View Full Version : NY cops and firemen in post 9/11 fraud

7th Jan 2014, 23:24
One retired police officer told doctors he suffered panic attacks and was unable to leave his house - only to post photographs of himself on social media riding a jet ski.

Another retired policeman collected a disability pension for a neck injury - and then went on to open a martial arts studio

Yet another, who claimed he was incapable of social interaction, was found to be running a cannoli stand at a street festival.

BBC News - Dozens of former New York police and firemen in 9/11 disability fraud (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-25646453)

8th Jan 2014, 00:45
It's the American way. I know dozens who are more capable of working than myself who draw disability checks from the Government, and it seems that nobody really cares except the small percentage who get caught doing this kind of scam :ouch:

My state decided that enough was enough. Now if you get caught doing this scam here, not only do you lose the monthly State check, you have to pay back everything they gave you prior to that and you lose the right to apply for disability afterward for any and all reasons. Plus they pass the info along to the Federal agencies involved and the Federal Prosecutors too :ok: Too bad we can't deport these people- to Nigeria!