View Full Version : Sub-Contract Prisons

8th Jan 2014, 00:58
Just a thought after reading much about hopeless sentences and easily absconded from prisons in the UK.

How about, instead of paying foreign aid to some countries, prisoners are exported there to serve sentences in those countries for a fee. I could hardly think of a more effective deterrent to crime or better use of money.

"Right, you are sentenced to three years in penitentiary in Nigeria" or Sudan, Mexico, the Gulag. (fill in your favorites).

I'm sure Putin would love to re-open some hard labour facilities in Siberia for tidy sums.

Or would that infringe on criminals 'uman rights?

8th Jan 2014, 06:01
If Pascal Sauvage had succeeded in his masterplan, the whole of the UK would have been turned into a giant prison by now. He was, of course, thwarted by the intrepid Johnny English.

Metro man
8th Jan 2014, 06:38
It would also be cheaper to export health care abroad, paying for a return ticket and hospital fees in a foreign country could work out cheaper than using the NHS.

8th Jan 2014, 09:25
With some foreign hospitals, a return ticket would not be needed. If the patient was returned to the UK, it would be as cargo.

cockney steve
8th Jan 2014, 12:34
OOh, that's a bit harsh,Radeng ISTR, it not being a long while since, that there was a real boom in "health tourists" going to the former Eastern Bloc countries for Cosmetic surgery as well as eye and joint surgery/replacements...there was also a period where Brits were availing themselves of the superior French care and the NHS was forced to recompense them...something about a European Union? :p

8th Jan 2014, 14:02
Many people say that the best country in which to be in hospital is France. But would you be so keen to be hospitalised in somewhere like Liberia or the Gambia or Zimbabwe or even DPRK if they offered the service cheap enough for the bean counters to find it attractive?