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15th Jan 2014, 00:51
1) Left seat, PBY Supercat doing a banana pass with a Hellcat passing me.
2) With a Female friend, at 10,000 feet or so on a long cross country over the wilds of southern Indiana in a P36 bonanza (with a throwover yoke and that Cadillac bench seat) at 0300 on a dark and not particularly stormy night.
3) Listing to Art Bell talk about UFOs on the ADF of a shitbox 402 with a load of checks and FedEx overload in the back in the middle of a driving snowstorm over central Wisconsin while playing with the St. Elmo's fire on the windshield and hoping that it stays cold enough that I won't need to use the boots that don't work on one or the other of the planes that the company owns.

15th Jan 2014, 01:40
No comment! :E

15th Jan 2014, 02:03
Doing racetracks for an hour and a half directing 8 Inch Artillery fire onto the wee brown buggers that had shot at me with a .51 Cal. Them having made the mistake of digging their gun pit in a very conspicuous location that was quite easy to find on the map.

15th Jan 2014, 06:04
The first time I got the knack of thermalling. Got the bugger (Viking T1) to cloudbase at 5,600ft and the instructor just said 'I have control'

Next thing I know I'm pointing at the ground and rapidly building speed as he throws it into loop, chandelle, loop.

Only one that came close to that was the time I was sent up for my first rear seat convertion lesson and just before launch the instructor (CGS) said "I'm bored, I think we'll have a play on this launch..." straight off the top of the launch at a touch over 2,500ft "straps tight?" "Yeah"

Left, right, left, nose down, chandelle to come back on ourselves, beat up the runway line to chandelle onto a high/long final approach.

Unfortunately I lost my medical status prior to spin training (bloody migraine)

Ascend Charlie
15th Jan 2014, 10:21
Giving a hovering lesson to Tom Cruise

Landing at a country airstrip so Prince Harry could buy a greasy hamburger to overpower the hangover that was casting a shadow on the ground from 3000'

Surfing a wedge-wave cold front passing over Sydney at night, collective on the floor and still going up.

Night gunnery, 1:5 tracer from the minis, 2.75" FFFFFARs* fizzling away from the tubes under the glow of a LUU-2B flare.

*Fixed forward-firing folding fin aerial rockets

Ancient Mariner
15th Jan 2014, 11:13
Never been in a cockpit, never had any fun.:sad:

Sir Niall Dementia
15th Jan 2014, 11:58
Flying down Namibia's skeleton coast in a Cessna 206 on an aerial safari with the then Lady Dementia when she suggested flying naked in the heat. I suspect the heir was the result.


15th Jan 2014, 13:38
"Air Somebody"

C46, Crew desperatley hung over, bullshitted my way into the left seat cause I had a a C47 type and was an enthusiastic extraneous paying passenger who should have been on a Metro to YWG. Realized 100 mi short of Shamattawa that I was the the only one awake...

That Circumferential plexiglass and Pterodactyl tail art was really cool.

Lands just like a big Dak.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
15th Jan 2014, 13:39
So many to choose from.... a day when aeros went 'just right' in the Yak? The view from 500' overhead Snowdon? Chasing sheep in the Chippy down the moorland gullies near Winter Hill? Flying around and between the trees to a perfect touchdown on a farm strip? Maybe this...

I was flying our Chipmunk down the Manchester Low Level Route southbound and working Manchester Approach, when the BBMF came on frequency northbound in the Route. Near Winsford they came into sight, over on my left, the Lancaster with a Hurricane on its right wingtip and a Spitfire on its left, nearest me.

"Sierra Lima do you have the BBMF in sight?"

"Affirm. Spitfire, Lanc, and Hurricane, Sierra Lima"

"BBMF do you have Sierra Lima in sight?"

"Yes, we have the Chippy" came the laconic reply from the Lanc.

At that moment the Spitfire peeled off the Lanc's wingtip and saluted us with a lovely barrel roll before dropping straight back into his formation position.

It was superbly done and really made my day!

15th Jan 2014, 13:48
Rudy Frasca lined up on my left wing in a P-40 when I was a neophyte "cadet" in a Sport 180 looking to practice short and soft field landings at Monticello.

15th Jan 2014, 14:17
Doing racetracks for an hour and a half directing 8 Inch Artillery fire onto the wee brown buggers that had shot at me with a .51 Cal. Them having made the mistake of digging their gun pit in a very conspicuous location that was quite easy to find on the map.

Darwin Award Nominees.................

15th Jan 2014, 14:20
At that moment the Spitfire peeled off the Lanc's wingtip and saluted us with a lovely barrel roll before dropping straight back into his formation position.

It was superbly done and really made my day!

Could be wrong but at a guess you had a big stupid silly grin on for rest of the day.

India Four Two
21st Jan 2014, 04:26
In the backseat of a Spitfire, heading back to Tauranga after a short but wonderful flight.

Tower to an outbound Cessna at 1000': "ABC, opposite direction traffic 1500', a Spitfire."

Cessna (quick as a flash): "Tally Ho the Spitfire!"

21st Jan 2014, 07:31
Going to Salisbury Plain in a Hunter FGA9, with the 4 ADEN 30mm cannons loaded with 120 HE/AP rounds each then beating seven shades of **** out of some tank hulks on the range.

I imagined my MiL standing atop each tank. It improved the aim no end! :}

21st Jan 2014, 07:57
Not me, but someone else - two very deserving winners of a Darwin Award.

This account of an aircraft accident is quoted directly from the National Transportation Safety Board report, with comments added in [brackets] for clarity.

Aircraft: PIPER PA-34-200T, Registration: N47506
Injuries: 2 Fatal.

The private pilot and a pilot rated passenger [two pilots] were going to practice simulated instrument flight. Witnesses observed the airplane's right wing fail in a dive and crash. Examination of the wreckage and bodies revealed that both occupants were partially clothed and the front right seat was in the full aft reclining position. [The pilots had converted the co-pilot seat to a bed.] Neither body showed evidence of seatbelts or shoulder harnesses being worn. [They were lying on the bed.] Examination of the individuals' clothing revealed no evidence of ripping or distress to the zippers and belts. [Their lack of clothing seemed to be voluntary.]

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows:

The pilot in command's improper in-flight decision to divert her attention to other activities not related to the conduct of the flight. [The pilot and co-pilot were having sex, and nobody was flying the plane.] Contributing to the accident was the exceeding of the design limits of the airplane leading to a wing failure. [The lack of a pilot caused the plane to fly erratically, over-stressing the wing and leading to a crash.]

Ascend Charlie
21st Jan 2014, 08:30
Perhaps the AI was not fully erect?
The skid balls were out of their race?:eek:

21st Jan 2014, 10:45
China 2008. Off for an airtest in a 332L1 with a young Chinese copilot. He was new to the company and like his predecessors he had been recruited directly from training with the Chinese Navy. As so he had been taught to fly by numbers; never above 30 degrees of bank.

The air test involved topping checks and auto Rrpm that, because of ATC restrictions were done in the middle of a metropolis down to 400 ft agl between the high rises. (Nobody complains about that in China)

He had never seen a helicopter flown this way before so when we had finished I showed him a 40 knot 60 degree bank 2g 360 turn. He wanted some more so I did a couple of wingovers followed by a full scale torque turn. (Still below 1000ft over the middle of Longhuazhen)

I asked him if he would like a go and I coached him through a couple of steep turns pointing out the potential height loss if he didn't correct with cyclic. He managed this and then let him follow me through a wingover, about 70 degree pitchup with 90 degrees roll.

Finally I gave him control and he did one all by himself.

His face was an absolute picture. He had just discovered the joy of flying.

He will never have a chance again as I retired soon after and even when he is a captain they are far to regimented to be able to do it.

21st Jan 2014, 10:58
Flying at high speed and low level in a 737 along the Berlin Corridors in the 1980s.

21st Jan 2014, 12:51
Aerobatics at night, over a beach, on a crystal clear moonlit night.

Loose rivets
21st Jan 2014, 15:50
Kicking a noisy brat out of the window.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v703/walnaze/PpruNe/kidflying.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/walnaze/media/PpruNe/kidflying.jpg.html)

What I'd just done to make her run out of the flight-deck like that.:E

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v703/walnaze/Flying/BiiiigHat.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/walnaze/media/Flying/BiiiigHat.jpg.html)

21st Jan 2014, 17:20
She looks like she was about to pour the contents of that jug all over You...

21st Jan 2014, 21:53
There's three jugs in that photo ...

21st Jan 2014, 23:51
It's a toss up between aeros in a Chipmunk with the roof open, or cloud busting in a JP5. Both solo, of course ...


Old 'Un
22nd Jan 2014, 00:25
Blatting south along Wainui Beach just north of Gisborne, NZ in a C206, looking UP at the dune-top holiday homes.

Still grinning.

Le Vieux

22nd Jan 2014, 07:26
Upside down in a Hawk at 5,000 feet over Wales - the top of a loop I'd flown myself - 2001.
The officer in the front seat of an MB339 hands off - letting me tuck in beside Falcon Grey - the number two ship on the way back to Ohakea - 1995.
Flew a buzz and break - magic.

Loose rivets
22nd Jan 2014, 08:22
Being waved off from an easterly landing on a nice day at Luton after a Joddle stepped onto the runway in front of me . . . then being told to make a right, repeat RIGHT turn . . . then being told to keep below 500' on a westerly heading. No hush kit in those days. Full noise over Luton Hoo.

Hope the Queen wasn't visiting Lady Zia, cos the plaster would have been coming off the walls. Built the scene into me book, I did. Sort of. At Stansted with a Boeing.

Going to Innsbruk via the western valley on a nice day. (weren't allowed to go on anything else back then.) Very picturesque it were.