View Full Version : A320 vs. 737NG (CFDS & ACARS)

13th May 2002, 19:35
If I am not mistaken, newer A320s fitted with ACARS can be set-up to relay all ECAM warnings and failure messages to Base in real-time. Similarly, engine performance can also be reviewed by Engineers at Base in real-time.

My understanding is that on the B737NGs fitted with ACARS, only engine performance parameters can be reviewed in real-time at Base since there is really no equivalent to CFDS on the Boeings.

Are my assumptions correct?

Thanks for any info.

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13th May 2002, 21:55
We've been able to get the failures from the CMC and other stuff like parameters etc from our 747-400's for years through ACARS. Don't know about the 737 though. :)