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6th Jan 2014, 18:23
What? What do I hear? HIV (Aids) doesn't exist?
We have been told lies, once more?
I hear more and more scientists everywhere saying HIV doesn't exist and never existed?????????


I am super angry, I have been brainwashed when I was a kid.

So all people who died from HIV all those years actually died from very known sicknesses, and HIV has nothing to do with it, as it doesn't exist?

In Africa people die because of Malaria, and I hear that when you are contaminated by Malaria, you are automatically positive to the HIV test? REALLY?
I have heard that there are 70 sicknesses and conditions (being multiple pregnant for a woman is one of those 70 conditions for example) that will turn your HIV test positive?

Is there any biologist here, to explain us what is is about?

6th Jan 2014, 18:35
KAG, you disappear for months on end and resurface with this?

What about Philly? That film came out in 1993, did it finally make to the Alliance Francaise video library there in Shanghai?

Or did you just have a bad steak cheese sandwich?

DX Wombat
6th Jan 2014, 18:45
The actual virus has been around for many more years than most people realise and is the cause of Kaposi's Sarcoma from which people have been known to recover. The virus mutated and now attacks the immune system causing it to weaken. This weakening allows secondary infections to flourish and it is these secondary infections, eg TB, Pneumonia etc, which kill.
There is no truth in the claim that if you have Malaria you automatically become HIV positive nor that having multiple pregnancies does. Having multiple pregnancies may result in a poorer state of nutrition and health and this may make things a little easier for a person to contract HIV.
Hope this helps you.

tony draper
6th Jan 2014, 18:45
Yer the HIV ruse was just a trial run for the Global Warmists.:rolleyes:
I learned summat interesting the other day, one reads of the Medieval horrors of Leprosy, yet Leprosy itself was not a fatal disease.

6th Jan 2014, 19:00
Thanks DX wombat. Okay for Malaria then. What about the test result that varies depending the country? You could be positive in Africa, and not in Europe, what kind of test is that? Do the test only identify seriously sick people (so a low immune defense system), and nothing else?

Matari: Philly is precisely the name of the thread ;-)
I have seen it a loooooong time ago, found it very touching and moving at that time. I appreciate your humor though ;)

6th Jan 2014, 19:09
OK, KAG, what exactly have you been busy with in the meantime? :suspect:

6th Jan 2014, 19:36
Hi Probes! Actually I am still busy. Won't stay long.

Dx Wombat, what to think about that? Malaria: “We evaluated serum samples from a group of 12 patients with acute Plasmodium vivax infection [malaria] who lived in…southwestern Venezuela…Our second group, 12 patients with Plasmodium falciparum infection…None of the patients were receiving antimalarial drugs…and none belonged to any of the recognized AIDS risk groups or had any AIDS-associated disorders…3 of the patients with P. falciparum infection (25%) and 5 with P. vivax (41%) were found to be positive for HTLV-III/LAV [HIV] antivodies by [3 antibody test types]” [3]

This Sida thing seems weird, right? It would be a lie it would look exactly like that.

6th Jan 2014, 19:38
I demand to know what everyone's talking about.

I get the impression that it has something to do with airship's reticience between the age of 25 and 50 years to "go forth and multiply". Instead of what really happened: airship got scared and fed-up with wearing condoms and retired from "active-duty". Not out of any respect for the Pope one hastily adds.

Was it all for nought...?! A lot of water has flowed under the bridge over the years. The salmon may be content with spreading their sperm like that. But I want some recompense, I think. Is there a "class-action" underway?! :confused::mad:

6th Jan 2014, 19:58
Possibly living at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel on Walnut in Philadelphia?
The hotel has the distinction of being the site of the first recognized case of Legionnaires' Disease in 1976 during a Legionnaires' convention.
The bacteria was spread through a contaminated water supply and specifically, in this case, through the shower systems in bathrooms. Twenty nine of those attending the convention died.
President Zuma of South Africa is on record as stating that he showers after sex in order to avoid becoming contaminated with AIDS. There is no record of the President ever having stayed at the Bellevue-Stratford.
Perhaps a reference might here be made to the strange case of the monkeys imported from Uganda to Maribor in 1967. Had this event and subsequent occurrences taken place in the time of Conan Doyle he might have written a short novel entitled "The Strange Case of the Green Monkey'. He was himself a physician so without a shadow of doubt, young Sherlock with Watson in tow, would have solved the problem of the mysteriously fatal, untreatable and incurable disease all unaided with which, as we all know, the present malady under consideration has absolutely no connection whatsoever.

6th Jan 2014, 20:00
yeah, airship, I agree, we should be told.

KAG, from your sincere answer one might infer you're not busy with what I suspected you might be, I guess. :ouch:

6th Jan 2014, 20:10
airship, I suspect that you are alone in maintaining purity of essence. I tip my cap to you, sir! :ok:

probes: one wonders if the activities rhymed with "thanking." :p

AIDS: Acquired ImmunOdeficiency Syndrome. It is typically linked to HIV, which means Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

When this virus gets inside of a person, it leads to progressive failure of the immune system which allows life-threatening opportunistic infections and cancer to thrive.

To sum up: with that condition present, AIDS, diseases which you would probably survive otherwise, since your immune system would have fought them off, will now kill you.

This information is about thirty years old. The AIDS doesn't kill you by itself, nor does the HIV, but it acts as an accomplice for the disease which does kill you.

KAG, the microbes are after you 24/7.
Forewarned is forearmed, and four armed is half an octopus. :cool:
Wrap that rascal.

DX Wombat
6th Jan 2014, 20:18
KAG, all that says is that in the second group several people were found to be positive for the presence of the HIV virus. With such a tiny group it is impossible to draw any conclusions other than some of them had the virus and equally a different group of non- Malaria-infected people might all have been positive.
Lies, damned lies and statistics. ;)

6th Jan 2014, 20:48
Good news for you, Lonewolf
World's first antibacterial touchscreen kills germs on grubby fingers | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2534686/How-phone-stop-spread-infection-Worlds-antibacterial-touchscreen-kills-germs-grubby-fingers.html)

(and stop that wondering right now! :oh:)

7th Jan 2014, 01:46
Probes: well, I needed to have a rest, but believe me when I say I am busy those days.

DX wombat: you are right, however there are plenty of studies available that says Malaria (and not only!) will give you a positive result to HIV test. What is not really a big surprise when you know this test doesn't check the HIV virus, but only check you immune system then try to make a link... Is it really a scientific test?
I guess the question should be: is there any studies available that would say: NO, Malaria won't influence the HIV test?

Airship: haha! Exactly! ;-) I have always been scared to get HIV because intersexual intercourse because of heavy brainwashing when I was a kid. I demand to be compensated! Seriously though, that won't be the first time we have been lied to.

Lonewolf: thanks, I got those informations a long time ago too. I just find interesting that nowadays more and more biologists, doctors, Nobel prizes affirm the Aids thing is a big lie. The one who "discovered" the supposed virus in 1983, Luc Montagne, Nobel prize too, affirm clearly today that eating the appropriate food every day will make your body to get rid of Aids!!!! Did he say that or not? What is that a joke or what?
And a virus that makes you die systematically from an other sickeness (yes I know immune system......), how convenient?! It would be a lie it would still work right?

And what about the very toxic treatment in the 80-90s that killed everybody who took it, what was its name again? Anybody knows? When sick ("contaminated") people around the world stopped to take it in the 90s, suddently Aids was not that deadly anymore, wether you took any treatment or the famous 3-therapy... I mean, EVEN if Aids is for real, we have really messed that up a bit right? Because it seems if you don't take any treatment against Aids, and only the treatments you need for the sickeness you have (Cancer, Malaria.....) well your life expectancy increases suddently... It is weird isn't it?

Now, for real, what is true about Aids? If different Nobel prizes tell us we got that one wrong, should we look into it or not?

7th Jan 2014, 02:30
I found the name of the early drug associated with sudden death increase in the world: AZT (zidovudine).

And what about the brainwashing concerning normal sexual intercourse that will make you catch Aids (Regan even gave the advice of abstinence...) when a big French kiss would have no effect, we have been told again and again... WHY? Why no need for a condom on the tongue???? What's the difference? Everything is weird about Aids. It is contagious pay super attention, but at the same time it is not you can play and touch people contaminated. You have Aids on your penis, but not on your tongue... Common! Any studies say there is always some blood in your mouth, and not only after you brush your teeth! You touch the mouth, no problems, but the sex.... No.... Disgusting.... Aids... Really? It would be the only virus to act like that. The official message about Aids doesn't look scientific.

Did we go too far so there is no possibility to say today: we really messed up! We would lose face, all pride will be gone... Impossible right?
And why is there less and less Aids HIV positive people every year in the world, where treatment is available or not? It was supposed to be pandemic and contageous, why is there more and more people in Africa, more than ever before? We want to make the whole thing to vanish slowly without admitting our mistakes?

My question: is there anything new with Aids (and I don't speak about the deadly AZT drug)? I mean, in the western world some gay (and straight!)people drug addict didn't die from Pneumonia (or other sickness Kaposi's Sarcoma...) from time to time already before? Philadelphia...

7th Jan 2014, 07:30
Very interesting indeed... This document for example is showing us a different angle....

Aids Hoax 10 Reasons Part 3 - YouTube

7th Jan 2014, 15:40
Hmmmm, watched upto part 8 KAG, much food for thought and to mull over there...?! And pretty much convinced that HIV has little to do with AIDS as a consequence.

But nothing there to dispel my long-held beliefs that (at least so far as AIDs in North America and western Europe are concerned), it's the US DEA / CIA who are/were mainly responsible. "Losing the war" against drugs several decades ago, their boffins concocted some sort of very special chemical cocktails which could easily be incorporated into the heroin / cocaine manufacturing process (eg. by buying up all the chemical suppliers used by the narcotics manufacturers and including these special cocktails at the manufacturing stage, or just adding these at a later stage in the distribution chain, perhaps even when "releasing" important previously-detained shipments into the market. Their "final solution" to the problem aimed at the end-user... :confused:

So far as AIDs in the rest of the World is concerned, well, presumably the CIA and their boffins also have their own representative share of home-grown KKKers, racists, religious nuts etc. , and being an organisation with a worldwide-reach...?! :p

But seriously, this is how HIV or HI 5 spread (quite innocuosly and innocently) in USA:



7th Jan 2014, 15:47
Caco, noone's denying AIDs. It's the HIV part that's under discussion. Do get "with it" dear boy...?! ;)

7th Jan 2014, 16:25
From Caco's Gurdian link above: South Africa has one of the severest HIV/Aids epidemics in the world. About 5.5 million people, or 18.8% of the adult population, have HIV, according to the UN. In 2005, there were about 900 deaths a day...
...They have made their calculations by comparing the scale-up of treatment programmes in neighbouring Botswana and Namibia with the limited availability of drugs in South Africa between 2000 and 2005...
...The authors estimate that more than 330,000 people died unnecessarily in South Africa over the period and that 35,000 HIV-infected babies were born who could have been protected from the virus and would probably have a limited life.

Apart from an important point, concerning the numbers of deaths (eg. in 2005, there were about 900 deaths a day = 328,500 per year) and "300,000 dying unnecessarily in the period 2000 and 2005" out of a total of 1,760,000 deaths apparently directly attributable to AIDs during the same period (when over 5.5 million people were presumably diagnosed as being HIV positive at the end of that study period in 2005)... :confused: Read the .pdf in the Guardian story also.

I still have to question just what if anything, HIV has to do with AIDs? :(

7th Jan 2014, 17:22
For a country where AIDS is as endemic, or perhaps enzootic, in the population as South Africa, there's an awful lot of people wandering around the roads at night bent on villainy. Down south of the Limpopo the generous British donation of £19m annually, when it's not going to fund an anteroom at one of President Zuma's palaces, is referred to as Help for Indigent Vagabonds.

7th Jan 2014, 20:36

What conspiracy theory is it that you all are on about? I am confused. :confused: Seriously. The last conspiracy theory I heard of was about 20 years ago, when American activists of color, some of them in or from the medical community, got together with more politically minded activists and proposed that AIDS was a virus deliberately crafted to kill black people. Is THAT where you are coming from? Those folks have been debunked long since, eh?

Famous person with HIV who is not dead: Ervin Magic Johnson, former NBA basketball superstar. He had the good fortune to get it after some of the drugs that seem to work were put together, and he could afford them. They are right expensive, they are, even in a first world nation. In a poorer nation, or among the very poor afflicted with HIV and its damaging influence on the immune system, the outside help needed to keep one going doesn't arrive.

This isn't like drinking more orange juice or eating more chicken soup to help with a fever or a cold, FFS.

7th Jan 2014, 23:41
The problem is not so much the disease, but any culture where promiscuity is deemed not only acceptable but desirable- and that is pretty much worldwide. HIV is already on every continent and is growing in numbers steadily, but not as rapidly as in sub-Saharan Africa because in most other places protection is frequently available and used during casual sexual encounters, while that rarely happens in rural Africa mainly because it is considered 'unmanly' somehow. It is culture, not the disease, that is the main culprit and all peoples have shown a great reluctance to change their culture.

One might consider how you yourself would act if you were in Africa with almost no hope for a life above abject poverty while having a disease that will probably take your life by the time you're 30 years old. There would be little reason to try to work towards anything except immediate gratification and little reason to fear a long prison sentence knowing how short your life is going to be anyway. What we're seeing there and everywhere else is to be expected and it is only going to worsen.

There's no conspiracy going on, just cultures that either can not or will not see what they are doing to themselves. It's been that way with us humans since time immemorial. There are but two ways of changing that and while I hope for education overcoming ignorance, I expect stupidity and Darwin to play out first :ugh: