management bloody well tell them.!

beau luxe
26th Apr 2001, 05:12
From what I know of GB Airways, all the crews are of the highest calibre, a good airline, excellent track record, high standards, on time performance last year second to none and still making a profit!

Slippery is NOT GB Airways any more than he was British Midland. Do not let one or more individuals colour your view. Inevitably these people get what they deserve, it may just take longer than you wish.

Stick with it, slippery can't be a day under 70. He must retire soon, surely?

GB Airways? I would cut off my right arm to be there if it wasn't for you know who.

It could be worse guys, you could be at BMI.

flite idol
26th Apr 2001, 07:14
On a serious note, it`s sad to hear that the troops at GB are feeling let down. Several years ago a captain from GB got me through perf A and a couple of years ago I flew with them as a One World, non revenue employee for an affiliate airline and was totally blown away by their standard of service. The flight was delayed due to a catering cock-up but the captain came back to the cabin and personally spoke with each and every passenger, explained the situation and gave us the option to leave without meals or wait for the catering contractors to get their act togeather. I would hate to think that they would ride rough shod over an inspirational employee like him.!

26th Apr 2001, 12:34
Any flight crew out there willing to state what the package etc is like?? Salary, pension, loss of licence, private health care? Hours flown per annum, time realistically to command. When are the 737's going in favour of Airbus?? Genuine enquiry! (sounds like a lonely hearts!!!!)

27th Apr 2001, 17:01
"el llanito".....You are quick at making assumptions!!
If what you say is right then you and I have many things in common!!

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Rodger the No1
29th Apr 2001, 12:29
I cannot believe how much the pilots at GB whinge. How about some support for the rest of the crew.

In the last three months alone we have seen some of our most senior Pursers shafted.

Now the target is the most reliable hardworking and loyal group of cabincrew GB has ever employed.

Does this mean we are no longer planning to fly to Portugal. I can only assume no more Funchal Faro Lisbon or Porto flights this winter.

The plan to recruit more French speakers seems very sound as we have an extensive French route network, NOT! THe rumour is that the hardworking folks had a well deserved break from causing havoc at GB, in NTS, and managed to sign up not one new crewmember. C'est la vie.

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29th Apr 2001, 16:29
if you newly qualified guys actualy read what has been said you would realise that the thread is aimed at experienced pilots, it has been said that if you are inexperienced then GB would be fine. Perhaps you inexperienced guys desperate for a job could help yourselves and GBs profitability by offering to fly for flying instructor wages as it appears that flying jets is your main ambition, or are you not that desperate and consider that you should now employed under good terms and conditions?Unfortunately this attitude of "I would do anything..." detracts from the aims of the many pilots who having also spent considerable time and money getting qualified, wish to recover some of the vast expense. The statement "should be grateful for a job..." is insulting to many pilots in GB who are employed for their many years of experience and expect to be treated accordingly. Many pilots in GB have built up their experience through lower paid turbo prop jobs and would not appreciate their current terms and conditions to be degraded further by inexperienced pilots joining straight onto jets just because they "will do anything". As far as the cabin crew are concerned the pilots appreciate the poor deal that they get and do support them but the cabin crew for many years just sat back and could not get themselves organised. The pilots may moan a lot about their own treatment, but though most pilots welcome involvement from the cabin crew, this is primarily a PILOTS forum, providing info for pilots.

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Lord Fulmer
29th Apr 2001, 20:55
Excuse me for enquiring , but what are the main gripes with the current situation at GB.

I am interested in GB, but I'm a little concerned that I might be jumping out of one frying pan and into an alternative fire.

Any comments will be appreciated.

the penguin
2nd May 2001, 13:05
How about rosters late EVERY month, followed by lots of changes/call outs/disruption, hours and hours spent on the M25, high hours, low net pay, a dubious benefits package (the PHI despite several claims has never paid out yet as it has always been deemed by the insurer that the pilots concerned would be able to carry out some other job), etc etc. We are generaly flying round in full A/C but with an anticipated profit of only 5 million + from 10 A/C we have been told we cann't expect any profit share this year (due to several cock ups by management). Still we must grin and bear it and take all the cr.. the company wants to give us after all we are lucky to have jobs flying jets and the company has told us they are not bothered if pilots leave as there are plenty more wanting to join GB. Anyway at least we have the winter to look forward to with the 3 sector Canary flights and the expectation that we will extend our duty period when there are minor delays - not!