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14th Jan 2014, 19:14
Walsall brothers jailed for 1.2m fake banknote printing Express & Star (http://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2014/01/13/two-walsall-brothers-jailed-for-1-2m-fake-banknote-scam/)

Judge Richard Bond said "such offences undermined the integrity of the UK's financial system".

7 years, i wonder how long some Bankers would get if they went to court!

Also somewhere else the judge said it was "Pure greed" which drove them. Well surely behond earning enough to survive and live comfortable, any extra amount is pure greed. Why would Football players, Celebs, ex-Politians want more?

Windy Militant
14th Jan 2014, 19:51
My Mate got done for making big money

About a 1/16 of an inch too big! :}

Boom Tish I thank yew,
exit stage left etc

14th Jan 2014, 20:02
I can't say that I have come across a .fake note but it's not unusual to get a fake 1 coin in your change. I think the current rate is about 3% of all 1 are fake.

Mind you, unless there was some means of removing them from circulation without penalising the individual, they are going to stay in circulation.

tony draper
14th Jan 2014, 20:02
The Judge thinks seven years is a long custodial sentence?
Fifty years is a long custodial sentence your wigship,seven years means they will be out in three and a half.

Loose rivets
14th Jan 2014, 20:25
A barber in Southend drew a five pound note. Presumably one of those nice old big black and white ones. He framed it at put it on a shelf so that his clients could admire it. One took exception to it and arrested the man cutting his hair.

I believe charges were dropped, and he was given a ticking orf, but what I want to know is, did the copper wait until his hair was done before nicking the bloke?:p

tony draper
14th Jan 2014, 20:42
The punishment for faking your nations coinage in past times tended to be rather harsh,downright medieval in fact.:rolleyes:

14th Jan 2014, 20:45
There must be millions of fake notes in the Far East. I have seen fake notes in denominations equaling 10p. Shopkeepers will pick them up unless they are in a wad and they have run them through a banknote counting machine. The ATMs used by the Bank of China where you can deposit banknotes flip through them and reject any it thinks are a bit iffy.

Tourists are the answer. Should a shopkeeper or other trader realise he's been saddled with a few the first tourist gets them in his change.

14th Jan 2014, 20:50
Paper $50 Fakes have been around Melbourne for a while but just recently,
someone has managed to copy the plastic note including the hologram and
clear plastic part with the logo. It is very well done.

14th Jan 2014, 21:09
Isn't counterfeiting similar to quantitative easing? Precisely what occured to me as I read through the thread, was about to post and I see Basil beat me to it.

Jo Bloggs does it and it's criminal. The Reserve Bank or whatever does it and it's 'to boost the economy'.

14th Jan 2014, 21:20
The 'trick' with suspect currency that you have received is to no way ask the bank to verify its quality (as they will confiscate it without recompense).

Pass it on . . .
(though avoid doing it to anyone who might be bright enough to notice)

Mind you, you might have a problem shifting 127,000 tenners.

14th Jan 2014, 23:02
When I was dealing in coins and banknotes I was rung up one day by someone who asked me if there was a market for the first (1981) issue of 50 notes in mint condition. I said there was, as they were retailing up to 100 at the time, and asked him how many he had.

His reply of 18,000 worth caused me to lose interest in the deal immediately, as they were either going to be nicked, forged, or part of a tax dodge.

The fact that the bloke had a strong scouse accent had nothing at all to do with my decision not to get involved ;)

14th Jan 2014, 23:22
For those heading to Brazil for the games.... be very careful.... and not just about the bank notes.

John Hill
15th Jan 2014, 02:52
Around about 1999 there were so many fake Afghan notes in circulation that there was a recognised and widely accepted exchange rate for them at about 70% of the genuine notes. Known as "Mazar notes" presumably because they first appeared near Mazar-e-sharif. Well printed and likely injected into circulation by the warlords of the Northern Alliance, it is anyone's guess as to where they were printed.:rolleyes:

15th Jan 2014, 06:38
Nothing beats QE for printing fake notes with no asset-backing. In any other field, it would be called a pea-and-thimble trick. :(

Confessions of a Quantitative Easer (https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Confessions+of+a+Quantitative+Easer%2C&oq=Confessions+of+a+Quantitative+Easer)

Effluent Man
15th Jan 2014, 06:56
I have had three fake twenties in the past five years,two of them in the same bundle presented by a customer paying for a car.They were quite good copies and I just spent them along with others when I bought fuel.As long as they keep going around relatively little harm done.Yes I thought the comments a bit rich in view of QE.A million quid isn't likely to collapse the economy.

15th Jan 2014, 08:55
Of course, don't forget we have Bitcoins, too - fake invisible currency produced by a shadow mystery man - largely handled by drug dealers, tax-dodgers and scammers - and you can't even examine a Bitcoin in your hand, to see if you got a genuine one!! :suspect:

Virtual currency bitcoin bringing real rewards to Australian businesses, but reservations remain - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-15/virtual-money-brings-real-rewards-and-reservations/5202040)

DX Wombat
15th Jan 2014, 11:25
The fact that the bloke had a strong scouse accent had nothing at all to do with my decision not to get involved
So why mention it? :mad:

15th Jan 2014, 11:47
I have to say that I find a 'Scouse' accent quite reassuring and tend to trust them, in fact this applies to may regional accents, particularly NI, Geordie, and Welsh. The one I distrust is 'yer East End wide boy, innit, mate.'

15th Jan 2014, 14:18
what does a scouse accent sound like :confused:

tony draper
15th Jan 2014, 14:42
It's a bit like Geordie but not quite as posh.:rolleyes:

15th Jan 2014, 14:53
21 Accents - YouTube
Some of her accents are pretty good, and she's not too ugly.

The English Language In 24 Accents - YouTube
This lad's impressions not too bad either. Don't bother with the first minute or so, Liverpool starts at about 2'08". His Welsh effort sounds more like an Indian!