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14th May 2002, 05:45
Cathay Pacific subsidiary, Air Hong Kong, is to acquire the DHL A300s, currently operating in Europe, to operate on behalf of DHL around Asia. All 747s in AHK to be integrated into Cathay Freighters so that AHK becomes the regional freight arm. A300s in DHL Europe to be replaced by 757s, except on longer range routes. A300s will initially be wet leased by AHK. 757s with 535C engines lack the range for Asia and will be kept in Europe. Arrival of first A300 into AHK will co-incide with departure of last 747 to CX freighters.

14th May 2002, 07:35
How many in total?

763 4 me
14th May 2002, 09:45
Delboy have asked a similar question on fragrant harbour.

Where does this leave pilot recruitment for both companies ?

14th May 2002, 10:22
There may be 1 or even 2 A300s leaving Europe for the Far East but not the whole fleet.
The A300 will remain in Europe for several years yet & the B757 is replacing the B727, not the A300.
A300 drivers future in Europe is not under threat.