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10th Jan 2014, 13:44
France's Hollande considers legal action over report of affair | Reuters (http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/01/10/us-france-hollande-idUSBREA0908G20140110)

Standards slipping because assummed it was a badge of pride in France to have a mistress.................

Effluent Man
10th Jan 2014, 13:50
It was nipping round to give her one on his Honda50 that caused the biggest scandal.

10th Jan 2014, 13:51
The lady in question is quite 'doable', even if she is French. I would have thought that she would have had better taste than to have any sort of relationship with this ugly wart-ridden toad faced communist who is now even despised by most of his compatriots.

10th Jan 2014, 14:21
eeerrrmm here's another pic


10th Jan 2014, 14:22
Indeed, Cape, she looks quite up to standard to me. Maybe racedo is getting too picky with the advancing years. :p

10th Jan 2014, 14:24
A bit saggy in the knocker department isn't she.

10th Jan 2014, 14:25
Yep, I would. Mind you, not after Hollande had been there!

A bit saggy in the knocker department isn't she. Not when she's horizontal and if it worries you that much you could be a little creative with positions so as to have the 'offending' parts out of view. She probably smells of garlic too ..... nobody says you have to kiss her.

10th Jan 2014, 14:58
As always, when a bunch of pot-bellied, balding old gits start making disparaging remarks about what to me appears to be a very pretty young lady, said remarks should be accompanied by an up-to date non - photoshopped photo of the poster!

Mac the Knife
10th Jan 2014, 15:01
Looks just fine for 41 and 2 kids - at least she's a genuine woman and not some plastic synthetic bimbo.

Probably has a real minge & tastes like a girl rather than a strawberry sundae.

Go for it Frankie!



Lon More
10th Jan 2014, 15:01
TTN & Mac :ok::ok::ok:

Some here are like dogs chasing cars down the street. They wouldn't know what to do with one even if they caught it

10th Jan 2014, 15:14
I read somewhere that when Giscard d'Estaings extramarital activities were discovered as a result of an early morning car accident, his poll ratings actually went up.......

A cynic might suggest that these revelations are actually a desperate attempt by Hollande to improve his public image via that time honoured presidential tradition of taking a mistress. If so, it seems he can't even get that right......

Bet Valerie Rottweiller isn't too impressed.....

10th Jan 2014, 15:17
Agree with TTN and Mac, nothing wrong with that for her age.

10th Jan 2014, 15:21
Nice comments... sounds like some really respect the beautiful Sex... May be that's why I like women so much, I've never read anything of the kind coming from any lady's lips or pen or keyboard... As for Hollande having an affair? Good for them two, love is sooo much better than wasting your time reading gossips and revomiting them on forums... not our business.

10th Jan 2014, 15:29
I think the title of this thread is wrong. She is far far more attractive than Rottweiler or any of the other dogs he's been seen around with. I would surmise that she must have done something really bad in a former life to have got involved with him.

10th Jan 2014, 15:44
She is far far more attractive than [...] any of the other dogs he's been seen around with.

B0llocks, his ex Segolene was (is) a stunner too


10th Jan 2014, 15:46
Glad we have different tastes. She looks like a hard-faced cow - typically French in fact.

10th Jan 2014, 15:50
Extraordinary title for a thread. Implies that French presidents have standards. Or for that matter, that any politicians have standards.

10th Jan 2014, 15:51
Droopiness aside, she is rather chic, as evidenced by this video
Commentaires - Page 2 - La vidéo du soutien de Julie Gayet à François Hollande durant la campagne (http://video.lefigaro.fr/figaro/video/la-video-du-soutien-de-julie-gayet-a-francois-hollande-durant-la-campagne/3032506336001/2/)

in which she goes all gooey about meeting Hollande. What puts me off is she must have had a lobotomy!

10th Jan 2014, 15:52

I'm with you !

10th Jan 2014, 17:29
Indeed, Cape, she looks quite up to standard to me. Maybe racedo is getting too picky with the advancing years. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/tongue.gif


I have not commented on the Lady nor will I do so.

My comment on standards slipping relate to Hollande and his attempt to go after the press because it has been reported he had a mistress.
I just assummed that as a French politician it was a requirement to have one.

tony draper
10th Jan 2014, 17:41
That Henry Kissinger did alright with the women folk and he had a face like a bashed crab,it's the power thing.

10th Jan 2014, 17:50
The wife of the previous numero un of France was quoted as saying to a good friend that the effect of being with someone who had the power of launching nuclear weapons was so intoxicating as to be irresistible......:hmm:


Union Jack
10th Jan 2014, 18:28
The wife of the previous numero un(o) of France was quoted as saying to a good friend that the effect of being with someone who had the power of launching nuclear weapons was so intoxicating as to be irresistible......

..... which may explain why many SSBN COs get more than their fair share -allegedly!:E


10th Jan 2014, 18:49
I wonder whether he allows her to fiddle with with his little red button, or does he leave it for his chauffeur / security zombie to play with.

10th Jan 2014, 19:03
That Henry Kissinger did alright with the women folk and he had a face like a bashed crab
Kissinger had a face of strength and character. Hollande looks a toad (or did I mean turd?) that has been run over.

Remember that old joke ....

"There was this U S Secretary of State who disappeared whilst showing some young woman round the White House late one night after a party. Apparently they ended up in a spare bedroom somewhere ..... can't remember his name .... .... do you remember his name ..... German sort of name ......"

The other person would say : "Oh you mean Kissinger '.........."

"Well, by the time they found him he was f***ing her."

10th Jan 2014, 22:57
Like Racedo, I thought it was de rigeur for the French President to have at least one mistress. Indeed, I'm surprised they don't have a special budget item to pay for her!

11th Jan 2014, 01:10
The first French president ever who hates marriage and doesn't believe in it. The first president who never married. And the first one who decided as soon as he got elected to arrange the gay marriage in emergency like if it was a war. Meanwhile he has mistresses left and right, and never could marry his children mother.
The very proof the lobbies are deciding, not the president, not the people.

I am getting very very tired of those unreliable so called leaders who don't fight for the French, and I a, getting very very tired of the lobbies who fight for themselves.

Those leader, those lobbies hate people, hate French people, they kill our society, kill our institutions, kill marriage, kill the few things that were still working, kill everything.
More very rich people than ever before, while we still haven't recovered from the crisis. Isn't it the proof the finance lobby took control?
They want to cut France into pieces then share what will remain. They want to make it weak, the opposite of Spartan, where the weaks, the foreign forces and finance decide everything. If you are a young white (or colored but proud to be French) male, then they do everything to make you feel guilty of something, to make you shut up, to put you down. They don't want you to be strong, or proud, because you would be a threat for those international (or foreign) lobbies that are leading France.

It is time to change, really change.

Please note I didn't mention those lobbies to avoid to be censored, do your own research.

11th Jan 2014, 04:55
KAG, with respect, I doubt France's problems have much to do with shadowy lobbies and unnamed conspirators. France doesn't have a great track record when blaming "others" for its own problems.

It's more likely that France suffers from tired old socialist policies, with predictable dire results.

The French have a great capacity for engineering, technology and creativity. Unfortunately most of this now happens outside of France, where bright young French find greener pastures. As you well know, of course.

11th Jan 2014, 09:38
I was okay with reading all about it this morning over my bowl of muesli, until I got to the part where the Frog Prez is being ferried back and forth to his liaisons by his bodyguard on a little scooter.

I would hope that if I were ever to ascend to his position, to lead the French nation, to dine every evening on snails in garlic sauce washed down with fine champagne, and to have multiple affairs with third-rate movie stars, I should arrive and depart in a big, black limo with a flashing blue light and, perhaps, a siren, a real loud siren.

I don't know, maybe even an air horn or a klaxon for when I reach that critical point with my mistresses? (I understand that Field Marshal Kim Il Sung uses pre-recorded applause for this, and that he travels back and forth to his assignations in a rather elderly Lincoln Continental. When Kim wants to go incognito he rides hidden in the coffin permanently fixed to its roof. Anyway, a scooter is out of the question, so that on this, at least, I am 100% in agreement with John Hill.)

I don't mind the adultery or whatever it's called nowadays, and that it's a bit boring to stick to French women instead of going same-gender or cross-species, well, the guy's not getting any younger, Hollande, so ... but a scooter? No, that's just wrong.

11th Jan 2014, 09:49
KAG you seem to be very fond of using the word hate. I think you may need to look up the definition of the word before using it so freely so that you understand what it means.

The first French president ever who hates marriage ........ Those leader, those lobbies hate people, hate French people,

I notice that you have frequently used it in other threads, for example you have accused those who see the failures of the EU and its currency as 'hating' it and wanting it to fail, whereas that is far from being the case.

Just because your great leader Komrad Hollande has chosen not to get married doesn't mean he 'hates' the institution, perhaps no woman was daft enough to want to marry that fat toad-faced communist. Maybe he should go to China and find someone there who'd be desperate enough to marry him and teach him about communism and its evils.

11th Jan 2014, 09:53
Perhaps the buzz of the scooter is some sort of foreplay to warm his tackle up?:}

Remember the old perennial?

Q. Why is riding a moped like sh*gg*ng an ugly girl?
A. They're both fun until your mates see you...

11th Jan 2014, 10:25
I have some sympathy for President Hollande's predicament, and so too I imagine, do much of the French. This is France. Unlike other countries (one is immediately reminded of ex. US President Bill Clinton) where any sexual proclivities by their politicians automatically become blown-up out of all proportion, usually leading to their resignations or otherwise.

However, most of the French do also like reading about the so-called "private lives" of their politicians, movie stars etc. And the Elysee's strident efforts to "muzzle" the press currently will surely back-fire.

KAG, you do have a tendency to become over-emotional sometimes...?! I'm not sure about the statistics, but the numbers of children born "out of wedlock" here in France are very high comparatively. Yet the institution of hetero-sexual marriage is strong, most of the parents of these babies do eventually get married one day! Why should this strong institution (of hetero-sexual marriage) here in France feel threatened by admitting "marriage" between gay and lesbian couples also, they are so far fewer? Which unfortunetly leads back to fervent Christians, Muslims etc., lobbyists and others with a special interest. I remind you that whilst freedom of religion is wholly-respected, France is commited to the policy of laïcité as the corner-stone of the nation. Long live tolerance! VIVE LA FRANCE! VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE! :ok:

11th Jan 2014, 10:36
I have some sympathy for President Hollande's predicament,

Which predicament would that be ?

- Producing four children with Ségolène Royal and presumably completely or partially financing their costs from his politician's wages ? or

- Installing his next mistress Valérie Trierweiler in the Elysée Palace, presumably at the expense of French taxpayers ? or

- Paying the rent of his love nest with Julie Gayet, presumably from his politician's wages ?

I'm sure many a hard-strapped French taxpayer would like to be in the same position to enjoy such a 'predicament'.

11th Jan 2014, 12:22
Cape: Just because your great leader Komrad Hollande has chosen not to get married doesn't mean he 'hates' the institution When you stay years with a women, have kids with her, then dream to become president, you have to like official institutions. The only reasonable reason why this guy who later became president didn't get maried is because he hates the institution of marriage.One more proof the gay marriage comes from the european gay lobby (LGBT), surely not from Hollande.

Matari: KAG, with respect, I doubt France's problems have much to do with shadowy lobbies and unnamed conspirators.Haven't said the US didn't go to the moon neither Elvis is not dead. Lobbies are leading France (or have a huge influence), here is the truth.

Shadowy lobbies? Look up what is "franc macon" and its influence in France, then let's talk about it.

Airship: I am not saying you are wrong, but sorry, I don't trust Hollande.
The guy says he is peaceful and quiet (his words), he hates marriage then get elected, wants to marry everybody with everybody (Mariage pour tous: Marriage for all), and send the army everywhere. I don't trust him because what he does and what he is doesn't match. The guy is not in control.

Chuck: I am against the systematic gay filiation as a result of gay marriage for kids who never asked to have 2 fathers and no mother AT ALL. Not even a mother who died or something like that, but the mother concept in itself being deleted, do you understand?
I also know that lobbies fighted hard to get this gay marriage, that's no secret. French people didn't want it, or at least didn't think it was a priority, but lobbies are telling the government its agenda.

Ofso: exactly.

11th Jan 2014, 12:22
His politician's wages? They are his own presumably, to be spent as he sees fit surely...?!

So far as the Elysée Palace is concerned, it's a pretty big place (not sure how it compares to Buckingham Palace though), and presumably could easily accommodate 1 more additional person (in addition to the President) without much additional cost, significant or exorbitant etc...?!

OFSO, are you and Capetonian one and the same person under different usernames? Or do you merely make a habit of co-ordinating the French-bashing in this and other JB threads...?! :( :confused:

Krystal n chips
11th Jan 2014, 12:27
" The lady in question is quite 'doable', even if she is French. I would have thought that she would have had better taste than to have any sort of relationship with this ugly wart-ridden toad faced communist who is now even despised by most of his compatriots

Not really that difficult to understand why the female population of Crawley rejected you, presumably en-masse, and why the female population of Swindon presumably did the same.......now is it ?.

However, purely for parity you understand, why don't you post a photo of yourself on here ?....

11th Jan 2014, 12:52
Closer's article, which describes Mr Hollande riding across Paris on the back of a scooter to see his alleged lover, could ruin the president's year, French papers warned on Saturday.Fair enough, since his incompetence is ruining the entire country.

11th Jan 2014, 13:22
the French-bashing

In this case it is not "French bashing" but François Hollande-bashing, and if you think that I as an Englishman living in Catalunia am being severe on the French president, then I would like you to hear the opinions of French friends and French associates living on the other side of the Pyranees, hard-working French men and woman in all walks of life, from what one might call "peasants" to what one might call "Captains of Industry", regarding the lack of morals of their own President. Then, you might learn what "bashing" is all about.

11th Jan 2014, 13:22
Airship: I truly admire your courage for trying to defend Hollande.

He is not reliable, go to war everywhere, cheat his mistress with an other mistress, have no idea on what kind of politic to implement, and for the first time in France made the first lady official position a nightmare that even Kafka couldn't imagine.

11th Jan 2014, 13:37
Personally, I am with you KAG, more or less. I have been married (to a woman, a person of the opposite sex) for 26 years now, so I guess either it suits me or else it's about the best I can do.

If Claudia Schiffer ever crossed my path, perhaps bending waaay down in a very low-cut blouse while I tried to remove a thorn from her paw... well, who knows what might happen then? I am only human! Until then, though, yes, it's marriage or death.

Politicians and others of that ilk, though, seem to march to a different drum, shagging whatever they think they can get away with. DSK! Whoah! Chirac! Double-whoah, not just doing it but getting away with it for what, 20 years? (DSK got away with it for what, 20 minutes? Loser!)

Our very own Lone Eagle, Charles Lindberg, turned out to be anything but lonely; he had a long-term relationship with a German woman that produced a second family who were all under orders to keep "Who's your Daddy?" a big, dark secret until very late on.

Albert Speer had a wife who stuck with him through thick and thin, even while he was banged up in prison in Spandau for having got a bit too close to his little pal Adolf. So what did Speer do, first chance he had? No prizes for guessing, but let's just say that Frau Speer got a very odd telephone call one day. It was from some woman she had never met, about how her husband had just dropped dead "in the saddle," so to speak. Yes, the old Nazi died with his boots on.

The only part of this I can really object to is the scooter; the rest of it seems to be business as usual, and not just for France.

I don't know ... say you wanted to get laid, really really bad, but the only set of wheels you had was Dad's old Lincoln Continental with a coffin stuck to its roof ... would that make your love life kind of hopeless? Maybe I change my mind about the scooter.

11th Jan 2014, 13:50
DSKIt took me at least 6 months before I realize what happened with DSK. I first couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe I have been lied for so long! I even tried to defend him on JB I remember. I am so angry!

Enough with that kind of people! I mean, this is not mandatory to be president, nobody forced them, is it too much to ask them to be slighlty better than average, and at least marry and don't cheat their wife to show the example? If they cheat their wife, how could we be sure they won't cheat anything else?
One might say: they are humans like everebody else. I reply: no. A president has to be honest, has to respect the institutions, this is basic stuff. Otherwise give your special position (this is not a job) to somebody else.

11th Jan 2014, 14:06
One might say: they are humans like everebody else. I reply: no. A president has to be honest, has to respect the institutions, this is basic stuff. Otherwise give your special position (this is not a job) to somebody else.

Very well put indeed, KAG, I could not agree with you more. Rank has its privileges - and its responsibilities !

11th Jan 2014, 14:06
KAG, I have no great admiration for Mr. François Hollande. Indeed, most of the "popularity" polls have seen his Presidency at new record lows for any French President of recent times.

However, he inherited a very bad economic legacy from the previous government due mostly to all the turmoil of the global banking / economic crisis beginning in 2008. If you care to check, it's usually been the French socialist governments, over many decades, who were the most serious and who've done the most in actually implementing mostly "unwelcome" initiatives aimed at reducing budget deficits and overall government debts. Compared to the "right" in France, who mostly looked after their own limited interests and those of their (corporate and lobbyist) benefactors, and most recently "rode on the backs of the horses" of blaming immigration, falling-back to simple protectionism etc. (or simply reclaiming many of the policies of the extreme right-wing French party)... :sad:

About 6 months ago, I dreamed that I was walking on the bord de mer between Mandelieu and Cannes. Mr. Sarkozy caught up with me, and we began jogging together and struck up a conversation. Apparently, we'd both been invited to the same function by the port in Cannes. We talked a lot, about many things as I remember it. My respect for the man grew. During the function, he came up to me several times, and we talked some more. Somehow becoming friends, in spite of many differences.

PS. You cannot compare President Hollande's military interventions (Mali and CAF) as being other than very limited excursions of a temporary nature, with the aim of somehow encouraging and reminding all the other world-leaders of their own responsibilities in World affairs. Endeavouring to "move on" and beyond the GWB's of this World...?! :ok:

11th Jan 2014, 14:22
OFSO: glad we agree on that one.

Airship: thanks for showing me some positive sides.
Anyway Hollande cannot blame 2008 for ever.

Union Jack
11th Jan 2014, 14:58
.....where any sexual proclivities by their politicians automatically become blown-up out of all proportion

Well, I suppose it's a start...:eek:

Fully agree about the Honda though - I served with a First Lieutenant in the Gulf who kept a Honda C50 on board, with licence plate characters completed in chalk depending on which state we were visiting. All went well until one day our Arabic interpreter was "persuaded" to change the characters to indicate that Number One and, ahem, self-abuse were not unacquainted.... :E


Low Flier
11th Jan 2014, 17:47

11th Jan 2014, 19:40
OFSO, are you and Capetonian one and the same person under different usernames?

Airship; you are certifiably loopy (we all know that)
That is an outrageous suggestion
I have often wondered the same thing
Does that make me loopy too?

11th Jan 2014, 20:06
Gents, it is true that I have multiple personalities inside my head (who doesn't ?)*, but The Cape is not one of them.

*We all have multiple personalities. None of us shows the same personality to our boss, our neighbour, our child or our wife (or mistresses in the case of the French president).

12th Jan 2014, 16:16
The strain seems to be getting too much....

France's 'First Girlfriend' Valérie Trierweiler hospitalised after learning of Hollande 'affair' claims - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/10566797/Frances-First-Girlfriend-Valerie-Trierweiler-hospitalised-after-learning-of-Hollande-affair-claims.html)

His appearance in front of the press on Tuesday will be interesting..........if he doesn't call it off first.

12th Jan 2014, 16:37
Airship, Capetonian's first name is Walter. Now you just need OFSO's to test your theory.

12th Jan 2014, 17:41
Now you just need OFSO's to test your theory.

I have no secrets ! My first name is "Mitty".

12th Jan 2014, 20:12
His appearance in front of the press on Tuesday will be interesting..........if he doesn't call it off first.

Un petit oiseau told me that Hollande was due to make an earlier statement about his personal life, perhaps today, so as to leave the Tuesday meeting free of questions about his relationships, and thus leave it solely for describing the success his policies have had on the economy of France and of course the huge success of his presidency.

This earlier meeting, or announcement, or briefing, was postponed or perhaps cancelled in view of 'developments'.

12th Jan 2014, 20:39
I can assure you that OFSO and I are NOT one and the same. I think that either or both of us would be able to prove this should the need arise!

Clearly we do share certain views, and we are certainly not unique in seeing the failures of Komrad Hollande's catastrophic presidency of France, nor the shortcomings of the EU and the Euro.

12th Jan 2014, 22:18
According to the Beeb, Mmlle Trierweiler has been in hospital since Friday.

Not a lot of people knew that.

13th Jan 2014, 04:54
Hollandes love nest linked to crook..........


Despite his crash helmet, he was identified by his shoes, which he never seems to change.

13th Jan 2014, 06:50
Involved with Casanova - who would who have thought it?

15th Jan 2014, 07:23
I watched a few moments of this loathsome toad's press conference yesterday on the 10 o'clock news. Whilst I despise him for many reasons, I agree wholeheartedly with what he said, that this was not the time and place to discuss his private life.
I thought he showed commendable dignity and restraint as far as this is concerned.

15th Jan 2014, 08:13
What is so galling ,and regretabbly so typical of the UK's inward looking media today is that the Hollande press conference was held to outline (important) policy announcements relating to the French economy - and from ARD (German TV) I have learnt that they include spending cuts and tax reductions - has the man seen the light perhaps?

However all the UK media (from the BBC downwards) is interested in are his sleeping arrangements.

Is it no wonder that the UK population is so poorly informed about the world generally, and Europe in particular, and that therefore rags like the Daily Mail can get away within printing torrents of lies and xenophobia directed against our European neighbours?

15th Jan 2014, 09:19
@ATNotts, exactly, while the UK press is interested in what's going on in the bedroom, European press, French radios in particular are explaining how LBOs are being used to break up business, how Lobbies are twisting governments arms or simply bribing political parties, how money disappears in taxfree countries and come back clean and ready to be recycled, how competition is so important that it prevails over people minimum earnings and destroy more fair systems in order to bulldose what is fair and "civilized", how a majority of people are suffering so that a few privileged can make so much money I fail to see what they possibly can use it for!? Julius got it right... give the crowds Games and Bread, that will keep them happy... Well, we get games, gossip, cheap soapTV like Benefit Street, tabloids... plenty to be entertained and barely enough bread or pop-corn to keep the lowest earners (in work and off-benefits!) empty stomac noises down so that they can hear this crap...... In the mean time....

15th Jan 2014, 09:22
However all the UK media (from the BBC downwards) is interested in are his sleeping arrangements.

I have had a look at all the major non paywall media across Europe this morning and all of them cover both aspects of his speech, but of course they all lead with his shenanigans.

If he is stupid enough to show the world his poor judgement, weak character and his betrayal of his partner, then the leader of one of the worlds great economies deserves the ridicule he has brought on himself.


15th Jan 2014, 10:52
Sketch: Francois Hollande et son alleged bit sur le side - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/francois-hollande/10573002/Sketch-Francois-Hollande-et-son-alleged-bit-sur-le-side.html)

François Hollande est dans un spot de bother. Il est dans un pickle. Franchement, il est dans l’eau chaud. Selon un magazine français, le président a been having une affaire très steamy avec une femme improbably belle (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/10563324/Profile-Francois-Hollandes-alleged-mistress-Julie-Gayet.html). Et hier, slap bang dans le middle de cette scandale, il devait give un grand press conference (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/francois-hollande/10571353/Francois-Hollande-press-conference-live.html). Quel luck rotten!.........

This is quite funny if a bit schoolboyish.

15th Jan 2014, 11:19
"without much additional cost, significant or exorbitant etc...?!"

airship quoted above.

The BBC (on Breakfast News) were reporting this morning that it is alleged Trierweiler receives a 20,000 Euro per MONTH allowance as "First Lady". It didn't state what the allowance is for the "Second Lady".

I would call that a 'significant cost'.

15th Jan 2014, 12:37
Rumours of "Le Bun dans la Oven" are being heard.

15th Jan 2014, 14:24
Which one has the Bun in the Oven ? Ze one in the hospital or ze one in ze mafia apartment ? Or maybe - zut alors ! - both at ze same time. N'est ce-pas impossible pour le President de France.

15th Jan 2014, 14:37
La Second lady.....................mind you I would hit hospital losing €20k a month.

16th Jan 2014, 01:48
The land of 140 characters had this to offer:

- "Are you shagging that actress?"
- "No comment"
- "How's the labour market?"
- "Yes I'm shagging that actress"

26th Jan 2014, 14:20
"Who was that actress I saw you shagging last night ?"


"That was no actress, that was the new First Lady of France !"

26th Jan 2014, 14:31
I wait, with interest, to see what happens next.

Somehow I cant see La Rottweiler quietly retiring from public life and walking off into the sunset. By some accounts, much of the time she spent in hospital recovering from "Nervous Exhaustion" was actually spent talking to hear network of friends and acquaintances in the french media.

Hell hath no fury, etc, etc.....

26th Jan 2014, 16:49
We live and learn.

I thought Segolene Royale was a furniture polish. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/evil.gif

27th Jan 2014, 19:00
I am over 50. If you were to tell me that I could have an affair with that gal, the actress, I think I'd be pleased to were I the philandering sort. As I am married and NOT the philandering sort, I still think Mr President has done well with his choice in mistress, given that a mistress seems the norm.

As chuks noted, the scooter is just ... low rent.

Those of you casting aspersions on Ms Royale ... cannot agree. Mr President did well to match up with her.

27th Jan 2014, 19:08
François Hollande - all the president's women » The Spectator (http://www.spectator.co.uk/features/9116771/all-the-presidents-women/)

27th Jan 2014, 21:01
Good job France doesn't have to have elections for 1st Lady as they would be going to the polls every week.

Bet Hollande says to new 1st Lady when she moves in, "Don't unpack".

30th Jan 2014, 06:30
A solution for Trierweilers predicament.....

Millionaire asked ex-wife to stay on as housekeeper - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/10605856/Millionaire-asked-ex-wife-to-stay-on-as-housekeeper.html)


30th Jan 2014, 06:49
I read an article yesterday where the now ex-first lady was bleating (whilst on a 5star charity trip to India!) about how could France function without a 1st lady and how what Hollande behaved was despicable :hmm: She must be suffering greatly at the thought that no longer will she have access to all the many perks such as hot and cold transport options at will, 5 assistants to run her life and so on. The worst must be the social shame of having been dumped for another maitresse, which is perhaps karmic as she had apparently played the same role to monsier H's ex.


30th Jan 2014, 06:57
Trierweiler has said she "does not exclude writing a book" about the affair.

Valérie Trierweiler: "Quand j?ai su, j?ai cru tomber d?un gratte-ciel" - BFMTV.com (http://www.bfmtv.com/politique/valerie-trierweiler-quand-j-ai-su-j-ai-cru-tomber-d-un-gratte-ciel-698550.html)

It will be entertaining for all but Hollande if she publishes this during his Presidency.

30th Jan 2014, 11:59
Bring back Carla Bruni. At least she had some class...

30th Jan 2014, 12:00
... and got the kit off, IIRC.

30th Jan 2014, 12:21
Yes, but Sarkozy had charisma and a backbone. Hollande is a toadlike wart ridden socialist with as much charisma as a damp piece of toilet paper and as much spine as a jellyfish. I am amazed that Hollande has managed to pull any stock, let alone something as good looking as his latest pomp.

30th Jan 2014, 14:38
Be cautious, folks. One of the two links a few post up, either

Millionaire asked ex-wife to stay on as housekeeper - Telegraph
François Hollande - all the president's women » The Spectator

tripped an attack on my PC. Some Malware tried to get me to click on a "security problem" etc .... don't do it, and maybe please remove the links as it may point to somewhere other than the news articles cited.

Union Jack
31st Jan 2014, 19:57
French President Standards Slipping .....

.... and so, as evidenced by BBC TV report on the meeting of Mr Cameron and Mr Hollande today, is the standard of sword drill displayed by the Station Commander at RAF Brize Norton .....:=