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6th Jan 2014, 13:43
Any "yachting nutters" out there Google it and then think of me and my wife sitting on a laptop here in France.

Terrible weather at the start, boats demasted etc etc

Our son is doing it !!

The boat is "Nomad" a Cape 54 Cat.

He only has 3000 miles and 20 days to go !!

"Capetonian" a lot of press coverage this morning I see.

6th Jan 2014, 14:33
Bonne chance pour votre fils. I hope he will be safe with the bad conditions.

I am envious. Many years ago I had the opportunity to participate in this race, only then it was to Punta del Este in Uruguay. Unfortunately my parents talked me out of it with their concerns over safety and so on, and my then g/f added her voice to that, also it would have meant leaving my job. So I didn't do the race.

Please continue to post progress reports. If you think others won't be interested, please PM me, because I am. Photos too if he sends you any.

6th Jan 2014, 14:53
I will certainly keep you up to date.

Try this site.

Cape to Rio Yacht Race 2014 | Cape 2 Rio 2014 - Cape 2 Rio 2104 (http://www.cape2rio2014.com/)

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7th Jan 2014, 14:16
Meanwhile, with 9 yachts pulling out or forced out due to bad weather and one fatality on the Angolan entry, it's suddenly become life and death for some crews.

Wishing them all the best.

7th Jan 2014, 16:55
I hope your son's ok, rogerk. I've done a few Sydney Hobart races and I know how the sea can be. I also know that in most circumstances, sensible seamanship will keep you safe.

From the net:

A crewman taking part in the Cape to Rio race has died and others were injured as a storm dismasted their yacht Bille.

Gales caused damage to at least seven boats in the yacht race from South Africa to Brazil.

The death and injuries were reported on Sunday, only a day after the competition began in Cape Town.

South Africa's National Sea Rescue told Bloomberg News: "Various other yachts suffered damaged in what is reported as conditions of up to eight-metre swells and up to 60 knot gale force winds".

It is believed that the fleet of 36 vessels had sailed into rough waters around 86 miles from the start.

Bille's skipper suffered broken ribs as a result of the storm while doctors treated another crew member for cuts.

Six other yachts also taking part in the race reported broken rudders, flooded engines and communication breakdowns.

Rescue helicopters and vessels were called to assist with the emergencies as a number of boats made their way back to shore.

This year's event is the 14th edition of the race, which ends in Rio de Janeiro.

Read more at Crewman dies as yacht dismasts during race | ybw (http://www.ybw.com/news/sailing/535858/crewman-dies-as-yacht-dismasts-during-race#tI9cvZpXhDl3mlGc.99)