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Effluent Man
7th Jan 2014, 20:34
Further to the hands off driving ban,what possible gain is the prosecution of these two quite clearly inadequate individuals meant to achieve.?It's all arriving thirty years late.

7th Jan 2014, 20:55
Unfortunately, our justice system always seems to struggle to understand the impact of new technology.

It has been an offence to threaten someone via the mail, telephone or in person, for many years. For some reason (probably associated with the bizarre culture that has developed in parts of the internet) many half-wits assume that they are free to send offensive messages and threats to people via social media, and that the law does not apply to the internet.

In large part I believe that this may be associated with the freedom of expression that applies in the USA, and the dominance of the internet, in cultural terms, by that nation.

It's an interesting double-edged sword, though, as I've seen vehement US comment about people drinking when they are "only" 18, or even harsh comment about "under age sex", ignoring the fact that the age of consent can be as low as 14 in some parts of Europe, and that (AFAIK) there's nothing to stop two 16 year olds posting a porn video of themselves here, as long as they both consent.

Having read the details of these threats, they were pretty serious, including several relating to rape and murder.

Effluent Man
7th Jan 2014, 21:07
Threats nevertheless need to be seen within context.If the person involved is bristling with weaponry when investigated it's entirely different from someone on the Asperger scale living with their parents and on benefits.