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6th Jan 2014, 19:56
Something puzzles me. If a male suicide bomber will get 72 virgins in heaven, what does a female suicide bomber get? Especially one as young as the newest unsuccessful one who is reputed to be 10? A Barbie doll?

6th Jan 2014, 20:00
And, if Essex ever goes Muslim, where will they get the virgins from?


6th Jan 2014, 20:18
Very good question radeng, even if I say so meself?!

What, might one ask, is the point of being awarded a VC (perhaps or even) posthumously therefore?! :}

A A Gruntpuddock
6th Jan 2014, 20:34
Read somewhere that there was an error in translation, it's 72 raisins.

Boy, are they going to be pissed!

6th Jan 2014, 20:42
Really young suicide bombers these days..........they blow up so fast.

6th Jan 2014, 20:49
Will her mother kill her when she gets home (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-25620543)?

6th Jan 2014, 21:03
It's a feature of fanatical groups worldwide that they seek to involve children in their perverted actions. Same thing throughout Africa with boys as young as this being recruited to act as soldiers by rebel groups, etc. I only hope that this girl at least can be re-educated and made to realise what a lucky escape she has had, as well as the innocent people she would have killed. I'm certainly not going to condemn a 10 year old child for the actions of evil adults.

6th Jan 2014, 21:12
Oh boy, will those suicide bombers be upset when they discover Paradise has 72 virgins like these for them :E


...and they'll all speak Klingon!

6th Jan 2014, 21:17
Here is what may have happened:

The brother of this young girl discovered that she was a ten year old lesbian. After careful consideration, he deemed it best to make sure that she would be in paradise and served by 72 virgins, thus making him happy (no scandal for the family), while at the same time guaranteeing his sister a place in paradise, which might not have been available to a lesbian otherwise. You might say that this is how a Taliban commander decides to be merciful and thoughtful, looking after the afterlife of his younger sibling.

Young girl wearing suicide vest caught by Afghan police - World News (http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2014/01/06/22201253-young-girl-wearing-suicide-vest-caught-by-afghan-police?lite)
By Akbar Shinwari and Henry Austin, NBC News
KABUL, Afghanistan -- A young girl, no older than 10, was caught wearing a suicide vest by border police in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, an official told NBC News.

The “scared and cold” youngster told officers that her brother Zahir, a
Taliban commander, had given her the explosive device and directed her towards a police checkpoint in the Khan Nasheen district of Helmand province, Hamidullah Siddiqi an Afghan border police official told NBC News.

“She was crying and told border police that she was made obliged by her
brother to do suicide attack on them,” he said, adding that investigators
believe she is either nine or 10 years old.

6th Jan 2014, 21:27
Justin Beiber comes along and sings for an eternity or two. No, that's hell.

6th Jan 2014, 21:51
G-CPTN, I don't know what you, or I have ever done, that children like this girl are used so...?! I'm merely grateful that I'm into the last third of my alloted life here, if nothing more.

Having said that, I'm currently concocting fiendish plans involving the (re)-creation of a new modern-day colonialisation, "bang-smack in the centre of Syria / Iraq / Turkey" and more or less at the epi-centre of current events etc. Noone wants to intervene (put our troops on the ground there anymore understandably).

What I'm working on is no less than a completely new-State in the region, to which those fleeing oppression in the region will find permanent sanctuary. If they're willing to comply with living by the rules of this new country. Putting religious beliefs in 2nd place supporting this new country where laïcité and respect for all religions takes precedence (sort of like another France)?! They will find their place, be supported by and live in peace for generations. The armed forces of the USA, France, UK, some of the other EU countries, together with those Arab countries "brave enough" would have to initially carve-out this new country obviously. At the present time, this should not be too difficult. And a far better utilisation of our combined available manpower and assets compared to the outcome of Iraq / Afghanistan. Lots of stuff to organise / coordinate and bring into the harem so to speak. For example, I'd like Singapore to run the new country's civil service and government; the Swiss to manage education (much admiration for their apprenticeship schemes for 14 year olds and general / higher education) etc. Handover to this new country's own citizens would take at least 20-30 years or 1-2 generations obviously.

All this is a work in progress. If I lay off the Scotch, and with some help, it might all come to fruition. But as it's now after 10.30pm already, I need to rest. As-salam alaykum; bonne nuit; good night, sleep tight -don't let the bedbugs bite...?! :zzz:

Pappa Smurf
7th Jan 2014, 00:25
What if he gets blown into more than 72 pieces.Some parts will miss out on a virgin.

7th Jan 2014, 01:04
“She was crying and told border police that she was made obliged by her
brother to do suicide attack on them,” he said, adding that investigators
believe she is either nine or 10 years old.

What kind of a [email protected]!ng retarded medieval monster she had as a brother!

Expatriate all girls and women from there! Leave the men and their donkeys alone in the mountains
--->Taliban's issue in Afganistan will be gone in 3 generations :p

7th Jan 2014, 01:25
Airship says:
I'm currently concocting fiendish plans involving the (re)-creation of a new modern-day colonialisation, "bang-smack in the centre of Syria / Iraq / Turkey" and more or less at the epi-centre of current events etc.

Good thinking! One might suggest picking a somewhat strategic plot with some shoreline and a view (tourism can be SO important for economic health!). Pack the place with lady paratroopers from the US, French, & Soviet military, plus other trained chicks from as many places as can bear to part with them. That should make the place plenty tough for starters. Then the Central Council can import surplus young ladies from around the planet for ab initio lady guerilla training in martial arts such as 'floral arrangement using cluster' ordnance, and 'cooking with hexaflourides'.

Just to confuse cartographers, call the place "Alabia."

Surely some right-minded folk on Route 128 or in Silicon Valley can devise a smoke & mirrors dot-com IPO venture that captures enough :rolleyes: investment :rolleyes: cash and leverage to support the place and finance an ongoing economy -- perhaps super-tourism -- and then spin off a fantastic ally successful web enterprise named "Titter" or "Lapland II" to generate the next $50bil for financing their regional and global agenda of "Sheeshadituptohere".

Could eventually build a mega-theme park where tourists get to fly real drones around the countryside tracking and blapping misogynists on multiple continents in real-time. And with hot-and-heavy combat-simulators to die for, in the Lizzy Shakespearean sense, that is.

Possibilities abound. "Travel abroad" would take on whole new significance from rivers of gawkers, stalkers and hawkers going Commando Tourist, as the world came abrest of its new destiny for making love and war in a slightly different juxtaposition from the present domestic format, but still in all the old familiar places.

7th Jan 2014, 01:29
"Alabia." :D:D:D:D

Joke of the Week

Nice one, my son!

Solid Rust Twotter
7th Jan 2014, 05:15
Perhaps someone should explain that they're getting 72 gay male virgins who will leave the jihadi's arse looking like a stepped on tomato when they're done with him.

7th Jan 2014, 06:33
All jokes aside. I don't care what your "culture" is, you'd have to be one seriously sick bastard to send a ten year old girl on a one-way mission like this poor kid was sent on.

And you'd have to be an even sicker bastard to think that your Creator - by what ever name you give Him - would welcome you into Paradise after you sent a ten year old girl on a suicide mission.

Our children are going to have to fight these people, and when, not if, that war comes to pass, to win, our children will have to fight in a manner that will make the methods employed by the US Marines in taking the Pacific islands from the Japanese look like a gentleman's duel. To allow our children to fight in such a way, there will have to be a quantum change in attitude in our Liberal Western society.

Or our Liberal Western society will die.

7th Jan 2014, 06:48

I think Western society will die.

Not enough of us around who are prepared to take the gloves off and
go "all in" without any restrictions to be effective.

The Real Pink Baron
7th Jan 2014, 07:07
They made a mistake in the translation , it is actually :one 72 year old virgin!!!

Lon More
7th Jan 2014, 09:39
Who'd want 72 virgins anyway? Much too messy.

keyboard flier
7th Jan 2014, 12:41
Arent SuBo and Miss Widdecombe also rumoured to be virgins. 72 like that should take the shine of things a bit.

7th Jan 2014, 13:05
What they need is a new religion that for doing good deeds they get 73 virgins.

If that fails, just remind them how Darwinism sources those 72 virgins :yuk:.

7th Jan 2014, 14:00
In answer to the OP's original question: female suicide bombers get 72 male studs, each of whom are rarin' to go. :}

7th Jan 2014, 14:04
Leave the men and their donkeys alone in the mountains

What have the donkeys done to upset you so much?

Lon More
7th Jan 2014, 14:14
Ee aw, eeaw, ee awt to know better

7th Jan 2014, 14:27
In answer to the OP's original question: female suicide bombers get 72 male studs, each of whom are rarin' to go. :}
While all well and good for a grown lady of suitable appetites, the bomber in question was a 10 year old girl (non volunteer for martyrdom) who might not be well served by such a stable of studs. One could hold out the hope that Allah, the Ever Merciful, would see to it that virgins of suitable age and compatibility would be provided in such cases ... but it remains in the realm of the afterlife, whence none has returned.

I'm glad she got to a cop before the bomb went off. Something right happened in this case.

7th Jan 2014, 22:44
Elsewhere on this forum there was a lengthy thread about the Jimmy Savile affair, where the child abuse suffered by children at the hands of Savile and his like was rightly condemned.

Having seen this little girl on TV this evening, there is no doubt in my mind that she is a victim of child abuse, apparently at the hands of a family member, of a much worse type than that inflicted by Savile and the like. After all, but for a bit of luck and the intervention of the security forces she would have suffered a far worse fate than having some sleazy DJ's hand up her skirt.

I dont think this is really a matter for questionable "jokes" about 72 studs, and the like - this kid is a victim, not a jihadist.